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Adam Freedman
A Return to Judicial Activism « Back to Story

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Quibbling over judicial appointments, after reelecting the most ill-prepared President ever, is tantamount to arguing over the deck chairs on the Titanic. If you do the big things wrong, the other details don't matter.
He got a higher percentage of votes cast than McCain did so it is a resounding yes.
If the ten all-Republican majority statehouses led by Republican governors past a law that gave their state the right to require their US Senators to review SCOTUS candidates and vote according to the desires of the statehouse, the conservative voting majority in the US Senate would shift to 55 Republican to 45 Democrat, and 10 Democratic Party senators serve in these 10 all-Republican led states.

While Senators are elected by public ballot, nothing prevents their statehouse from directing how they should vote to represent their state's interests.

Fair is fair.Bush had the chance and took it to nominate conservative minded candidates for the US Supreme Court over his two terms, which resulted in a conservative majority on the bench. No doubt Obama will do the same which is likely to reflect a more liberal weighting to the Supreme Court.
This would appear to be the normal pattern and therefore unremarkable.