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Nicole Gelinas
Reading the Financial Crisis « Back to Story

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"Matya Balatu is their Hungarian nanny"

That first name doesn't exist in Hungarian (Matyas does, but that's the equivalent of Matthias). The last name sounds something like a Romanian surname; not entirely impossible in Hungary, but very unlikely.
'Vanessa, “brutally lonely” in her big house as her teenage son takes drugs upstairs, gives in to “the relentless, remorseless pounding of solitude”'

Vanessa needs to shut down the pity party and take her spoiled self down to the nearest orphanage, maybe hug a child or two, maybe take them to the park and buy them lunch.

Vanessa's hubby, when he comes home, needs to slap the piss out of drug-taking son, drag him down to the Royal Marines recruiting station, hand him over, and tell him to keep his head down in Afghanistan, because mummy won't be there to coddle him.

As for the other miserable oxygen-thieving characters mentioned in this review . . . I can only wonder who wastes valuable time and money on claptrap like this.

Thanks for the review. You've identified several books I should avoid like any other depressant.