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Steven Greenhut
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I heard this guy speak last night on KFI. He makes a lot of sense. I wish I would have thought of that idea.
Fred -- I think the type of leftists and the type of conservatives elected would be different. For instance, I know local Democratic officials who believe in pension reform, but they cannot support that because of the unions that elect them. I know local Republicans who were eager to end redevelopment, but couldn't because of the pressure from developers. So while the overall philosophical make-up might be the same, we might -- and, agreed, it's just an idea -- see a more responsive politician elected.
If the overall death of cities like Detroit and Camden, and the living death of cities like Newark (NJ) are any indication, it is that bad, even terrible, even corrupt government doesn't necessarily lead to a change in government. People will live with bad government right through to the end, until, in places like Camden New Jersey, the city is filled with vacant lots and it starts to seem like the best way to go would be to level the whole place and start all over.

99% of the fault with the foregoing lies with Democrats, who, like locusts, destroy the community they govern through bad government. But, part of the fault lies with Republicans, who, not only in the last election, but for years have decided not to bother with places they see no chance of winning. Republicans also have purposely diluted their message, softening the truth in an misguided effort to seem non-partisan. This is and was a mistake, a tragic mistake.

Republicans on a national level must go back to areas like California, like the cities, and other places which seem hopelessly Democratic. They need to send an undiluted message and show those who live in criminalized communities, with shattered families, with dependence on government that there is another way, that what they are suffering is nothing more than an intended result of Democratic policies meant to maintain them in poverty with no chance of escaping.

Democrats want misery, they want poverty, they seek to make communities criminalized, fearful, distressed, their intended goal is misery and hopelessness since these conditions lead to votes, and power. Democrats, are liars by nature, and wrap themselves in the mantle of helping the poor when the goal is to ensure that conditions remain exactly where they are and never change.

Republicans need to fully understand what they are dealing with, they need to take their message directly to the people who are under the boot heel of Democratic policies. They need to have an honest conversation with those under Democratic repression and tell them that there is another way, that taking what Democrats are offering is the way to misery and destruction. Writing off these communities is and has been a terrible mistake, since those communities are so vulnerable to nothing more and nothing less then someone telling the truth. One only has to hear the howls from Democrats when this is done - those howls are Democratic attempts at distraction since their position is so very tenuous, and Democrats know this.

After all, what would happen to Democratic leaders if these communities really understood how thier misery is the intended consequence of Democratic policies? What happens when those in the community realize that they and their children, and their childrens children have been systematically used, abused, cheated, robbed, raped, murdered and conned by a political entity and its minions in Democratic media only interested in maintaining their own power?

California is the result of Democratic policies on a state wide level, and it is more visible than other places dealing with Democratic repression. Republicans need to smoehow wrest control of the means of communication from Democrats and for once be honest about what's going on. And be fully prepared for Democratic stategies meant to distract, for the lies and everything else in the Democratic playbook.

Otherwise, take a good look at California, since what you see there is a pattern Democrats have for the rest of America.
It's an idea worth pursuing. I don't see much in the way of a downside.

I DO know that our present labor union/trial attorney/casino Indian/big corporation owned-and-operated state legislature dooms us to follow Greece into fiscal madness.

I defy anyone to come up with a worse reform alternative to the status quo.

Yes, there are better choices. A new state constitution that drastically limits the powers of government would be ideal -- and likely will be adopted right after the asteroid collision extinguishes all life on the planet (except me).
I'd prefer to go back to a part-time legislature rather than increase the number of parasitic career politicians. A full-time legislature generates the insane number of nuisance bills we see in Sacramento today.
In any case, I don't have any confidence in the intelligence of the average voter after watching America put a gun in its mouth and pull the trigger on November 6th.
Well I'd rather deflate them, confine the so-called representatives of the people to essential and limited functions. But actually having people as representatives might work also.
Don't count on California voters to vote in a
rational or intelligence manner. After the state crashes; I favor dividing the state into two or more states, such as East California and West California and the third state would be Free California coming from the eastern section.
Venture capitalist
someone with enough money to gamble $50 million or so by purchasing overvalued companies that seem to offer "the next big thing" but in the end turn out to be just another "flash in the pan".
Steve wrote, "Obviously, San Franciscans would continue to elect leftists, and voters in South Orange County would continue to elect Republicans."

Yet the state's voter make up would remain the same so, at the end of the day, there would probably be no difference in what comes out of Sacramento.
I guess it's worth a try. In the long run, California as we now know it is likely doomed anyway. Perhaps (hopefully) other states will learn from this -- rather than "As goes California, so goes the rest of the country".