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The Dude abides.
California is a lost cause - they have chosen, and so be it. Two points:

1. If California voters can't see through all of this, if they can't comprehend how bad government will destroy them, then a pox on the voters. One only has to look at Detroit to understand how people will vote the same way, even as the government delivers nothing but misery in bucket fulls. Many of the voters in California are immigrants, coming from countries with third world conditions. They have no comprehension of how good it can be, and no one is educating them about it either.

Wise i.e. Republican government created a magnificent state and it is disheartening to see how Democrats are destroying it, bit by bit all in a corrupt (since the Democratic Party is institutionally corrupt) effort to gain power, or through sheer stupidity - or both. Nevertheless, if voters choose bad government and the resulting poverty and corruption, then there's nothing else to be done about it is there?

I have sympathy for those who don't want to abandon California, but absent extra legal measures I don't see how anything is going to stop the state from its race to be the next Detroit. I would note that even in Detroit Democrats keep getting re-elected - what does that say about voter stupidity, as well as the failure of Republicans to get the message out that there is another way to do it?

In fact, it is a mystery why Republicans don't go into blue areas destroyed by bad government and tell people that dependence, destroyed families and criminalized communities are not a permanent condition, and there is another way. If the Democratic party is institutionally corrupt, then the Republican Party is institutionally stupid, and there doesn't seem to be anything that can be done with either condition.

2. As I've argued elsewhere, much of what the Democrats do in California, including the continual burdens on the private sector, and the over-regulation, are done intentionally, to force Republicans, conservatives, anyone who disagrees with the Democratic vision, to leave the state. For example, Democrats understand full well that they do best in poor communities. Hence, prosperity is not a goal, but a condition to be studiously avoided. As another example, Democrats understand that anti-poverty "programs" i.e. government intervention doesn't work, but these programs don't exist to solve problems, these exist as a means by which money is transferred to favored interests.

Take a good look at California, since it is the model Democrats have for the country as a whole - a place where the basis of government is corruption, where poverty, criminalized communities, open hypocrisy are desired conditions and attitudes. Liberty, freedom are meant to be eroded away in the new Democratic State of California, and as far as Democrats are concerned those who don't like it can leave. After all more malleable people can simply be imported from

In fact, the sooner it is understood that Democrats in California and elsewhere don't have the same agenda as Republicans, heck, everyone else the sooner people will grasp the goals of the 'new' Democratic Party. The goal is not prosperity, it is not a crime free society, it is not a place where people have true liberty with individual rights. Democrats in California and elsewhere are creating a new society based on permanent crisis conditions, where private enterprise is not welcomed unless partnered with government.

In short, California is a lost cause, it's citizenry, most of whom are only recent arrivals, have chosen corrupt politics over good government. You can't force people to choose prosperity, individual responsibility and liberty over slavery and dependence. They are welcome to it.

P.S. It's a tortured metaphor, but this reminds me of the "Grand Inquisitor" scene in "The Brothers Karamazov" -

P.S.S. Don't forget to vote!
Father Brown complains that California
needs more taxes to get the state on the
road to a balanced budget yet supports
high speed rail for a few miles that is
over budget by billions and construction
has not even started.

He should have been a magician rather than
a Jesuit.
Nobody can misquote or misuse Scripture than Jerry Brown.

I believe that the Good Governor meant to quote Luke 19:11-16.

If he attended seminary, as he claims, he would know that the "to whom more is given" has much more to do with good stewardship, especially from those entrusted with leadership.

Proposition 30 is NOT good stewardship. It's simply throwing more money into a system in desperate need of reform. California needs REFORM, NOT HIGHER TAXES.