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Tim Cavanaugh
Can Kevin James Save Los Angeles? « Back to Story

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What kills me about the whole thing is that prop 30 was aimed right at the middle class, sales tax increses, gas tax increases, all democrats ideas that has only one purpose that is to destroy the middle class and the poor, and the poor and middle class still think that the democrats are their friends??? if the republicans want to win they will have to show the people of California that the democrats are liars (e.g, prop 30 was for the students but in real life to put into public sector pensions)
Ventura Capitalist March 05, 2013 at 5:23 AM
Kevin James says of the three stooges, "Mr. Garcetti says city hall is broken. I agree. City hall IS broken.

To be fair, there have been some advances in quality of life... like the one rooster per household ordinance.

Also on the ballot is a half cent sales tax increase. On top of the Prop 30 sales tax increase and a three cent increase in the gas tax that has just been approved.

This is what one-party-rule of the ninth (and dropping) largest economy in the world looks like.
Kevin James will have a difficult time
I was reading in the LA times in the comment section that the voters believe that Mr James represents "the rich" i say whatever, that just shows you how little the people of Los Angeles or even California understand politics
All the rich hollywood crowd, and all the rich Silicon Valley crowd are all demcrats and support democrats. Would some one explain to me how Californians can continue to connect "the rich" or the "special interest" with the republicans. Remember, Feinstein, Pelosi, Newsom, Maxine Waters, Boxer, they are all very wealthy and how did they get that way
I'm glad I left LA in 1992 for the Bay Area. Should have left sooner. (May have to leave the Bay Area at some point, but would never go back to LA -- BTW, the worst city in the country to raise a family.)
Carcetti ? Wasn't he mayor of Baltimore a few years back ??