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Michael Anton
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So in order to fix the problems created by unelected commissions, they will create,,,,,,,,,,more unelected commissions. Yeah, that will work,,,,,,NOT!

If anything they should be repealing these commissions and repealing the laws that has gotten California into the mess it is.
Retitred Sate Senator Ollie Speraw October 18, 2012 at 12:06 PM
I have already voted against it but after reading this I'm going back and repeating that twice more.
As an Australian with the memory of many referendum campaigns to amend the federal (national) constitution - after a new generation of optimistic activists have forgotten how hard it is - I am surprised that Proposition 31 is supposed to have any chance of success. True, Australia has compulsory voting which can give a bigger voting bang for the propaganda buck. True also, that Proposition 31 does seem to have some potential winners (if not long term) who might see it as worth voting for. But a good negative campaign on anything that can be represented as disturbing the status quo (especially in ways not easy to be sure about) and as giving someone power to do something that could affect you is always the one to bet on in my country. The sheer complexity of Proposition 31 should be a sure fire loser in the hands of any half decent negative campaigner. Why wouldn't this be prima facie the right expectation for California on Proposition 31?
The problem with California is also an over active judiciary. If Prop 31 is defeated at the polls, a liberal judge somewhere will attempt to enforce it.

California is worth saving, but it won't be. Their one party progressive system will destroy it.
Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of Obamabots.
The states are laboratories of democracy, and California is the laboratory for enlightened new-age socialism. Don't try to fix it, or you'll ruin the experiment. It's too bad we chose such a big state for the experiment, but that can't be helped. We have 49 others.
I'm going to take a wild stab that "Guest" is a paid Prop 31 campaign worker.
I thought California required that all of its ballot initiatives have a "single subject." Prop. 31 seems to be all about several different things. How is it even constitutional?
"Guest" is appealing to authority, an all-too-common logical fallacy. "Guest" says the article here is misleading, but doesn't say why. Don't worry about it. Just look at the newspaper editorials that have endorsed the proposition! They'll steer you right! Ha!
I see newspapers as one of the last reliable third-party's to turn to for validation when it comes to complex initiatives. They have the time to sit down and really unpack comprehensive ballot initiatives like Proposition 31 and I respect their opinions. In the case of Prop 31, dozens of newspapers across the state have all come out in support of Prop 31. To list a few: San Francisco Chronicle, Fresno Bee, San Jose Mercury, San Diego Tribune and the Bakersfield Californian. For a full list of all endorsers check out Do not let this story mislead you, vote YES for reasonable reform, vote YES on Prop 31.