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Matthew Clayfield
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Marty Allan Graham May 12, 2014 at 2:26 PM
Chechnya females Kadyrov, it doesnt happen good. How old are you? We different? My people still support me? Why am i stuck half way round the world? Cant talk forget the past.
The synergy of religious and political repression in Grozny is not a new tactic. The Saudi's perfected it years ago. It's the same formula in Iran but with less hypocrisy.
Maybe Assad could pacify Syria more easily with a program of paint balling short skirted woman. He would have to start with his wife though. Pity the poor Muslim who adopts the wrong aspects of western culture.
Like John Lennon said, "Woman is the N___ of the World."
The march of multi-culturalism leads to places, and people, like this. Excellent report.