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Harry Stein
Woodward’s Apostasy « Back to Story

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Wow. Great article.
The thing that shows that the media is in the tank for Obama is that they have focussed on Woodward's response, but have not asked (to my knowledge) Sperling what he meant. Stephanopoulos, on Sunday's This Week, asked Sperling what he made of Woodward's reaction (I might add Woodward never used the word threaten as even Klein seems to report), but did not ask Sperling what he meant by his regret comment.
@Lake Worth: many thanks for your bringing Leftist dogma to this oasis of Conservatism. You would be even more helpful if you sent a copy of your dogma to the Chinese, so that when the borrowing done under Obama, $6 trillion to date, at least another $5 trillion before he leaves to party with you, they can discount the pay-off amount on the future generations as per your reasoning.

You might also enjoy this extract from Alan Bullock's "Hitler", pages 151-152:

No country in the world [Weimar Germany] was more susceptible to the depression, which began in the U.S.A. in 1929, intensified and spread in 1930 and 1931, and lasted through 1932. Its economic symptoms were manifold: contracting trade and production, cessation of foreign loans and the withdrawal of money already lent, falls in prices and wages, the closing of factories and businesses, unemployment and bankruptcy, the forced sale of property and farms. The foundation of the German economic recovery [prior to 1929] had been the large amounts of money borrowed from abroad. Not only had much of this borrowed money been spent extravagantly; no one had faced the question of how it was to be repaid if the supply of further loans came to an end, and the money already lent, much of it on short term credit, were to be reclaimed. This began to happen in 1929. At the same time a sharp contraction of world trade made it more difficult than ever for Germany to support herself and pay her way by any increase in exports. Thus, only a few years after the experience of inflation, Germany in 1930-2 again faced a severe economic crisis.
Lackwit Lake Worth:

Oh, never mind. You're ineducable.

To my fellow AMERICANS (not the power-mad Pinkos): isn't it rich that these guys believe there can be no criminality or funny business in a TOTALITARIAN GOVERNMENT? Shucks, they only murdered 100 million people in the 20th century alone! We free people will have to haul up our socks and start building concentration camps to catch up!

Freedom. Liberty. Being my own master. If you don't like it, I suggest you go back to Bulgaria.

Here are some quotes from Vladimir LENIN:

"The way to crush the bourgeoisie is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation."

"The goal of Socialism is Communism."

"The best way to destroy the capitalist system is to debauch the currency."

"One man with a gun can control 100 without one."

"Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted."

AND --
"The press should be not only a collective propagandist and a collective agitator, but also a collective organizer of the masses."

Does any of this sound familiar? Have the Obamunistas missed anything from the Red Playbook?
[Quotes from BrainyQuote; q.v.]
Oh, they've been looking for a reason to take Woodward down since he wrote the respectful, even admiring book "Bush at War," about the first 100 days after the September 11th attacks. Bush let him sit in on much of the White House's deliberations, and Woodward was impressed with the President and his Cabinet.

Now they're stropping their razors and ready to slice off the old man's head. The "ruling class" Dimocrats are Not Amused.
Lake Turd,
Bush's 2009 budget includes Obama's Stimulus package.
@Lake Worth
As we have not had a federal budget for several years, it is difficult to make assertions about it, and as it has usually passed as a ten year plan, its direction.
I would suggest the important measure is the slope of the ratiio of the total deficit to GDP - which is seriously worrisome. The second worry is the regulatory inhibition of the private sector that is, after all, our only hope of recovery as government has a miniscule role in wealth creation.
Shades of Juan Williams! Well, history does show that there's really only one way to deal with apostates. I'm sure the stalwarts of the left are bemoaning the fact that they don't have the neat, convenient and final means of dealing with apostasy that Joseph Stalin had but it's a diminished age in which we live.
What he said was what everyone knows:
That the emperor’s wearing no clothes.
But we have to give credit
For the way Carson said it
And the surgical method he chose.
A lot of misleading words.

1. Obamacare dwarfs Bush spending.
2. Sequestration was an Administration-generated concept.

Furthermore with school vouchers and a retrofit of the lockdown the teacher's unions have on education, no one has to put up with a bad education for their kids.

Finally, if the free market engenders some criminal profit taking, at least the criminals won't be part of government, which is what every collectivist, totalitarian government historically has produced. A kakistocracy, like the current regime.

Idiots who think man is born perfect and that government can straighten out the distortions produced by an imperfect society are just nincompoops obsessed with self-congratulation.

The least government is best. The current President has failed utterly in maintaining the Constitution and championing the nation. What chicanery. To think otherwise is to ignore fact.

Those on the liberal intellectual left are harming the underclass of ignorant citizens the profess to advocate by disallowing them the chance to succeed on their own.
Re Mark: "It's such a small cut in the rate of increase in spending though, I think who did what is pretty irrelevant. The gov't did what it needs to do anyway, cut the rate of spending. It just didn't do it intelligently. It needs to do a LOT more of it, and soon!"

What matters is spending as a percentage of Gross Domestic Product. Apparently Mark and Roy and Richard believe that the Obama Administration has been at the reins of a runaway explosion to federal spending.

That belief is directly opposite to the facts as validated from OMB, CBO, The Fed, and ABA.

George Bush pushed the deficit to obscene levels. He was the one who maxxed out spending:

• In GWB's 2009 fiscal year federal spending rose from $2.98 trillion to $3.52 trillion (+18)

• In BHO's FY2010 spending fell to $3.46 trillion (-2%.)

• In BHO's FY2011 spending rose to $3.60 trillion (+4%.)

• In BHO's FY2012, spending is rose to $3.63 trillion (+1%.)

• In BHO's FY2013 spending pre-sequester was scheduled to fall to $3.58 trillion (-1%.)

The overall rate of increase for the federal budget for President Obama has been the lowest for any Adminisration in 50 years.

What we stopped doing that produced these deficits was taxing the rich. Also, a raft of loop hole scams were invented that moved taxable income to pretty-dirty-things such as "carry interest." That's tax theft by bribery, if you didn't know.

Also, my generation graduated from college and generally we didn't owe a dime. You could pay for college hlaf-way with part time jobs. Social investment mattered. And through into the early 1990s, criminals got prosecuted and sent to prison.

Then somebody decided that lying about democracy is O.K. That social justice is not a part of Christianity any more. That it's all about a few fat cats getting to xxxx their slaves.
Woodward's "apostasy" is looking more and more like a disaffiliation with journalistic integrity. WaPo looked at the emails and at the original reporting and at the language of the Budget Control Act -- none of it matches what Woodward put into their newspaper.

-- The "inappropriate" email is cited below. That matches the WaPo copy word for word.

The goal of BCA is to achieve deficit reduction, not budget cuts as a standalone goal.

-- "Unless a joint committee bill achieving an amount greater than $1,200,000,000,000 in DEFICIT REDUCTION as provided in section 401(b)(3)(B)(i)(II) of the Budget Control Act of 2011 is enacted by January 15, 2012, the discretionary spending limits listed in section 251(c) shall be revised, and discretionary appropriations and direct spending shall be reduced.”

-- “The goal of the joint committee shall be to REDUCE THE DEFICIT by at least $1,500,000,000,000 over the period of fiscal years 2012 to 2021"

-- Super Committee efforts included a GOP proposal that was heavy on cuts, light on revenue. That was explicitly rejected by Democrats as not having enough revenue.

Caps added for emphasis. BCA/sequester is not a tool for generating standalone budget cuts, as written into law. That requirement is a new tactic introduced by followers of Grover Norquist.

Frankly, the Obama White House could hardly have constructed a situation where GOP/Norquist slogan-driven behaviors could be implemented with nastier effect. Capital investments will not be slashed, only the variable day-to-day expenses that cover such as school lunches, SCHIP, unemployment checks, Federal salaries, and such.

Want to live in low-tax, Red State, crappy education, low social investment squalor ??? Prefer MS to MA ? Here comes a taste of it for everyone.

Capitalism has two prime weaknesses: organized criminality and low social investment. Today's GOP actually prefers seeing the latter. If your parents can't afford private schools, xxxxx ya'.
@Lake Worth:

I've listened to Woodward talk about this. The right-wing pundits are the ones calling Sperling's note a "threat," not Woodward. He called it "inappropriate." The reason being that Sperling is Obama's economic advisor, someone who is close to the President, and so holds a lot of power in his hands. Sperling may have meant what he said, just how it reads, but if so he's forgetting the position he's in, which does not speak well for him. Woodward pointed out that Sperling said, "We're not going to see eye to eye on this." Woodward said, "So we're not talking about a fact here." The question in his mind is what's to regret if it's just a difference of opinion? All Woodward has pointed out is that Sperling should have expressed himself differently.
Woodward's statement that the sequester was the WH's idea was a bit of a revelation to me. I had just watched an episode of Frontline where the people interviewed said it was Sen. McConnell and VP Biden's idea. They said the same duo came up with a plan that would pass Congress late last year after Boehner's "Plan B" failed. Before seeing this I'd thought it was Boehner's idea. I remember when the brinksmanship over the debt ceiling in 2011 was going on it was reported Boehner said he "had a deal" in his "back pocket, ready to go if the deal on the table didn't work," and then sequester came up once the deal failed.

It's such a small cut in the rate of increase in spending though, I think who did what is pretty irrelevant. The gov't did what it needs to do anyway, cut the rate of spending. It just didn't do it intelligently. It needs to do a LOT more of it, and soon!
Finally someone on the left side of the political isle has told the truth and is getting lambasted for it. This whole deal will not solve any of the problems facing the country.

The biggest problem is the Fed creating 40 to 80 Billion dollars a month out of thin air--just thin air. The easy credit atmosphere will not last long in my opinion. Then we all will have real problems that make the sequestor problem look small in comparison.

I think that, by 2016 or 2017, a week's worth of grocies might cost a thousand dollars or more. Gas could be $20 a gallon if not more.

The practise of printing money by the Fed is the number one problem facing the USA right now. Even though the powers that be reduced the increase of spending slightly the real problem has is not even close to being resolved. The Gov is creating money with nothing of value behind it--except empty promises.

Obama wants and needs money so that he can spend it and make people happy. But the Congress has other ideas--people are taxed enough already. If the Gov takes more than 50% of anyone's income that is not just normal taxation that is governmental theft by politicians that are way over eager to please others. In short, to pander, bribe the people.

In the end inflation will set in at some point in time in the future. When inflation becomes a real problem then everyone will feel the "sequestor".
Roy in Colorado
"Bob Woodward’s charge that he was threatened by a high-ranking Obama administration official after publishing a column critical of the White House was, it turns out, at least somewhat exaggerated."

Harry, that's only true if you accept at face value the released copies of the e-mails, which I agree are relatively innocuous. But consider this: if everybody sees them as innocuous, why did Woodward get so incensed as to make a public issue of them? The only rational answer is that he was reacting to e-mails substantively different than the released copies.
It's simply amazing to me that the liberals who faint at the sight of Obama believe without question everything he says when the rest of us KNOW he is lying. The truth is that Obama said he wants to "fundamentally transform America" but into what? It should be obvious to everyone by now that he wants to destroy our country, not save it. Why else would he intentionally bankrupt us, divide us and never take responsibility for all the problems HE has created? Wake up people before we have no country left.
westcoastpatriette March 02, 2013 at 11:02 AM
I wouldn't worry too much about journalism’s future when we have plenty of amateur journalists over at redstate. Heck, EE even had his ugly mug on CNN for 3 years.
OMG. How hard can it be to read the Gene Sperling email ???

-- Bob:

-- I apologize for raising my voice in our conversation today. My bad. I do understand your problems with a couple of our statements in the fall — but feel on the other hand that you focus on a few specific trees that gives a very wrong perception of the forest. But perhaps we will just not see eye to eye here.

-- But I do truly believe you should rethink your comment about saying saying that Potus asking for revenues is moving the goal post.

-- I know you may not believe this, but as a friend, I think you will regret staking out that claim.

-- The idea that the sequester was to force both sides to go back to try at a big or grand barain with a mix of entitlements and revenues (even if there were serious disagreements on composition) was part of the DNA of the thing from the start. It was an accepted part of the understanding — from the start. Really. It was assumed by the Rs on the Supercommittee that came right after: it was assumed in the November-December 2012 negotiations. There may have been big disagreements over rates and ratios — but that it was supposed to be replaced by entitlements and revenues of some form is not controversial. (Indeed, the discretionary savings amount from the Boehner-Obama negotiations were locked in in BCA: the sequester was just designed to force all back to table on entitlements and revenues.)

-- I agree there are more than one side to our first disagreement, but again think this latter issue is diffferent. Not out to argue and argue on this latter point. Just my sincere advice. Your call obviously.

-- My apologies again for raising my voice on the call with you. Feel bad about that and truly apologize.

Exclusive: The Woodward, Sperling emails revealed

At what point is Mr. Woodward being threatened ???

Or has Woodward taken to playing the so-called "false equivalence" game by accusing Gene Sperling of some form of read-between-the-lines thuggery, along the lines of Limbaugh or this guy Cruz from Texas?

Or is Woodward simply lying?
Thank you, Harry Stein, for yet another excellent article on the excesses of the so-called "progressives" in America.

They have successfully taken over two of the most influential institutions in this country: higher education and the national media.

The steady erosion of liberty has become an undeniable reality. Ignorance about the founding principles and uniqueness of this nation are wide-spread on our college campuses where historical and social facts are refracted through the lens of race, gender, and ethnicity. Add to this a cadre of young journalists bred by this highly politicized university and the end of freedom is in sight.

Times are bleak. Under the Obama reign, it will take not only of media veterans like Woodward to speak truth to power; it will take the voice and vigilance of every citizen to preserve our constitutionally-guaranteed, God-given liberties.

I agree with Ike's comment. For years Woodward and other media celebrities have been willing to play along with Obama. Their main purpose in life is their own self-promotion so they are quite happy to ignore common sense until they realize that they may be able to gain public acclaim and boost their waning reputation by deviating slightly from the prevailing media orthodoxy.
Now, if Woodward would take on what the press writes about and omits about Israel...
I just have to wonder just how much hubris and how many baltently obvious lies coming from the White House America can stomach. I also wonder just when and how the press will abandon the sinking Obama ship.
Great piece. The speed with which the media went on its "kill the messenger" attack was daunting but hardly surprising. If Reagan was the Teflon president, what new nonstick super-substance will have to be invented to be a metaphor for this presidency? The last election was lost before it began, because of this sick love affair; no candidate could have gone up against the pathologically compliant media and not been destroyed, dissed, and dismissed.
Hurrah for Bob Woodward. I am a British'baby boomer'; one of that generation which gloried in 'Times .. a changing'; gifted with an old-fashioned 'classics' education, ergo trained to scepticism and enquiry; suspicious of absolutist ideology and (I like to think) still generally humane.

'All changed, changed utterly'. The United States of America has fallen victim to a 'Leftist' ideology of the type exposed by George Orwell in 'Animal Farm' and '1984'.

In reality, what Orwell railed against was the indistinguishable nature of the methods and language - of divide and rule - which he experienced first-hand from his time in the International Brigade (Spanish Civil War).

He witnessed Fascism and Soviet Communism at work, both intent on suppressing freedom of thought and choice; both intent on rendering nations totally submissive to BIG Government. Our future said Orwell is to be ruled by "managerialists, bureaucrats and power-mad politicians".

'God or whatever means the Good' is absent in today's America. The vaunted 'charisma' of President Obama is deployed in the same manner (and with the same frightening success) as that of Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin.

Neither logic nor healthy patriotism informs Obama's White House. It is an administration intent on establishing moronic obedience and an illusion of 'entitlement' without responsibility. The latter is a vivid illustration of Newspeak - "Newspeak is closely based on English but has a greatly reduced and simplified vocabulary and grammar. The totalitarian aim of the Party is to prevent any alternative thinking i.e. 'thoughtcrime',by destroying any vocabulary that expresses such concepts as freedom, free enquiry, individualism, resistance to the authority of the state... One character, Syme, says admiringly of the diminishing scope of the new language: "It's a beautiful thing, the destruction of words."

I well remember the surge of pure delight in intelligent people witnessing Woodward's heroic role. 'Watergate' was a seminal moment for American freedom. 'All changed, changed utterly'.

Here's another absurd sequestration claim by a leading Democrat -- sequestration could cause the loss of 170 MILLION jobs. The MSM will never air -- let alone ridicule -- this absurd assertion. But imagine the media coverage if a leading REPUBLICAN had said the same thing, or something equally as stooopid.

Congresswoman Maxine Waters -- is an embarrassment to her district -- because they keep reelecting her. Her "jobs lost" claim is beyond astounding. There are not 170 million full-time jobs in the entire country!

Waters is unbearable to watch. Her absurd jobs comment is 1 minute into the video (link below). Don't watch the rest. Save yourself.
Many of the sequester claims by Obama ET AL are easily debunked, but the MSM won't do it, or report it. Here's an example -- a post I made on the crippling education cuts bemoaned by the Obama administration.


Oh the inhumanity of it all! Depriving the children of a quality education with sequester cuts!! Call the press!!!

Here I'm paraphrasing the poppycock propaganda from the Obama flunkies (and Obama himself).

Excerpt from an article linked below, debunking this pathetic nonsense:


Take the Washington tri-state area – Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia – as a test sample and do a little back-of-the-bar-napkin math.

According to the president’s itemized hysterics, the District will lose $533,000 as a result of the sequester. Washington currently budgets $805.1 million for public schools. That means the meat cleaver sequester would lop off a whopping 0.06% of Washington’s public schools budget.
[RIDER NOTE: With a 45,000 D.C. student enrollment, this "drastic" cut comes to (drum roll) less than $12 per student, when the total D.C. spending per student comes to almost $18,000.]

Likewise Virginia spends about $6.5 billion on primary and secondary education at the state level. Sequestration removes $14 million, a .02% cut. Maryland spends about $7 billion and loses $14.4 million through sequestration, another .02% decrease.

It can go both ways, but not at all in a proportional manner. The MSM often has the values of a high school clique, trying to kick anyoneone when they safely think they are down. The coverage of the "jedi mindmeld" comment by Obama (whatever?) seems like a trial balloon to poke at the BMOC in an innocuous way. If it sticks then more comments, perhaps more barbed, to follow. Dog-pack mentality indeed. I think Woodward has made a very good subtle point about an atmosphere of intimidation and the effect that has on younger more careerist reporters and how it degrades the 4th estate. That is an important point to make but unfortunate that the Administration seems to have benefited from it taking the focus off Woodward's main (and true by the way) shocking points about the essential hypocrisy and scare-mongering of the Adminsitration on the sequester issue.
God bless City Journal and send a hug to Harry Stein from me.
When you consider the half-hour rant that WH staffer Sterling gave Woodward before the email threat, that threat is very plausible and was a very subtle, if not declarative, warning that Woodward ought to be careful going against the WH with facts
And the entire kerfuffle over Woodward's column reveals a fundamental weakness in public 'debate' over difficult issues - carefully nurtured by the Left over the last 40 years - namely, no notice is paid of contrarian positions until and unless some iconic figure says it. Everyone of a conservative bent who has a computer has been saying the same things for a month; but, until one of the hallowed members of the media says it, no notice is taken. Isn't that another nice comment on how our lords and masters see us? We truly are mushrooms: kept in the dark and fed manure until we're ripe to be picked.
NWO coutesy UN
I put this all in a nutshell in a letter published by the Financial Times, yesterday, 28 February. And I havent read a word of Woodward in decades, or the Wash Post, or the NYT. It is immanently a case of the self-evident.
FT captioned my letter "That's exactly what I asked for, but not what I had in mind." Interested folks can look up the letter itself.
I have almost lost all hope in the media. Regular news reporters for major networks ask preplanted questions at the RARE press conferences for the President.
Thank God for Woodward and Harry Stein.
Such a sad state of affairs!!We have no one we
can trust and rely on to relay the truth to the masses of truly uninformed Americans. Dumbed down in school and worshiping celebrity, many have lost the ability to use their god given brain to think rationally!! We are witnessing a deteriorating generation of losers, and takers, not motivated to work, to achieve, to excel!! Thank god I am old and have seen America when it was an inspiring free nation of doers!! I am busy as an artist and that sustains me. I do not look back or to the future, but live in this very moment and put my all into it! I was lucky to have escaped the school indoctrination that has betrayed our patriotism for socialism. I shall always honor our country and all those who stand up for her and still believe in her!! I know many share my feelings.