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Jennifer Gratz and Charles C. Johnson
Obama’s Quota Quest « Back to Story

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B. Samuel Davis speaks.
"But, then again, we live in a topsy-turvy world where the lunatics have taken over the asylum"

"Asylum USA" . One of a kind!
Our world neighbors seemed thrilled however?
Where is Our beacon on the hill example anymore?

Managing my fear on the farm,
They saw through It. Adjustments may be necessary in your belief systems.
The country will endure

Good luck
"We’ll learn soon whether enough Americans, after four years of his leadership, finally see through it."

And the answer to that would be "no."
quotas are not necessary. quotas are counterproductive even in the horrific state that (some) American blacks find themselves in owing to Democrat incompetence (giving the behavior the most generous possible interpretation).
Shouldn't the black community have concluded by now that after a half a century or more of rule in black communities, Democratic leadership would have made it unnecessary to seek preferences of any kind - whether quotas, affirmative action etc.? At what point, does the community finally look at its leadership and conclude it isn't working, that something new needs to tried?

The fact is, quotas are necessary as a result of the complete failure and total incompetence of Democratic leaders in the black community over the last 50 years - quotas are needed because of Democratic policies which have destroyed the black family, leading to terrible educational outcomes (to put it mildly), crime and more.

In other words, having failed miserably in the community - miserably(!) - Democrats have no alternative but to rely on quotas, or "affirmative action" which amounts to the same thing What else can they do? What else can they do? Under Democratic leadership education has been a dismal failure in the black community no matter that billions has been spent just in my state alone so there is just no other way to put black students in these schools other than by quotas. And, since Democratic media has adopted and imposed on the rest of us a political correctness standard under which any criticism of black Democratic leadership is equated with racism, no one can even mention any of this - black Democratic leaders are totally insulated from failure since they can blame bad outcomes - terribly bad outcomes on racism. It's the excuse that never gets old - never, no matter what the evidence, no matter that Democratic policies fail again and again, no matter that Democrats hold all the power in the community, the shortcomings can always be blamed on racism. It is insanity squared.

It is a terrible situation and it is not getting better or going to get better - ever - the culture simply cannot educate children, no matter how much money is spent. This tool will never diminish - it will always have to be used, as long as Democrats are in charge - and that's not going to change. So far two generations have been lost, and a third is going the same way. So, our society has black children doomed to be led by incompetent political hacks who induce dependence, destroy families, criminalize communities then point their fingers at "racism" as the cause.

This isn't something in the abstract, it is something going on right now - you want an education in how it works go down and spend some time in juvenile court in a big city. It is horrifying what is happening under Democratic leadership, with the most horrifying aspect being that there is no end in sight - no one is pointing out that the system is dooming children to be raised in communities where it is next to impossible to get an education. All one has to do is look at the statistics on education, crime family - but then again to even mention these FACTS is now considered to be the equivalent to racism.

But, then again, we live in a topsy-turvy world where the lunatics have taken over the asylum.