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Steven Greenhut
Jerry Brown’s Accidental Legacy « Back to Story

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It's troubling to think of Jerry Brown being the last line of defense against just about anything.
It's a shame that tools which should be helpful and could be a means for positive change, are abused in practice, and are used for corrupt purposes that have little to do with the intent of those who framed the law.

There is a deeper message here, that the people running the state cannot be trusted wield power, that they do not possess the character to use power in a positive fashion. It truly - truly - does not bode well for the future of the state.

It is also the best argument for limited government and the basic principles of conservatism - when the people in charge are corrupt, or do things for corrupt purposes (even legal corruption) then they should be put on as short a leash as possible.
Thanks Steve for keeping us posted. Redevelopment was a farce. Many of the wealthiest cities here in San Diego made the most use of the RDA's. Please keep up the good work.