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Stefan Kanfer
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You should be aware, and add an addendum to the effect, that the website that is discussed in the article and the attendant document referred to have been scrubbed clean of anything talked about in the article.
This should be a lesson to anyone who writes about things they find on the web should learn how to ensure such things do not disappear by learning how to cache the original document or website, or at least do a screen capture themselves. Hopefully someone already did so and can offer a link to the original page and document.
Here's another fine example of our governments race and class warfare effort utilizing products of our seriously failed educational system to insult our minority population. It would be hilarious if it wasn't so sad.
Marc Brenman's attempted defense of Wisconsin's DPI is no defense at all. He contends that because DPI hired an outside entity to provide the training the department had no responsibility for the content. If the statement Brenman provided as evidence is indeed from the Wisconsin DPI, it is a classic example of bureaucratic double-speak and evasion. If the department knew about the white wrist band training and allowed it they are complicit, or if they truly didn't know it's because failed to vet the content of the training "packets" and were negligent and irresponsible. Either way, City Journal does not owe the DPI an apology and any amount of fact-checking would not have materially changed the author's report (that's assuming he didn't fact-check his article, which I sincerely doubt).
Never in my life have I seen such radical, angry racism. And I'm from Southern Indiana! White-hate started with Dances with Wolves and continues on with Django Unchained. The truth is most ancestors of the whites in this country arrived early in the 20th century and had NOTHING to do with slavery or Indian-killing. And, if you can't get beyond the 1860's remember that it took a majority of white men in the US Congress to pass anti-slavery laws back then; the NAACP was started by 3 white people. Abolistionist heroes such as Levi Coffin are virtually unknown to African-Americans today. And, sadly, over the past 4 years African Americans such as Jamie Foxx, Jesse Jackson,Al Sharpton, Maxine Waters, and numerous other influential black leaders have have joined the "white-hate" mantra demonstrating their utter contempt and resentment of the "white way of life." Frankly, I had hoped we could venture beyond blacks needing to manipulate other races into feeling sorry for them and guilty for being successful...enough said.
I clicked on the page today and it has been taken down with a new page saying that they never asked people to wear white wrist bands. But they obviously took a site down that is no longer there and replaced it with this denial which is interesting. They didn't feel comfortable with the original version.
Outrageous! Where is the governor on this??
If it wasn't for white men with guns, you would all be speaking German today...

Wolltest du nicht zur juedischen Bank gehen?

Europe imports Islamic invaders to provide workers for their usury in failing socialist public pension schemes because Europeans have become fat, faggøty and lazy.

Until the stupid white people wake up and realize third world filth are outbreeding them and feeding off of their lazy socialist, multicultural political correctness, nothing will change.

Have fun playing "spread the other cheek" for your new Islamic masters.
I already reflect on power and privilege


I can't help but wonder why the current White House administration is allowed to owe so many millions in back taxes and walk freely
The group responsible for this white-hating bilge is "Beyond Diversity.Org" (beyond diversity? what's next, outright genocide? Are they making a film titled "The Eternal Caucasian"?)

Go to their website and see their white-hating page:

Notice that their URL compares us to man-eating sharks ("greatwhite.html"). Seething with hatred they are. Dedicated to our extermination they are.

Hey, anybody else fed up to the back teeth with this garbage? When are we going to stand up for ourselves and quit folding up like a carpenter's rule whenever these racist pieces of ordure start slandering us? God Almighty, who led the crusade to end slavery? White Christians, that's who.
I don't get it. Can't Governor Walker step in here?
Wow, to wake up every morning and the first thing you worry about is your God-given race?

How useless is that?
are they all going nuts,i for one is proud of being white and Italian and is not a bit sorry that i am.
Marc Brenman: They were caught, and are now trying to push the document down the memory hole. You can read the document that was deleted here:

It does mention the wristband, as well as a comprehensive brainwashing program.

Like roaches, they scatter in the light.
We should make the people who whites are supposed to feel privileged over wear clown outfits to signify that they are a joke and drain on our society because they have not lived up to the potential that this country has allowed them.

And while we are at it, as this country is getting full, if anyone complains, born here or not, if they don't like this place they should be shipped back to their families country of origin. If their families are from many countries, we can send various body parts to those countries per the wishes of the deportee.
Marc Brenman - your post from DPI is exceedingly helpful and illuminating. I read virtually everything critically, and prior to your post, I was willing to leave open the possibility of giving DPI the benefit of the doubt. However, having read DPI's statement (which you so helpfully provided), I am now more persuaded than ever of the DPI's complicity in this matter. Two elements raise interest with me. First, DPI describes how they were not responsible for the training, as some unnamed outside force conducted the training. Heck, if the training included racist tripe (as it did), then DPI should say look, while we were not responsible for the training, we are taking steps to make certain that this kind of event will not occur again. Of course, such a statement would deviate from the preferred narrative of DPI, VISTA and the typical associated glop of apparatchiks. Second, the quote about blaming the out of state messenger entity is rich and ironic. This is exactly what southern racists stated during the civil rights movement. Is DPI trying to channel the ghost of George Wallace?

So Stefan Kanter, rather than offering an apology to DPI, should be relating that DPI's own statements confirm just what is wrong about the white privilege training materials which were offered in conjunction with the VISTA sponsored DPI training.

Moreover, this all raises a good question. What tangible results obtain from the VISTA volunteer program? My guess is that there is anecdotal feel good evidence, but that the return on investment is disappointing and offers little tangible results. This of course is a mere guess, but given the huge racial achievement gaps which exist and which have only grown since the late 80's, it is not an irrational guess. The meme of white privilege is a necessary meme, because it perpetuates this federal program in the absence of proven, tangible results which should justify its existence. And please, let me pre-empt any this must be from right wing tea party source. No program that spends taxpayer dollars, from a military program to a social program, should be exempt from a serious level of scrutiny as to its costs, benefits, and value add.
looking forward to reading city journal.
“Privilegist”: yeah,
I think it’s got potential—
Copyright it quick,
‘fore its growth is exponential.

It’s going to the top—
Straight up to heaven—
Gonna be big as
“This one goes to eleven.”
not securely anchored March 19, 2013 at 6:05 AM
Multiculturalism is worse than murder. It is even worse than mass murder, being more akin to genocide. It is attempted sociocide

Westerners have become the ultimate refugees, lost at home, refugees in their own countries, wanderers in their own cities.

The citizen of the first world often finds that he seems to belong less in his own country than the refugees flooding it.

DIVERSITY is just a codeword for anti-white. More diverse = less white.

Diversity means Genocide. Anti-racist is just a codeword for anti-white.

You can target a race for genocide by selecting every community of that race for immigration and assimilation.

All it requires is that you suppress anyone who points it out.
not securely anchored March 19, 2013 at 4:07 AM
"The material about the white wristbands was not covered/discussed in a training VISTA volunteers received—training which was conducted by an outside (non-DPI) group. At the end of a training session, a packet of ‘additional resources’ was offered by the trainers as the volunteers left. Subsequently, that entire resource packet was posted to the VISTA web site. "
1. Were the white wristbands in the packet of additional resources?
2. What is the name of the outside (non-DPI) group that provided the training?
Turns out the City Journal needs a fact checker. The below is from Wisconsin DPI. Will the City Journal be issuing a retraction and apology?

It is unfortunate that this agency has to respond to misconceptions and misinformation being spread by an out-of-state entity that has no connection with the work being done by the public schools in Wisconsin.

First and foremost, and to be absolutely clear, no DPI official has asked, requested, or encouraged any school district, educator, or student to wear any wristband, and none of our VISTA volunteers have had any children put on any wristbands. To be clear, no Wisconsin students were given white wristbands.

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction participates in the federal Corporation for National and Community Service/AmeriCorps VISTA program, and can place up to seventeen VISTA volunteers in local community projects across the state that have specifically requested hosting a VISTA volunteer.

As part of the requirement allowing the DPI to participate in the AmeriCorps VISTA program, the DPI must:

Arrange and be responsible for providing in-depth on-site orientation and training for all incoming AmeriCorps VISTA members at the beginning of their service.
Assist in the provision of pre-service, and in-service training (online or face-to-face), as specified in the Project Application.

The AmeriCorps VISTA volunteers are serving in schools and communities that are culturally and racially diverse. Wisconsin schools are becoming increasingly diverse, and therefore multiple opportunities for training are provided to the VISTA volunteers to help them better serve the schools, and communities in which they placed. This year’s volunteers have been offered training many topics, including: grant writing, community engagement, conflict resolution, volunteer management, family-school-community partnerships, and race/ethnicity, among others.

The material about the white wristbands was not covered/discussed in a training VISTA volunteers received—training which was conducted by an outside (non-DPI) group. At the end of a training session, a packet of ‘additional resources’ was offered by the trainers as the volunteers left. Subsequently, that entire resource packet was posted to the VISTA web site.

Again, no DPI official, or any VISTA volunteer has used, requested, or encouraged anyone in any school to use the wristbands as ‘reported’ and shared by external groups that thrive on spreading rumors and misinformation. The bottom-line is that there is no wristband program in Wisconsin.
One has to wonder about a writer who gets Graham Greene's name wrong. The article spells his last name "Geene."
I would be suspicious of anything coming out of WI that pretends white are being demoted. If you don't live here you might not know that WI is ruled in both houses of the legislature and gov by far right wing tea party extremists who are attacking working people, education, environment and handing out billions in corporate welfare to out of state special interests. I am white. These people are white. I do not share any guilt of their actions but the white people in power in WI are the most entitled group of oligarchs to ever rule in WI, maybe the entire US. It is scary and does not smack at all of white people punishing themselves.
Innocent "stupidums," as my kids used to call such? There are perhaps only two races, if any, subgroups of the species Homo sapiens — saps? — those with the XX chromosome, and those with XY.
Perhaps the Stupidums ought to treated as the medieval Germans treated the unfortunate: loading them on barges and sending them down the Rhine, or MIssissippi? for us, out to sea and yanks the stoppers. Those were called a Ship of Fools. Once a year.
I'm disappointed to discover Wisconsin has become such a backwater, hayseed place. I live and work in California's Silicon Valley alongside 10s of thousands of 'dark skinned', non-privileged, non-Caucasians whose individual average annual income doubles the $47,220 median *household* income in Wisconsin.

They've created the Valley's wealth, therefore, they've earned their high salaries.

Weak and vacillating politicians send a clear message to their most capable when they turn over a public sponsored website to twit racial ideologues.

"We politicians are simply clueless regarding who creates wealth and how it is created."
You can never be astonished these day on the hate and jealousy that springs eternal on the Caucasian peoples. If only half the ridiculous effort was from Caucasians criticizing coloured people, there would be hell to play. The parallels with Nazi Germany are so correct. The privilege question,(if the idiotic suggestion is worth the time of day) can be proved otherwise by the full knowledge that Asians, Indians,and Hispanics always have no problem finding their niche, working hard and getting on in life. Often having to surmount worse prejudices than African Americans.
I can see one motivation being that they don't want white people to be looking down on poor people who don't have the advantages they've had. The thing is poor people are white, too. So this whole thing with "white privilege" is distracting. How are the white poor privileged? Do they get more help from state agencies than those of another skin color?

It seems to me the real motivation, though, is to get certain people (whites) to stop trying to improve their lot in life while they're helping others to presumably improve theirs. I don't think this is a good idea. People who are not doing well in life might need role models. Seeing others strive and achieve can motivate others to think they can do that, too.
Have they got a brain March 18, 2013 at 7:51 PM
I didn't check the author was correct. If the penultimate comment is correct - add me to the no brainers!!
It is just these type of things are not so far fetched today.
Have they got a brain March 18, 2013 at 7:47 PM
Enrage one group, encourage another to be dumb and violent, destroy the moderate middle class black family, prompt the rapper gangster deadbeats. Leave the hard working Asian in bewildment. Sounds like the do-gooder have a plan, just not sure where it will lead.
Your Fenian friend March 18, 2013 at 7:24 PM
Shawn McManus - they have now updated the link, simultaneously decrying "...It is unfortunate that this agency has to respond to misconceptions and misinformation being spread by an out-of-state entity that has no connection with the work being done by the public schools in Wisconsin.".

Then they go on to say "The material about the white wristbands was not covered/discussed in a training VISTA volunteers received—training which was conducted by an outside (non-DPI) group. At the end of a training session, a packet of ‘additional resources’ was offered by the trainers as the volunteers left. Subsequently, that entire resource packet was posted to the VISTA web site."

You Yanks are such twits! Why do you put up with such divisive crap??

Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice. - Barry Goldwater
I will agree to the above on condition that other races wear e.g. Yellow David Star for the Jews, Green Shamrock for Irish, Cactus for Mexican, A Ostrich plumed hat for blacks, Homosexual a pink triangle ect..ect..
Does anyone have links to the archived versions of the deleted items?
Some cultures use the term "self-criticism".
Stefan Kanfer, your codebreaking skills need work. In contemporary coding, "privileged" means 'having mental acuity.' "Privileged" means 'able to defer gratification.' "Privileged" means 'choosing not to use dangerous drugs or engage in violent behaviors.' "Privileged" means 'willing to do homework.' "Privileged" means 'unwilling to mistreat children.' The real purpose of the Wisconsin wristbands is not to stigmatize whites. Just the opposite. The wristbands are a means of helping liberal whites deal with anxiety-provoking perceptions of others by pretending the success of one group causes another group to fail.
Great article. Couple of literals. "Geene" for "Greene" and "Causasians" for "Caucasians"
This is so unbelievable that if I didn't see it myself I would never have believed it. Speak about 1984!?! First off, who the heck do they think they are? Second, it is unconscionable that an official organ of government can do this let alone get away with it. They said in Germany that it couldn't happen here. I for one am keeping a bag packed and my passport up to date.
What privilege? What, seriously? Nowhere in the law is there any privilege for being white. In theory, neither is there for being black, but try applying for admission to a selective state school and see whether being black helps.

Those tasked with enforcing the voting rights act are on record saying the act was never meant to be used on behalf of white voters. (Source, "Who's Counting?")

Whites enjoy better educational outcomes than do blacks, but Asians enjoy better outcomes than whites. No one presumes to even insinuate that these results are the result of Asian privilege, rather than of native ability and hard work.

Majority-black schools probably have inferior teachers on average, but whites have long had no voice in who is chosen to be a teacher in such schools. Ambitious reform efforts in DC were scuttled by black voters. It is not the fault of whites that these voters chose to fire the reformer and entrench a miserably failing status quo.

Quotas in hiring and promotion ensure that a white has no privilege in this realm either. FBI statistics on victim reports and convictions prove that black and white offenders face equal probability of being caught, of being convicted, and of getting a stiff punishment. No privilege there---though here, there is no evidence of reverse discrimination either.

But one must twist facts with desperate strength to make a case that there is, netting it all out, any such thing as white privilege in today's society. There should not be, so this is good. What is not good is the false and defamatory claim that there is.
WI DPI took the linked page down and quick.