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Howard Husock
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Can you say, "Shakedown," boys and girls?
In its frenzy to steal every Americans' private wealth, like a campaign to "manage" all personal 401k accounts, the other enormous source of private funds are private foundations. When Obama claimed that all his programs are "already funded" is this what he meant?
Do you guys do research? This piece on SIF makes no effort to look at the funded programs. In fact, SIF funds efforts to replicate good, social sciences evaluated programs. What works well in New York, for example, after major investments to generate continuous improvement, can be replicated directly for other communities.

Reinvent NOT the wheel.

NYC's Center for Economic Opportunity got $5.7-million to replicate high-value programs called Family Rewards, Jobs-Plus, Project Rise, SaveUSA, and WorkAdvance. At minimal extra development cost these programs are going to Cleveland, OH; Kansas City, MO; Memphis, TN; Newark, NJ; San Antonio, TX; Tulsa, OK; and Youngstown, OH.

Government in a democracy works just fine. Of the people, by the people, and for the people. These first-rate, even excellent programs can be copied among local democracies with broad gains to our citizenry. SIF funds what works.

Paul Ryan ??? He is an avowed follower of that Hollywood party girl, Ayn Rand. When it comes to faith, hope, and charity this man is among that last people I'd want to emulate.
OMG, they're whining about Solyndra again. The U.S. put $5.5-billion into 4 major solar panel start-ups. China put more than $60-billion in and focused these force-fed investments to making the older-technology silicon panels. China has added more to this pool since then.

Since China doesn't waste much money on its military, blowing out $60-billion on solar panels has qualified as a successful employment-generating project.

$1-per-watt solar panels are now the rule in the marketplace. Poor old Solyndra got steamrolled by China. Their "omega" shaped surface is uniquely efficient, but not as "efficient" as what you get with a silcon panel made in a free government China-bought super factory.
Over in Germany, it's the other way around. The state finances things that private organizations, primarily churches, take credit for. Patients, insurers and state subsidies cover 100% of the cost of, say, a church hospital. The church gets to put their name on it and decide who works there. So everyone thinks the hospital is a product of the church money - and since almost everyone pays money to the church via a special section of their tax form, they think this is what their church contribution are doing. In fact, that church tax pays for the church bureaucracy and Sunday operations, not the social services.
Leny, vanaf een afstand gezien toch interessant voor je denk ik,
groet, FRans Leeuw