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Larry Sand
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Corruption runs deep in this district. And here I thought I was protecting my child by making sure he attended a "better" school. Not happy with administration OR anyone in superintentdant's office. Corruption still has a beating heart there. Sad sad sad!
Frank Villagomez March 06, 2014 at 9:39 PM
This whole story is nothing but BS. I know Kevin Kirby personally and the truth of the entire strory is quite different. This write up describes Kevin in the wrong light. Is it forgotten that Kevin Kirby was by far the best teacher in Leal Elementary? It also describes Kevin as a sexual predator of the type that goes for small children. This makes me angry! there are a bunch of other things I would like to say as well. But Im going to keep it short for now.

You know Larry Sand? you should really do the research, get the complete story before writing something so hurtful about a wonderful man who dedicated over 17 years of his life to teaching passionately.
The first problem is that the responsible people involved used the chain of command. The chain always works to protect itself. Reporting DIRECTLY to Child Protective Services is confidential and effective.
"Mary Sieu is now superintendent"

That's because she's an outstanding politician, as demonstrated by her behavior at the deposition.
Thanks, Larry, for continuing to expose the teachers' union's culture of thugs and corruption. And for publicizing the names.
Thank you for exposing this school district. Thank God for Ms. Blagden.

Specifically, why on earth would another district not want to hire Principal Eileen Blagden?? How do school board members of her school district justify what happened and why the nefarious officials involved were not disciplined or worse? I hope Larry Sand could venture an answer before I call people in the district.
hmm Supervisor Smuts. Kinda says it all. seriously though,my experience as a detective investigating these proves administrators are more interested in protecting their fiefdoms than the children
Gee, in the tragic wake of the Sandy Hook shooting and more recent one here in CA -- don't we want our school administrators to do everything in their power to protect our precious children and teachers from the violent, unstable individuals on school grounds? That our tax dollars are going to support cya union and administrative bureaucrats instead of giving this heroic principal a medal (and a promotion) is beyond this fed-up parent. Bravo, Ms. Blagden. If we could only clone thousands more like you to replace and drum out the lily-livered weasels currently in power in our government-run schools, that would do more than a thousand new gun control laws and 500-page union contracts to educate our children and keep them safe. Bravo and Bless You, Ms. Blagden.
Terry Francke, General Counsel, Californians Aware January 11, 2013 at 1:23 PM
"A confidentiality agreement bars those involved from discussing the terms . . ." But the terms themselves—the provisions of the settlement agreement—are available on request under the California Public Records Act, and so are any complaints or reports about Kevin Kirby's conduct that led to his reproval by the Credentialing Commission.