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Norman Oder
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A November 7 post on my Atlantic Yards Report blog adds even more examples of Times failures and answers some questions I've gotten about the newspaper's performance.

Tougher Times coverage might not have killed Atlantic Yards. More responsible coverage, however, could have helped shape deals more in the public interest, delivered a project with less neighborhood damage, and dissected the flaws in the eminent domain process.

Above all, such coverage would have put public on notice that such high-stakes, decades-long real estate development demands steady skepticism and democratic oversight.

The need is still there.
Why is City Journal giving this author a platform for his crank beliefs?

Norman Oder seriously needs to get a hobby or something. The arena's built already, in case he hasn't noticed. What's next, an expose on the Barclays Center bathroom toilet paper? I hear they're only using single-ply!

Time to move on to the next manufactured NIMBY "outrage".
Not too shocking given the overall loss of any credibility at the New York Times. Nothing the paper prints these days is uninfected by its editorial bias. The paper - any newspaper's most valuable commodity - its credibility, a readers trust that facts reported on are as described - is long gone.

The New York Times simply cannot be trusted to accurately report facts, to say nothing of its analysis of facts. It has become useless, except as a device to persuade and reaffirm the opinions of those weak in character.
Great article; how many of us can read this entirely? Its worthy of many lawsuits, but it won't happen. I believe even SupCt acquiesced to all these abusive 'eminent domain' thefts! Pity, nyTimes used to be ALMOST great, at least on local news, now its garbage in everything.