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Jens-Martin Eriksen and Frederik Stjernfelt
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The next 30 years will test the world!
Population growth and internecine ecconomic fighting in the west and climate change.
The easy one is warming – we will cheat and the others will labor hard.
Republican – Democrat or Socialist – Liberal fighting will only delay action.
In 2045 when there will be 2 billion Muslims* who still live and think eighth century. They could put a 100 million army on the battle ground – that very force will cause capitulation of the other side. -- And a new dark age.

*The (so called) Arab Spring is a misnomer, it is the frustrations of overpopulation that have sent many poor. In that state religion takes dominance, (as scientific analysis has previously shown) and Islam is not meek, it demands action. The cause of strife in all history is the other, not one's self
Multiculturalism and diversity have proven to be a failure. Mohammedans do not belong in Europe or the United States. To Europeans, your children and grandchildren will grow up under Islamic regimes that will not tolerate the natives of your country or its traditional religion. Islam will be forced upon your children at the point of a sword. It is essential to rid all of Europe and the Americas of all Mohammedans.
Norway, are you completely out of your mind???!

This is happening all around Europe, if we Patritos that love our cultures and heritages don't stick together on this, these times of ugly (!!!) dispute european wide will become just too messy and unbearably for us to stem! Prepare.

Greetings and support from Germany!
Please note that the Swiss ban on minarets was instituted after a referendum of the people,and simply reflects their decision on the matter. This is a democratic process, not particularly understood nor practised in any Muslim country I can think of !

Any concession or compromise made by a host nation to satisfy the demands of an uncompromising alien minority group is to the detriment of that nation and its people.

The only symbol that controls people across religions, ethnicities, cultures, and nationalities is unfortunately - money !

Craven cosmopolitans like Pontus who want to grovel to minority groups seem to embrace the concept of their own nation committing cultural suicide simply to prove how tolerant they are !

Go ahead and run up the white flag of cultural surrender - but don't expect any quarter or mercy from them when they become your religious overlords.

Multi-cultural is a philosophy, immigration is its policy and the elimination of the Christian Western Civilisation will be the "real"final solution.

Europe's battle is not merely over symbols like a flag but over its cultural survival.Norway's death is assured if the babbling nonsense of Pontus Kyander is given any credence.
I suggest he should live in any Muslim country, starting with Saudi Arabia, and learn 1st hand about accommodating other religions, & also he could explain how the Saudi flag isn't inclusive ! LOL
How long before the croissant becomes unacceptable? Quel horreur!!
How long before the croissanr becomes unacceptable? Quel horreur!!
A very polite, and politically correct way of saying nothing. And thinking nothing. This two are a kind of nothingness. ¿Why not looking for another kind of thinkers?
Lets be blunt. I have seen this before!

“(S)elf-inflicted separation from majority society” has happened 1000 years ago with Jews.
What did that lead to?
The difference today is our sensibilities. We make concessions in the hope that North Korea, oops Muslims will change.

I believe in equality! Otherwise its a dictatorship of the minority.

A simple reading of history shows a land being usurped by immigrants. USA or UK springs to mind.

Do Norwegians want to live on reservations, oops concentration camps, in their own land?

The only other solution is conflict. Fight for your rights as WWII showed.

Otherwise Enoch Powell's prophecy transpires – Rivers of Blood!

For 50 years I've followed the doubling rates of nations – Muslim nations double in approx 30 years. That is the problem and our downfall. Egypt 20 million 1950 -- Egypt 90 million now.

Usama Bin Laden has 20 kids – he has won!! He used USA / EU porn to teach his 18 year old virgin wife sex and begot more kids just before he died!

What the West doesn't understand are consequences of actions or omissions.
Thus “The End of History” as it teaches us nothing!
And its worse -- a bribery payment to a Mafia organization who LOL at the stupid coward westerner!
Funny, how the drive for "oneness" is abandoned so quickly when the pressure comes from the Islamic quarter. Separate hours for Muslim women to swim? Isn't that simply another type of religious discrimination? Whatever happened to equality of the sexes? Gone forever without a whimper of protest? The French, stumbling awkwardly with the issues, are nevertheless willing to face the issues head on. Good for them.
Minority Bolshevism February 15, 2013 at 3:29 PM
Selling our birthright for 30 silvery coins of delusion.
Oh, you brick-headed multiculturalists! So, the way to a tolerant, multicultural society is for the tolerant to accommodate the intolerant who, in their own societies, are busily rooting out every vestige of non-Muslim thought and practice and whose religion counsels accommodation only when not yet strong enough to enforce Islam? My God, you're stupid!
Multiculturalism could well be Europe's curse, not only among the various states of cultural diversity, but also within the individual states of different ethnic groups. The problem is unsolvable. (vzc1943, ttm1943)
Oh, and Norway? Just raise the white flag and get it over with.
Ah, yes. "Free" health care: paid for by Santa Claus, no doubt.

Here's how that's working out in the Mother Country:
" Between July 2010 and June 2012, a total of 3,063 deaths were recorded at the five trusts initially identified, which comprise eight district general hospitals, over and above what would be expected.

The worst figures were recorded at Blackpool Teaching Hospitals, where there were 879 excessive deaths. East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust, which has premises in Blackburn and Burnley, had 618; Colchester Hospital University Trust in Essex had 599; Basildon and Thurrock, also in Essex, had 508 and Tameside, near Manchester, 459."

And this:
"The report says there was "a failure of the NHS system at every level" to detect problems and take action. Despite between 400 and 1,200 people dying needlessly, and despite five investigations including Mr Francis's £13 million public inquiry, not one person has been sacked or struck off.

"Mr Francis said conditions of "appalling care" flourished because managers "put corporate self–interest and cost control ahead of patients and their safety". He said patients were "let down" by a "lack of care, compassion, humanity and leadership" -- with patients having to relieve themselves in their beds because no one would take them to the lavatory, others drinking water from vases because they were not given drinks, and "callous indifference" to their suffering by ward staff.

"Staff who tried to raise concerns were ignored, bullied or intimidated, and watchdog bodies failed to react to repeated warnings."

Great! and with Medicare being gutted to pay for Obama"care," we have the Stafford Hospital scandal to look forward to, and worse.
But don´t forget that in Euope and the Wat everybody is the same!EU Laws are on the way to delete MOTHER and FATHER and use only Elter1 and Elter2.Why?Because 2 Homosexuall Men can hava a child now.
But if a muslim woman will swimm she is not the same anymore and the others are also not the same so they must go.

Great New World!
Learn from the past: Former Yugoslavia was a multi-ethnic country held together by socialist autocrat Tito and with the help of mass-graves. The country was divided again after Titos death by "using" a brutal civil war.

Multi-ethnic countries don't work based on the free will of their peoples if there is no common tale that keeps them together united like in the USA.
It has always been an illusion, based on whishful thinking, that Islam will ever be able to adopt Western standards of human rights and gender equality. "Reform"-movements in Islam ,like Wahabism, Salafism and the Muslim Brotherhood are in fact always directed backwards, because the faithful believe their current misery is not based on the antimodern teachings of their religion but on their personal sinful disobedience. Everywhere in Europe Islamic migrants create ethnically clean communities bullying out the original inhabitants. It is inevitable that this situation will eventually lead to violent clashes of which the burning banlieus of Paris are just vanguard skirmishes.
Christian Rogler: "...the European idea of a homogenous, ethnically clean and uniformist society where the Government tells everyone what to do, what to think and when to breathe is what turned Europe into a shithole."

My God, that's dumb. How does very low crime, good education, support for the arts, free health care, next to no military, and cheap Internet make for a "shithole" ???

In contrast, Pontus Kyander made a symbolic change that led to discussion. Worth a talk... of course. Look at all the free press he got!
Anybody who thinks Europe is a failure should go there and look and be amazed...

Or read
Europe's Promise: Why the European Way Is the Best Hope in an Insecure Age by Steven Hill

The EU is the biggest economy in the world. People there are far healthier than Americans, live longer, have much lower crime rates, eat better and purer poisoning is far more common in US...have much cheaper, much faster internet service...take longer vacations and enjoy more holidays...


We will be vacationing in Chania, Crete from 3/8-4-17...If you get to town email me ...I'll treat you to a coffee
Europe's momentous drive into self-annihilation via birth control and abortion, as well as shacking up together in secular relations rather than in Christian marriage, is the fundamental reason God is sending Islam into Europe. Watch the youtube video which the Catholic cardinals were introduced to recently, called "Muslim Demographics." Even Ghaddafi even stated that terrorists were unnecessary, as Islam's birth rate was going to conquer Europe. Lose your Catholic faith, and watch the destruction of western civilization. Good job, y'all, good job. But don't worry. It will all be over quickly. Pope Benedict's surprise announcement of his retirement leads us to Peter Turkman, the "Peter the Roman" cited by St. Malachy in his epic prophecy of the line of popes, who is cited as the last pope before the Great Chastisement.
So what?! How many seperate societies are there in the USA? What do Amish people have in common with Black Panthers? What aboout Utah and Santa Barbara, California? What about Massachusetts liberalism and the Bible Belt?

This diversity is what made America the greatest, the freeest, the most creative and most productive country in the World. And the European idea of a homogenous, ethnically clean and uniformist society where the Government tells everyone what to do, what to think and when to breathe is what turned Europe into a shithole.

I want Europe to be americanized - for this is the only way to make it bearable - and not America to be europeanized. And the danger of Europeanization comes from two directions: From leftist Statism, driven by apocalyptic endtime prophecies (like "Global Warming") and from rightist Statism, driven by endtime prophecies ("Islamization").