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Fred Siegel
A Victory for Continuing Gridlock « Back to Story

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Jeebus on a Crutch November 12, 2012 at 2:30 PM
Shorter Fred Siegel: George W. Bush was not a crony capitalist; no sireee bob.
Jeebus on a Crutch November 12, 2012 at 2:27 PM
Shorter Fred Siegel: The American auto industry must die; that'll bring China to its knees!!!
Jeebus on a Crutch November 12, 2012 at 2:24 PM
Shorter Fred Siegel: From my safely ensconced perches in East Coast academia and the subsidized, money-losing periodicals that pay me, I say HOW DARE those proles in flyover country vote for the candidate who doesn't want their factories to close; stupid proles.
Amusing, because the “fiscal cliff” meltdown has been selected as the next dramatic news event now that our interminable election comedy is over. Everyone is watching us to see what we’ll do but many of us Americans are simply looking forward to the Super Bowl come year end and the rest of us aren’t sure what “fiscal” means or why it has a cliff, but they’re all hoping it isn’t anything to worry about.

In Europe, the Daily Telegraph moans about each American taxpayer owing $111,000 in national debt and, with actual taxpaying Americans becoming steadily fewer, that individual debt figure is bound to increase. Get real Brits, do you actually believe each of us American taxpayers plans to payoff $111,000 in government debt so you folks can enjoy the sleep of the innocent? The New York Times of Germany, Der Speigel, opines the Republican dominated House will obstruct any attempt to act responsibly regarding the fiscal cliff – it figures Obama is still their hero and the Republicans are still the goats.

Europeans, please stop peeking over your fence to see what your American neighbors are doing. We’re just like you are now, only with funny accents and we still eat our suppers at an unreasonably early hour. We’re not a “world leader”, a “global superpower” and an “economic powerhouse” – you’re confusing us with China. If you’re worried we won’t provide you with military protection much longer, we all sure hope that’s true and sucking up to Obama won't
squeeze blood from a rock.

We’re flat broke, obviously we don’t mind that and comparing us to Greece won’t spur us into responsible action as you so foolishly hope. Things will stay a mess on this side of the pond, we apparently like it that way based on our election results. Super Bowl is important, fiscal cliff is just politics as usual.
The last vestiges of an independent media are gone (which may have been an illusion anyway.) "Candy!, Candy! Get the transcript, Candy!" as she stumbles and bumbles through her papers it, the transcript - which was inaccurate. We are left to fend for ourselves.
"Republicans will need to take a different approach to the so-called mainstream media."
And what have they (read: Rove et al) been doing these last four years?
One area that begs for challenge is in the selection of moderators at the primary and presidential debates. The GOP must be aggressive in rejecting any pretend journalists who are offered up.
"What they need to do is respectfully and forcefully challenge the pretensions of people like David Gregory and George Stephanopoulos that they are journalists, as opposed to operatives." I hope somebody is listening to you, Fred.