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Harry Stein
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Excellent points; but wouldn't giving these accolades to those honest members of the media make them pariahs? I'm astonished that Tapper hasn't been replaced by someone more obsequious at ABC.
"So what should such an award be called? How about the Russert?"

How about Real Journalist? Because that's what's expected of one. And it's sad that so few are around now. But maybe we could remind them?
We all talk a lot about the bias in the media, and pay closer attention to those actually committing journalism, but no one seems to be addressing the problem of the journalism schools. They don't seem to be infusing their students with a passion to commit real journalism, but rather with some kind of fuzzy desire to change the world to suit their own prejudices.
@fenster: The business with Trig was definitely wackadoo. Learn to read.
correction: Some of our foreign policies
Notice how the NY Times Ombudsman only gave that criticism as he was leaving? Even Okrent's famous criticism "Of course it's a liberal newspaper!" came near the end of his tenure.

Only when they know they can't really be damaged by such assertions do they make them. That is not exactly a profile in courage.
You left out AP reporter Matt Lee, who has asked some damning, vital questions at the State Department about the hypocrisy of some of foreign policies.
I really liked Tim Russert, but sometimes you could detect the lean. Charles Kuralt however was so hard to pin down he'd regularly feature letters accusing him of bias from opposite camps on the same issue.
Well and good but I don't see Sullivan as having committed Duranty-style offenses. You don't like a campaign against circumcision fine. That's not the same as falsifying events as Duranty did.
For a lagniappe, see this video: Pat Caddell, Democratic pollster who used to work for Jimmy Carter back in the day, goes ballistic on the "journalists'" bias and dereliction of duty. By the end, he's shouting.
This article says it all.