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Bon temps jolie wrote:

"-- 'You can thank BOTH the CFT and the CTA for making California #1 -- in high tax rates.'

Paranoia ??? Even the tax whine is wrong -- California isn't in the top five (New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Maryland and Hawaii.)"

WRONG! You should check your facts. I have and include references to all the source data so you can double-check it yourself.

Thanks to Proposition 30, funded by BOTH the California Teachers Association (CTA) and the California Federation of Teachers (CFT), California now has the HIGHEST state sales tax rate in the nation and the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 5th highest marginal income tax rates in the nation. Don't take my word for it. Check it yourself!

The CTA spent $11.7 MILLION on Proposition 30 and the CFT spent $4.4M. It's public record.
When the parents finally get tired of being "useful idiots" for the public unions, they will dump the crooked pols and outlaw public unions in California, until then their children will just have to endure the abuse.
What is this ???

-- "Liberals could care less if poor children can't read."

-- "...the unions don't CARE if kids can't read...."

-- "You can thank BOTH the CFT and the CTA for making California #1 -- in high tax rates."

-- "The people behind all this are truly corrupt, and absolutely bent on destroying that part of the culture that is inconsistent with their goals."

Paranoia ??? Even the tax whine is wrong -- California isn't in the top five (New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Maryland and Hawaii.)
I have had a knife pulled on me several times. Threated with petrol or acid in the face in the car park for marking justly. No, if the author has done ten years inner city teaching tell me about it, if all he has done is write about it, well that like the chickenhawks talking about war.
I am in private industry now training employees,25% higher wage than teaching and a car, teach again not even dreaming.
Inner city teaching is very hard and it is more about crowd control.
Chris Mahoney, it's not just that the unions don't CARE if kids can't read (and be productive and successful) -- the system let's the union bosses and the union itself PROFITS from such ignorance -- and resulting dependency on the state.

The miseducated kids are taught one thing -- their failure is "society's fault." And define "society" as anyone with more money than they have (who is not a government employee). Those kids DO learn what they are taught, and their failure as adults only validates their "study lessons" at these government education camps.

Angry, ignorant, dependent voters are 99% supporters of the Democratic Party, and that entity is tied at the waist to the education labor unions. Each profits from this arrangement.

The KKK should cheer this oppression of minorities. It's been FAR more successful than the KKK EVERY was, even in its hayday.
Bravo on a good succinct piece. Look forward to reading more of your work here at city-journal.
It's perhaps germane to the discussion to know how California's public schools perform compare to the rest of the nation.

California Public Schools and Performance on National Assessments

It's also important to understand the changing demographics of California's public school system. Total enrollment is down 1.7% since peak enrollment in 2004.

California Public School Demographics
Couldn't get through the moronic cartoon - tedious but shows how their side 'thinks' which is ironic since education is supposed to teach our children to think, not to get their information from slogany cartoons. Except, maybe that is what the school system is really supposed to do.
To those commenting below: The video came from the California Federation of Teachers (CFT) and not the California Teachers Assocation (CTA). These are two VERY different organizations.

According to the California Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC), the CTA is the biggest spender in California politics.

Governor Jerry Brown's Proposition 30 tax hikes are a toned-down version of the "Millionaires Tax" promoted by the CFT and its parent group, the American Federation of Teachers.

California Proposition 30: Governor Jerry Brown's Big-Government Tax Hike

American Federation of Teachers: Part of the Solution or Part of the Problem?

You can thank BOTH the CFT and the CTA for making California #1 -- in high tax rates. Both groups spent millions to pass the tax increase on ALL Californians. Perhaps now they'll lend their considerable political power to solving some of the REAL issues confronting California.

Thank You Proposition 30 Supporters!
This has to be seen in terms of party. The California Teachers Association is an arm of the Democratic Party, a tight organization consisting of the party itself, unions, media and various other mostly, but not all "non-profit" organizations. It's goal is transformational, and it exists to change society in a way that funnels power to itself.

Another point - this is YOUR tax money at work. Where do you think the money that funds this originates? The Democratic Party coalition has found a way through public unions to attach the public trough to its mission, and the CTA efforts are part of that mission. If you are part of the coalition you get the benfits of membership. Of course, for some group - minorities particularly - membership has resulted in shattered families and criminalized communities. But, for the Democratic party, it's all the better, since as long as the community remains poor and dependent, its community filled with crime, it becomes a target for "needs" groups and programs, and another excuse to funnel money to members of the coalition or "party." For these people solving the problem is the very last thing on the agenda since solving the problem would eliminate the need for its members. Plus the poor/dependent vote for the politicians who spread the money around.

It is an awful situation and wholly inconsistent with any normal concept of a civc society. It is also dangerous since every aspect of it is inconsistent with our republican form of government. It's why you see violence directed against those who disagree with the aims of the coalition - get used to it since this will only increase.

Am I the only one who has noticed that there is simply no act that these people can commit and suffer for it? They can lie, steal, cheat, be hypocritical with impunity without consequence. Every outrage they commit becomes a new low, and then on to the next one, and the acts which we would have labeled outrageous one day becomes commonplace the next.

Right now I see no indications out there that any of this is going to change. The people behind all this are truly corrupt, and absolutely bent on destroying that part of the culture that is inconsistent with their goals.

We are in for interesting times ahead.
People who have joined @10 ( rank teaching quality as one of the most important issues to them. In response, we are taking submissions for strategies to improve it. Submissions are due January 15th, registered users will vote after that, and results will be publicized in early February. Join us as we solve America's toughest problems, not just talk about them.
Why would the California Teachers Association produce this disgusting cartoon? Same reasons they donated $1 million to oppose Proposition 8, the referendum to ban same sex marriage. Neither serves the purpose of either improving California teachers' welfare or to educate California's K-12 students. First, organizations like the CTA are led by people who want to wield political power without the bother of running for office and getting elected. Second, when an organization has either completed or has failed in its main mission, its leaders go off on tangents like same-sex marriage or redistribution of wealth. That's why the National Organization for Women advocates cheaper phone service for prison inmates and the American Bar Association has a tree-planting campaign. The facts that California taxpayers pay exorbitant prices for mediocre primary and secondary education, or that the average American cannot afford a lawyer and despises the profession, are irrelevant to the purposes of leaders who want to exploint their organizations for unrelated, personal political goals.
CJ readers, please know that many teachers are conservative and are not "union thugs." Those of us lucky enough to work in the inner cities do the best we can under the circumstances. I have worked with teachers of all backgrounds/ races, and the best agree what the problem is: the kids have been given control of the schools. Authority has been taken from the teachers by government laws and regulations, and people wonder why achievement is plummeting. No one can learn in the chaotic environment of the typical urban school. Teachers want to fix this but we are not allowed to bring discipline back to the classrooms. It would cost taxpayers NOTHING but political correctness.

By the way, why shouldn't the best teachers want to work in safe environments? Shouldn't ALL teachers have that right?
Excuse me, are Latino students more important than any other students?
I don't give a damn what color they are, semen feeding shouldn't be allowed (lol)

Minority students (black/Latino) are violent, so teachers quit. What would you expect?

We've given special treatment to black/Latino students for 50 years now, and they're violent, under-performing and belligerant. Guess what kind of teacher do they deserve? It's their fault. Quit coddling minorities. And don't scream racist, either. It's time to print ALL types of opinion; you guys up to it?
Liberals could care less if poor children can't read. Their clients are the union thugs who can't read either. Teachers should have to pass an annual exam in the subjects they teach, including foreign languages. Let's find out what grade level Miss Smith is reading at before we let her teach DeShawn how to read.
I have a problem I don't often have. I'm speechless.
Ed Asner has spunk. I HATE SPUNK.