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Peter Whittle
David Cameron, Euro-Skeptic? « Back to Story

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The UK would do well severing their EU membership. High unemployment, rising crime rates, social unrest, uncompetitive
policies & absurd "human rights" formulas are the EU elites self-serving accomplishments.
In the realm of historic continental strategy the UK allied usually with Europe's 2nd power which is no longer the case- all of Europe is now 2nd rate- & the Brits have no compelling reason to be involved.
Besides they have their own international/economic club embodied in a common language.
Good news from a far country...our motherland!
Who cares what that marketing clown acting as PM says? You would be very hard-pressed to find a leader in the Western world, and only leaders make utterances worth listening to.
Remember all the articles in Time and other place which proclaimed that the new European powerhouse would swamp the United States? Didn't happen, did it? - rather the reverse.

This is not an issue with which I am that familiar, but isn't British skepticim in this area more or less traditional?
Parliament’s anti-E.U. Tories, who otherwise have little time for him, called it the most Euro-skeptic speech ever given by a British leader, one they had waited to hear “for 40 years.”

So the UK Independence Party's Nigel Farange is not a "British leader" despite being returned to office by the Bristish voter. What a joke.