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Andrew Klavan
A Fantasy Election, an Imaginary Man « Back to Story

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This article portrays the real Obama correctly. However, the polls on the whole proved to be accurate.
WOW. I have never read anything from you, Mr. Klavin. If your books and other commentaries are as "spot-on" and intriguing to read, I'm going to be a Klavin reader. Mr. Obama called himself a "blank screen" that different people could project whatever vision or ideology they wanted onto him. This election is seeing a hapless collision of those projections by a desperate, disparate and dispirited Obama fan base, all trying to drag their image over the finishing line. It seems that the only theme that holds them all together is a vicious, mean-spirited, and often vile demonization of Romney and Republicans. In the spirit of Rush Limbaugh, "I hope they fail."
Well said, and thank you for saying it. We love your Homelander Series and look forward to reading more of your work.
Fiction is a great way to escape, but in life we need truth, facts, and we need a real press again. The lapdog mentality of our current media and the ignorance of people to think that a single human, who has no truth in his bones and is merely a mist of fantasy ideals, could ever bring about a utopian society causes me great concern. However, I believe in the power of Truth and our creator, God. The Trinity has a plan and purpose and I am glad to be a part of it.
I used to love The New Yorker and now I can again - after a very long time
I hope for his sake that the rest of Andrew Klavan's fiction is more successful than this weak attempt at crafting fantasy.
This article really sums up the Obama, or whoever he is, phenomenon. I would add the he is not lazy he just wants to be left alone so he can spend his waking hours marveling at how wonderful he is.
An eloquently stated, emphatically pointed, devastatingly factual, and crucially timed article. The Republic has been betrayed by our intellectual class’s leftist vision that has turned news into propaganda. They are willing to sacrifice Individual rights and Liberty on the altar of “social Justice” and “a fair share.” This article should be on the lips of a million media news observers shouted out with over 100 decibels of anger. If you have any doubt about our future, where this vision leads, see the movie Atlas Shrugged II, now in theaters everywhere. Fellow citizens! This is our last warning.
Excellent article. We were warned during the Democratic primary of the dishonesty by Hillary complaint of Obama's lying by her statement: "Shame on you Barrack Obama." Then with Obama's questionable dealings with the 2008 Democratic delegates produced this response from Bill Clinton: "Obama's a Chicago thug".
I always thought he was an empty suit, but the media gave him flesh and bone. Unfortunitly he is still an empty suit! Something else has gone awry, however. What has happened to common sense? Where is Tom Paine when we need him? The average man on the street will demand more information from a used car salesman than they did of a Presidential candidate!
Ralph Ellison. Invisible Man. Rev. Rinehart. Nuff said/done deal.
What a great, informative, TRUE article on President Obama!! I fear for our country if this man is re-elected as president of our country. I can't believe how the press, media, etc. has given this man a pass on everything.
Excellent summary. I agree. Vote Romney in November!
Oh so true, as the above words been spoken.
For America to be such a strong nation to be drawn into the depths of self proclaimed radical for which only a plan of destruction lies.
For God and Country October 11, 2012 at 2:14 AM
Nina Krapp, I'm glad that's your name because it describes what you're full of. Your so full of bias, it's sickening. I'm not black, I'm not white, and I can see that Obama is not the president everyone was hoping to succeed the way we expected. I'm disappointed. Disappointed in the president, disappointed in you, disappointed in the media, disappointed in America, and what has happened to it. Anyone who is so blind to see through the smoke and mirrors of the left wing campaign, supportive media, and bias followers deserve to get what is coming to them in the next four years if Obama is elected. We have become the laughing stock of the world, and what haters of our country have wanted us to become. It's unbeleievable that you can have such bias. I give credit to Obama for taking over GM, and killing Osama, but as far as everything else, the deficit, the outrageous spending, the apology for the Benghazi attack, the bank bailouts, Solyndra scandal, the broken promise to remove troops the first fay of office.. So let's just say it was Bush's fault, maybe for the first year of Obama in office, maybe 1 1/2, But NOT 3 1/2 years... And for you to talk about some belief of "magic pants" shows how ignorant you are. When you wind up without a job, your company no longer hires, or you continue to pay for someone else's birth control or unborn children being killed, you pay three times more at the pump, or your choldren grow ip thinking that God doesn't belong in this country, you will deserve that.
Great writing on the facade of Obama however, I would hardly call what Romney did a dismantling it was more like stomping on your opponent as he stumbles, Romney has to do the same against an Obama in good shape, though I think we won't see that ever before he loses and that Obama video Tucker found isn't new, I recognized it as soon as I saw it... and it is the way many talk, they lose their refined speech when you go home and hang with your people... otherwise, great work
"I concur."

(line stolen from Catch Me if You Can.) Rather fitting, don't ya think?
Oh WOW! You really nailed it here. Noone could have said it better. Thank you!!! Thank you!!!
Interesting. This article has a very strong emphasis to pathos, the very same rhetorical technique that you are denouncing from the 'left', and I would like more analysis and statistics on the implications made. Can you please elaborate on Obama's failures?
Wow. This is THE most accurate summation of the myth that is "Barack Obama" and how this fantasy was created I have seen. Excellent article.
Grand revelation of a fraud.
Barack Obama will win re election despite the the lies of the extreme right. If Hillary Clinton decides she wants the job in 2016 its her's. If not the Job will belong to Elizabeth Warren.
Alena Hromádková,Prague October 09, 2012 at 5:06 AM
It´s sad that so many U.S.voters were so desperate and dowm and felt determined to believe in rhetoric of the nice but not very experienced man in the difficult time.The involvement of media has been crucial like in C/E Europe in period of sovietization after WWII, I think. God save America!
Excellent article. I cannot understand why so many folks can't see what the press is doing and how little Obama is doing to earn any praise or credit from them. It was a delight to see him look so small and pathetic at the dabate....the real Obama.
"left-wing outlets like the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, the Washington Post, Time, Newsweek, NBC News, ABC News, CBS News..."

Yes, indeed. All owned an financed by Communist gnomes, living underground beneath Red Square.

And yes, Governor Romney made quite an impression last Wednesday at the first of the presidential debates. He surely believes that he is the living realization of Joseph Smith's "White Horse Prophesy," as he has said since he was at prep school and then as a missionary in France.

What Romney does not know is that Smith misread The Revelation, Chapter Six, when he "translated" these verses into his prophesy. Romney has not read the original, the King James Bible. Otherwise he should have known by now that his self-belief destiny -- riding the White Horse of Smith's allegory -- is to serve as the first of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Lying effectively can win any argument. But still, God is all of the Good in the Universe.

This so call President is a disgrace to the American People.This idiot should be made to leave this country now not later.He is a want to be and the blacks should not be able to vote this term.

You sound like an angry white man. Black people should not be allowed to vote this time, Wow. Fear is a terrible thing isn't it? Just because you don't measure up to a black man, you should not condemn all black people for your short comings. You are a loser all by your self. By the way, no matter what white America tries to do to black people it will not keep them all down. Please remember that your keeping black people from public education until 1948 shows what strength, intellegence, they have. Can't beat them. By the way, they are taking your white women. Some of those babies that you want them to keep from aborting will be black babies. Go black people!!!!!!!
"Well, if anyone knows about pretending to be someone other than who he is, it's OBAMA. He's been doing that for over 4 yrs!"
Statements made without facts show your stupidity. Can you please tell us where we can find legitimate information about President Obama pretending to be someone other than who he is. Maybe you need to first find out who you are. From your post it seems that you are uninformed or ignorant or both. But please know that a wish is not a fact and lies repeated a million times is still a lie.
Very interesting article by Andrew Klavan
Well written but quite senseless. Compare Obama to Romney is like comparing a man to a object. Obama is a man of substance because he has a heart and a brain. He earned everything he has and white men can't stand it. The fact that a black man is intellegent, poised, sane, viral and is the president of the United States scares white men. It brings the white man's hate to the surface, a hate of self that causes them to hate others. They know that if they do not keep black people down, they will rise up and be the people God intended them to be. Unfortunate, to hold somone back, someone has to stay and hold them. That is what they use low wealth uneducated people for, the 47% or those low wealth persons who are maybe two paychecks from being in the poor house. Without the gun a white man is nothing. You are afraid that white women see your failures.
So when Romney lies and you poor fools buy into the lies and nonsense is really fun to see. It tells me that the long line of hate and racism is about to come to an end with the lying and dying of all old white men. Please understand, not all white men are racist, cruel, lying crooks, but there are enough of them to help people to see the devils they are. By the way many of you are unAmerican and treasonous and I can assure you, I will fight and die for my country just as I will kill to keep my right to vote.
Romney is not half the man Obama is when he is asleep. Obama did the right thing when he allowed the American people to see what a educated fool who wants to be president of a great country while believeing in magic pants, you go figure.
The more debates, the better for Romney. Obama is just an empty suit, and will loose any debate. In 2008, plenty of track records already showed that, but the media just ignored it. When he debated with McCain, it's too easy to attack Bush in his absence. Now ha can't blame Bush and has track records that the media can't hide. I'm amazed that anyone could vote for such an empty suit unless he is on the receiving end of the wealth redistribution.
"Governor Romney's unprecedented dismantling of the president?!!" Come on!..

1) Mr. Romney even failed to inquire what is his opponent's legal name: Is it Soetoro, or Soberkach, or Obama?.. The laws of candidacy require this knowledge in all states.

2) Romney never asked the opponent why he owns an illegitimate social security number of a dead person in Connecticut, which makes him an identity thief - a felony punished in all states.

3) Romney never asked the opponent why he displayed a coarsely forged birth certificate on the official White House site, and why he forged his military registration - all the above proved by Sheriff Arpaio, Dr. Taitz and professional experts.

4) Romney never asked the opponent how his foreign citizenship is compatible with the claims as though he is the US Natural Born.

By not asking this question, Mr. Romney has discredited the office of US Presidency for the entire world, demonstrating the loss of his own human dignity and the loss of civility of this fallen nation.

This election is not merely a fantasy, but an ugly farce!
Wow, if only these comments were manufactured.

The sad truth is that they pretty clearly represent the mystifying confusion and derangment of an all to large minority.

I've never seen something get so many comments without actual discussion or engagement.
Thanks, your article was a real light blub going off in my head, I have been around a bit and fell into the demonizing of obama because I knew something was wrong but i did not understand what was wrong with president obama. I think i got it now and obamas got to go! But I feel sorry for him ! A painted man , a strawman reflecting our emotions and thoughts back at us!
Great dissertation, and something every American should read, over and over again. I hope we all wake up in time !!!
Well said. Too many people in this nation continue to be duped by this man who masquerades as one who loves this country. He wants to dismantle it and his "handlers" are all to blame.
Since it seems so many folks are against, President Obama, look at it this way, individuals who supported or who stood by and watched, while so many died, for so many years, because of the color of their skin, for so, many, many, years, this is the very least that can be done for you, your pay-back, for all of the evils, we have had to endure, when there has only been, for ever it seems, only your type whom you feel should be President in this country. You have never recovered from the fact that, God allowed this man to become President, despite your claims, that no person of color could ever qualify for such a position. God blocked all of the evils from denying him that chance. God proved you wrong, prevented you from sabotaging the effort of Mr. Obama becoming and remaining the President of the USA. It's history now, you can never change it! Yet, you still seem not to have learned your lesson. America does not belong to you! America belongs to God, "ONLY" he, decides what will be, not you & not me. Thank God I have sense enough to pray for God's prefect will and purpose to be established in this election; you should learn to do the same. Keep your bigotry out of it. Besides there are a lot worse people, in this USA, American citizens, who are 100+ times far-worse then President Obama, and I feel strongly, that some have even committed on this blog, so yes, I'm talking about & to you. You want to put a man in office, whom it seems no-one really likes, not even those of his own party, now what kind of 'emptiness' is that? Someone, who has run for more positions, losing most, I believe, who seems clueless about 'real-life', who has, I feel, memorized the hand-writtten-automated-rhetoric, provided by a very articulate writer. Take the Script away, and there you have it...the real Mitt, raw, offering 'empty promises', like all of the others. We know the real fuel to such hate...evil, in it's purest form. It matters not, to you 'all', who gets in the office, as long it stays within the "right-group-of-folks". What positive efforts have you made to support the growth and prosperous gains in this country? What positive things have you done, to ensure, everyone is treated fairly? Yeah, right! If President Obama is, as bad as, he has been depicted, than, great, you deserve to have him another 4 years, it's the very least, that can be done, to give "you all" a taste of your own medicine. If you continue to hate without a cause, it will continue to consume you!
Fantastic article.

The destruction of America and the free world can easilly be attributed to corrupt, dishonest, stupid, selfish people. Found by the numbers in politics, law, finance and the propaganda.

When a majority in power decide their personal greed agenda far outweighs honesty, integrity, responsibility and just plain old rationality.. the corruption of the whole and it's ultimate destruction is imminent.

Every man and woman that failed to stand integrally has betrayed America and the free world. I feel cheated, angry, frustrated for so many billions of people across the world and future generations that have been so bitterly betrayed by these disgraceful few. What they have done is criminal and evil.

I pray justice will be served.

Australian Romney supporter who dispises Obama.
Your interpretations and observations-explanations, seem a lot more troublesome to me! yikes

So there’s a lot to take issue with here. The task seems overwhelming at first, but upon immediate re-consideration it becomes clear that while there might be a lot of rhetorical boxes to unpack, all of them are in fact empty. And opening them reveals that the existential-crisis inducing level of emptiness confronting us can be found not in Obama, but in the gaps between Klavan’s reasoning and his evidence.

First Klavan introduces his thesis via a stark contrast. His argument is that,
“It was not that Obama had done nothing to deserve these outsized comparisons and honors—it was not just that he had done nothing—it was that he seemed for all the world to be a blank screen on which such hysterical fantasies could too easily be projected, a two-dimensional paper doll just waiting to be dressed in leftist dreams.”

This he makes all the more dramatic by listing the President’s supposed achievements and the sycophantic but-kissing employed by the press in response to the first black person to hold that office.

The assertion immediately gives way to assumption though, as evidenced by his next line. “This weird quality of emptiness” is what Klavan is suppose to prove, and yet it immediately becomes a forgone conclusion, not to be defended at any point later on in the post.

One thing that puts up a red flag immediately is this, “And such previous Obamas as the race-baiting, black-talking demagogue of a 2007 video recently covered in full for the first time by The Daily Caller’s Tucker Carlson are not at all apparent in the Obama of the Oval Office or the campaign trail…”
Writing this demonstrates that Klavan is either 1) extremely misinformed, and unaware that he is, or 2) a hack.

The 2007 speech was covered extensively at the time. Many news sites transcribed and reported on it, many blogs reacted to it. If Klavan is being ironic here—well, he could stand to do it better.

Next he does something even more asinine, which is reference Podhoretz,

“But I think the real Obama has been more or less plain to see. Norman Podhoretz described him best in a 2011 Wall Street Journal op-ed: a typical product of the anti-American academic left, committed to transforming U.S. capitalism into a social-democratic system like Sweden’s.”

Podhoretz is a neocon hack who writes for Commentary, a super right wing publication that is run by a nefarious mix of millionaires and nepotism.

And instead of quoting another writer who offers evidence to support his claim, Klavan quotes another writer’s thesis and claims it at his own, the effect of which is to show that at least someone else agrees with Klavan, and that someone’s Op-Ed appeared in the Wall Street Journal, so they're probably right, no?

The little evidence Klavan does marshal in his favor, doesn’t even support the claim that Obama is a ineffectual shade, it’s to support a subsidiary claim that the news media peddles in left wing fantasies.

“The active frauds—NBC’s dishonest editing of videos to reflect a leftist worldview, ABC’s allowing Democratic operative George Stephanopoulos to masquerade as a newsman, the Los Angeles Times’ suppressing even the transcript of the video in their possession that shows candidate Barack Obama at a meeting with a PLO-supporting sheik—these are only egregious salients of the more consistent, underlying dishonesty.”

Notice no links, no clear references. And, if this was the modus operandi of the news media, you’d think he’d be able to find more examples, and ones that are more endemic to the system he’s critiquing—not individual instances which can each be better explained by a push for ratings (the editing he mentions, Stephanopoulos) than a political agenda.

And notice how he invokes the following specters without actually explaining what their inclusion in his rambling is suppose to demonstrate:

“The real steady-state corruption is revealed in the way Obama scandals like Fast and Furious, Benghazi-gate, and the repeated breaking of federal campaign laws have been wildly underplayed, while George W. Bush’s non-scandals, like the naming of Valerie Plame and the firings of several U.S. attorneys at the start of his second term, were blown out of all proportion.”

Fast and Furious was a botched FBI operation, not a cover-up, and it has been covered extensively. Benghazi-gate, to the degree that one believes the White House conspired to mislead, rather than being simply uninformed, was also covered in detail. If he wants to claim that federal campaign laws have been broken, he should probably mention which ones, and by whom, and oh yea, include some actual links so we can figure out what exactly he’s talking about.

All of which is to say: maybe Klavan would do well to watch, listen to, and read more of the news media he is condemning so he could do so without revealing his own ignorance.
Instead, Klavan’s only reliable tool is repetition. Maybe if he repeats the same claim, in enough different ways, it will be true!

“And it is revealed in Obama’s blankness, his make-believe greatness, and the suppression, ridicule, and dismissal of any evidence that he is not the man this powerful media faction once wanted so badly for him to be.”

“No other modern president could have associated so intimately with lowlifes like Wright and Ayers and the now-imprisoned Tony Rezko and not had those associations exposed in every detail.”

Is there information that Klavan is still waiting to be exposed in any of these cases? If so, what is it? The argument he’s making relies on the syllogism: The Media does not investigate Obama’s record and past associations, and Obama is actually a vacant-eye-ed political husk, ergo the news media has manufactured Obama’s image, rather than trying to show the man as he really is.

Unfortunately, Klavan does not even attempt to prove either of his supporting premises. He merely asserts them over and over again, providing only casual references and off-the-cuff non sequitors in his defense.

The thing reads like a nonsensical rant motivated by bigotry and partisan wish-fulfillment. Why does he spend so much time focusing on Obama’s supposed racial hatred (Wright/Katrina remarks) if it’s really his economic agenda that Romney disemboweled in the debate? Why does he not mention a single one of the President’s policies, i.e. his actual record, if he thinks the man is such a fraud?

It’s a joke. Whoever published it is a joke. Whoever agrees with it is a joke. It only demonstrates the provinciality of the City Journal that they can’t afford their url and couldn’t get an actual thriller author (Brad Thor, Tom Clancy?) to fill their digital op-ed page with conservative propaganda. Instead they got the next best thing: a young adult (read: tween) fiction author. No offense to Klavan as a young adult fiction writer. My only poin is that, well, maybe he should stick to the young adult fiction isntead of making half-baked claims about issues he is unwilling to demosntrate having even the slightest clue about.

And had the editor put Klavan’s byline at the top, so we could all see that he writes young adult thriller fiction, more people might be able to save themselves the waste of time that is reading it.
An absolutely perfect assessment of the 'Empty Suit' as he is referred to so often. I fear for the USA if the propagandists succeed in skewing the election to him.
I will look forward to reading your book.
Obama is now telling us that the Romney who was at the debate isn't the Romney he campaigned as for the last year. Well, if anyone knows about pretending to be someone other than who he is, it's OBAMA. He's been doing that for over 4 yrs!
Maybe if he loses, the FBI will then be free to subpoena Obama's records and show that he is a fraud, who should never been in the White House and there against our own laws.
If he in deed took thousands of dollars in Grant money for college as a foreign student, he would be the felon and then maybe even the Democrats would admit that he was guilty of numerous frauds.
They have written here that the story is all fiction and there is no evidence against Obama. What would they say if a Republican hid all his College records, befriended for years, known terrorists who attacked police stations some years ago, and sat in a church or other meeting place weekly for decades listening to hatred preached against our country. What if it was a neo-nazi group saying the same things that Wright was saying? It all comes down to his color. He gets a pass because he is the first black President.
I could have lived with Rice, West, Powell, or a few others as President, if their politics happened to match mine, but Obama's background is unforgivable. Unlike many Democrats, I don't forget about little things like the use of marijuana, or cocaine, or throwing bricks at policemen even in" the old college days".
And you are judged by the company you keep.
Why did some of us tough it out, not giving in to peer pressure, never using drugs, never breaking the law, serving our country when some like Obama enjoyed life earning a college degree all the time using drugs and engagine in unlawful activities. If excusable because they were college age, then why would we give 18 year olds the right to vote? Did they suddenly become mature and able to make good decisions, obeying the law and never giving in to peer pressure to use drugs etc? I think not. So now you have all those intelligent 18 year old college students helping to elect pot smoking, cocaine using, rioting ex hippies and racists into the White House. And Congress made that ruling because they were buying votes.
The arguement that they were old enough to die for their country but couldnt vote, makes no sense. A twelve year old can fire a gun, but that doesnt mean he has the brains to decide who should be President.
What a brilliant summation of the Reality that is Obama! In these last 30 days, the outcome of the fantasy election seems to depend on whether the media can continue their blatant cheerleading of Obama, their demonization of Romney, and their completely shameless refusal to report the facts to the American people, both here and abroad. If they succeed, the ultimate Empty Suit may live to bungle our country's very future for another interminable four years.
If only the Democrats liberal and otherwise, will read this and give it the attention it deserves. Unfortunately, they seem to be hypnotized going around like Zombies unwilling to believe anything bad about Obama.
I expect they will push this article aside labeling it as right wing propaganda, as they have every other investigative report or writing that is negative toward Obama.
This so call President is a disgrace to the American People.This idiot should be made to leave this country now not later.He is a want to be and the blacks should not be able to vote this term.
Nice to know someone has good sense in New York
An excellent article which in a few paragraphs tells the story of the real power of the print press and 24 hour TV "news".
My father was a pioneer in the electronics field. He told me back in the forties that television had the potential of becoming a major propaganda medium capable of a degree of mind control never before imagined. I found that hard to understand as I watched fuzzy black and white images on a five inch screen.
We can only hope that the eyes and ears of those who voted for him in 2008 and those undecided will come to their senses and save our country.
I have no doubt Mitt Romney is at heart, a good man and would make a conscientious president. He would execute "to the best of his ability" the office of President of the United States of America. I have no question Barack Obama has done the same during his four years in that same office. No matter what Fox News says about him. These are two human beings with the attending flaws. Yet I have watched both of their parties demonize these guys to impossible repulsiveness.
I have stopped listening. I have been lied to, I have been misled, and I have seen villanous distortions presented as casual fact. I have had enough.
I will not vote this year for a president. I will vote this year for an ideology that most closely fits my own. No matter who wins, I think a competent person will take charge. In spite of what Mr. Klavan would have us believe.
As always, Klavan cuts through the fog of nonsense and lays it out clear and concise.
How very true. The corruption and collusion is so widespread and so deeply ingrained in American culture that it seems like an unstoppable infinity-wave that is perpetually ebbing over the conscious minds of the American people. That's what made the so-called debate so satisfying for those of us in the right. Watching the designers and stylists who have all worked around the clock for the last 4 years to create this "Obama" character, as they realized that all of their work, all the makeup and special effects they had applied, began to melt away under the spotlight of Mitt Romney armed with the most basic of facts and a minimum amount of effort! It was like watching an army of engineers, who had billed themselves as the world's best, build a structure of massive proportions... a creation like nothing ever before built, only to realize at the first hint of rain that they had built their grand palace out of dust and sand, and that it would never make it through a sprinkle...with Monsoon Season rapidly approaching!
Good to hear from Klavan again. He had dropped off my radar for a while, but I think I'll go see if I can find what he's been up to. I'd like to see Andrew in a prominent position within the "New" Media when the old one is finally banished from our midst.
Excellent analysis of Obama.
I might add, when he flip flops, it's because the liberal media calls it "evolving." Running for the Illinois State Senate in 1996, he was for gay "marriage..." In 2004 he was running for the U.S. Senate, so he "evolved" and favored civil unions but opposed homosexual "marriage." In 2008, running for president, he said, " I believe marriage is between a man and a woman. I am not in favor of gay marriage." Now in 2012 facing re-election, he is for it.
To paraphrase John Kerry, he was for it before he was against it before he was for it again.
This column, for succinctly identifying the pathology of Obama's rise to power, nails it.
This is so spot-on! It expresses what I had felt but not been able to articulate. Thanks so much!
Great analysis, but one disagreement: For a President to be "a typical product of the anti-American academic left, committed to transforming U.S. capitalism into a social-democratic system like Sweden’s," really DOES amount to a Manchurian candidate. This is NOT a figment of the Right's imagination, this is precisely what the Right fears, and has warned about.

The delusions about Obama are NOT mirror images.
Precisely, and well-said
You might add to other President has had a Senate Majority leader like Harry Reid come out and say "We will do anything we have to do to protect the President". That comment should have made National Headlines..but it didn't. Protect him from what? Or ever WHY did they feel they had to protect him?
Once again Andrew: A home run!!
This is a brilliant analysis of a person I have described as the "Hollow Man", a completely fictitious character described not only by big media, as Klavan points out, but by Obama himself in his carefully hagiographic autobiographies. It's a total fantasy and the emperor is being shown to have no clothes at all. Shame on the treasonous LMSM and may it not be too late for our all too gullible nation.

* Who is this God? Evidences of Deity's importance and power are EVERYWHERE:
+ "In God We Trust” – it’s on our MONEY (to use the phrase “for heaven’s sake”
seems outré)
+ “One Nation Under God” (Pledge of Allegiance)
+ “...are endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights among which are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” (Declaration of Independence)
+ THE BIBLE safe kept in the Washington Monument Corner Stone
Building and more all bear testimony and evidence of OUR RELIANCE ON THIS GOD
+ Battle Hymn of the Republic; America the Beautiful, Star Spangled Banner, God
Bless America, My Country Tis of Thee and more

* Who worships this God?
+ Every language
+ Every color
+ Every race
+ Every creed [Except those whose worship is FORCED or who are taught by "preachers" saying "G@d D#mn America" or something like that--they have a ...different deity...who does not have power to save, and whose acceptance is not based on love or the Rule of Law].

* Where is the "God of Our Fathers" worshipped, praised, and petitioned?
+ In chapels of infinite description and persuasion
+ In synagogues
+ In cathedrals great and small
+ In nature's sublime settings "from sea to shining sea"
+ In the hearts and homes of innumerable "believers"

* What has the "God of our Fathers" done for us?
+ Starting about 1776, a pitiful band of farmer/soldiers DEFEATED THE GREATES
MILITARY POWER the world had ever known to DO SOMETHING UNIQUE--achieve their
own Freedoms "with Liberty and Justice for All"
+ Since then, through scores of conflicts, attacks upon our freedoms, and threats of tyrants, traitors, and despots, the God of Our Fathers has kept America safe and Americans free.
+ Despite any number of catastrophes, calamities, and tests of our individual and National will, the God of our Fathers has rallied us; led us; strengthened us; and given us FAITH we will overcome adversity and challenge

* What is the God of Our Fathers doing for us NOW?
+ The hidden plans of evil men against our FREEDOMS are being revealed
+ The incompetence and fecklessness of our "leaders" has been shown to all the world
+ MASSES OF PATRIOTS, the majority of AMERICANS, now support NEW LEADERS and a
New Vision of America Freedom of Speech and Worship
+ The standard and flag of LIBERTY, HONOR, AND DECENCY IN GOVERNMENT has again
been unfurled
+ The evils of Freedom's enemies are now clearly displayed

+ The Constitution, Bill of Rights, and our FREEDOMS OF SPEECH AND RELIGION shall be RE-ESTABLISHED
+ The threat of subversion of our way of life by Sharia shall be repulsed
+ The White House shall be cleansed of unconstitutional "Czars"; treasonous "public servants"; and incompetent and fraudulent "elected leaders" in Washington and throughout our land
+ Our position as Leader of the Free World will be humbly re-established by A NEW PRODUCTIVITY; STRONGER FAMILIES; MORE ABUNDANT WORK; AND RELIANCE ON THE DIVINE.



And then we shall CONTINUE to worship, and praise, and plead with the God of Our Fathers to
further cleanse, and refine*, and preserve our Land, our Freedoms, and Our People.
[From America the Beautiful: “May God thy gold refine, till all success be nobleness, and every gain divine" READ EVERY VERSE TODAY.

Post of the week.
No doubt that the media loves this man who claims to want equality for every person. Communism always sounds good and is difficult to argue against with the uninformed, many of which fill our media positions. One just cannot make a dent in their liberal shields in a conversation. Even giving them reading material showing the unparalleled successes of capitalism is useless. Ergo, BO has an I breakable hold on these zombies who march lockstep with him.
Now the real problem for the rest of us is the non recognition of what some call evil manifesting itself in our president. I think of it as narcissism on an unprecedented scale. He is willing,apparently, to watch the US economy go down in flames. The result will be pain of monumental proportion on not only the US, but the entire world. This defines"evil" in my mind. The brainwashed minions in the media are, therefore, doing the footwork necessary for evil to prevail. Talk about crimes against humanity!
Awesome my friend, simply awesome. this election just isn't about President Obama, but the media as well.

A vote against President Obama is a vote against the main stream media. Obama doesn't like it and the media hate it.

Thanks for your writings Mr. Klavan, I look forward to your books in November.

Ciao Bronx
This is, in a nut shell, the most revealing article written yet about this man in the empty suit! There are instances and situations mentioned here that I had put aside, thinkng:"No, that can't be what I just heard! This could not be happening here in this country, so good at revealing the truth (eventually) about all bad apples!"..and now encapsualted in Klavan's words, I hear a warning bell ringing--is it too late? Have the Obama Lovers already laid the plans for another 4 years of his insufferable "Reign"???

Romney/Ryan 2012.

Romney was funny and endearing. Buh-rock was bitter, angry, clinging to his Marxist manifesto.
mascmen7 is either 1. an Obamacrat troll or 2. a complete idiot.
And the MSM is getting it's payback.

A Record Sixty Percent Of Americans Now Mistrust The MSM !!!
Some facts about Obama: 1, Born in Mombasa, Kenya at Coast Province General Hospital. His birth certificate is on catholicbook website near beginning of home page just after the green "Welcome to Kenya billboard'.2. Obama never attended Columbia U in NY but was in their foreign student program at Patrice Lumumba Univ in Moscow, Russia sent there by his mentor Zbiegniew Brzezinski, Carter's Sec of State. 3.Obama became a CIA agent in 1980 at Occidental U (where he had terrible grades) because he was a Muslim and spoke Arabic. 4. Obama was lead CIA liaison with Taliban in Kabul and Karachi 1983 on after leaving Moscow. 5. Obama is bi-sexual and 3 of his male lovers were shot to death in Chicago Sept 2007-Jan 2008. 6. Natasha Obama has a most popular Russian name. Her nickname is Sasha to hide the Red connection.
My father always said I had delusions of grandeur. Obama keeps repeating to his audiences that he is the president. Really? He does not believe it because he hates governing and is AWOL from Washington but is traveling to Las Vegas, Hollywood, Miami having a gay old time hanging out with leftists, billionaires, clueless aliens and clueless Americans and he is not even an American having failed to get naturalized after being born in Mombasa, Kenya. Yes, Obama has delusions of grandeur which may come crashing down in a few days.
I like Andrew but I fear his falling for the "lesser of two evils" c rap will only make his a self-fulfilling prophecy if he supports evil, prosodomy, proabort antiChristian bigot Mormon cultist Romney over evil, prosodomy, proabort antiChristian bigot Muslim cultist 0bama. See Sadly America is a land of blind ignorant historically and especially Biblically illiterate Archie Bunkers/Mike Stivics on R & L who have no idea how much they're in an ultimately fatal gross denial of God & reality against which our Founders warned in promising our destruction for turning our backs on their God Jesus Christ. Those few who know history know that Judeo-Christian is an oxymoron for this reason: Jesus is a heretical imposter for Jews, but God incarnate for Christians, so to appease Jews, reality must be sacrificed. Because most "christians" reject in practice what they affirm in professing re the Bible (called hypocrisy), we can see this is hardly a Jewish problem. Read Paul on this matter in Romans, chapters 9-11 & 15.
You can't have it both ways, no matter how good a liar you are.
In other words, Clint Eastwood was right: "Barack [Hussein] Obama is the biggest hoax ever perpetrated on the American public."

Re Obama's notional conversion from his childhood Islam to Christianity? when author Klein ("Amateur") asked Jeremiah Wright if he'd converted BO from Islam to Christianity, Wright answered, "I wouldn't go That far."

I've heard the Israelis are convinced (95%) that he is, in fact, just what all the evidence indicates: a Muslim. Fan of the PLO, sympathizer with the Muslim Brotherhood, sycophantic toward the Saudi desert brigands, and so on. Who has already told us that if a conflict arises between America and the Muslims, he will side with the Muslims.

Annnd there's his Marxist politics: candidate for The New [Socialist] Party in Chicago, Communist mentors and guiding lights, and so on. All of which we are supposed to dismiss, on no grounds whatsoever.

The pathological secrecy about all records and papers pertaining to his past; the many open declarations of his beliefs, it's all out there.

No, he's not the brightest bulb in the hallway. We all saw that last week. But his media toadies and lickspittles are now trying to sell us on the fantasy that BO leads Romney and Ryan among NASCAR fans and the (75% Republican) military. Yeeaaah, riiight. Their mendacity has never been more bloody obvious.

If God grants us a reprieve from this creature and his minions, we're still facing a cleanup of Augean Stable proportions. Perhaps R&R can divert the Potomac River. . . .

Insightful analysis delivered with laser clarity. Congratulations on being on the right side of history, and writing a fact filled, logical and coherent critique.
Very perceptive, and well said.
Mr. Obama is the dashing, well-spoken charmer who sweeps a woman off her feet, wines and dines her, conveniently forgets his wallet, takes a cab to her place, pounds the hell out her and slips out before the sun rises, whereupon she awakens to find her money and car keys missing. Oh, a week later she discovers she has herpes.
Outstanding article. I spend 4-6 hours reading political events and commentary on the internet and I have never read a more spot on deconstruction of the media's obsession with Obama.........well done
I really enjoyed reading this article. It is right on.
I've often enjoyed your work, but this is one of your best.
An excellent description of the reality of Obama. Unfortunately it may take years for the public to come to grips with this reality.
Wow. Heavy-duty commentary, my friend. (I hope I may consider you my friend.) Keep it coming, please.
What a fantasy you have spun about Mr. Obama. It's hard to know where to begin. The empty suit is Romney's. The hollow man is Paul Ryan. Together they make up a fictitious pair of Americans. They are hardly the real deal. A capital vulture and a desperate ideologue - they are the batman and robin of some reverse universe. It's rare to read an article like yours in which one finds nothing but rhetoric and none of the facts with which to build a credible argument. Perhaps that's because you are a fiction writer at heart. In any event, I'll be voting for Obama and I hope you will too.
We have the same problem here in Australia, with a mostly left leaning press and the public broadcaster trying to shape how we think and vote, despite incompetence and growing government debt that has not given us anything worthwhile,and a dubious attachment of our government to corruption in unions.
Steffen Lauge Pedersen October 06, 2012 at 11:13 PM
Yes, but isn't president Obama representing The American Dream :
Peace at any cost. Rather Peace today and War tomorrow, than the
opposite, War today and Peace tomorrow.
Shall we call it "The Neville Chamberlain Syndrome".
Yours sincerely

From Denmark with respoect

one of the most penetrating analyses written in this election cycle.
The Obama that the public was/is supposed to see is a total fabrication of the hard left; as much so as any Hollywood actor/actress paying a make-believe part in a movie. He is truly an empty suit.
This is such a great article. It should receive national coverage. Well written sir.
This is the most insightful explanation of the liberal media's construct. My best friend is a liberal journalist, absolutely in love concept Obama...but he is incapable of admitting that he and his cadre of journalists are anything but perfectly objective...he actually gets infuriated when this objectivity is challenged.
"Leading from Behind" Is "Smart Power" don't'cha know? [h/t Obama]

In the first 2012 Presidential debate, Obama was utterly unable to 'disarm' Romney in person, or 'discredit' his statements.

So now he's going to try doing it behind Romney's back, where no one will call him out on misstatements or lies.

I guess this is yet another example of Obama's signature strategy of "leading from behind."

I mean, heck, that's the way it's been so far. Where Romney goes, Obama follows. Obama calls this "Leading from Behind."

Romney goes to Israel. Obama, who hasn't gone to Israel this entire term (even though he has traveled extensively in surrounding Arab states), immediately and in a bit of a snit (just as we all saw last night also), says 'if I'm elected for another term, I'll go to Israel, so it's no biggie that Mitt went first. But I'll ship 'em a little money now too, just in case. People always like taxpayer money, after all!'

Then Romney went to tour the hurricane damage in Louisiana and do what he can to help and comfort people there. Obama, our president, hadn't bothered to go, he was too busy campaigning - but soon as he finds out Mitt went, he canceled a few fundraisers, and after going to a few more campaign events first anyhow, goes to Louisiana.

Then Romney comes out with a quite reasonable and mature statement on the embassy attacks, says that it was wrong for our embassy under the Obama Administration to come out against free speech and fail to condemn violence against our Ambassador and staff on our soil (yes, embassies and consulates by treaty are considered to be part of the country they represent, not part of the country they are in).... and yet again, leading from behind after the fact, Obama hours later says basically the same thing with a bit of waffling thrown in for good measure.

Then he continues to lie to all of us about it for the next week and a half. Is that some aspect of "leading from behind" too, that I just don't understand?

And the Obama loving sycophantic media piles on Romney for supposedly misspeaking. Brilliant.
Most frightening of all is that the lapdog media, the other enablers on the Left and marxist leaning mouth breathers in general will learn nothing from this...

...other than that they need a BETTER empty suit next time.
Yeah, great, the "media dream" has America living a nightmare. PLEASE, isn't it time to wake up?
It sure seems that Obama, with or without a teleprompter, just can't quite cut it -- at least not without the mainstream media (MSM) covering for him. When will liberals, democrats, and the MSM ever learn that sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander? Bush and Quayle were wickedly eviscerated for far fewer and less egregious gaffes and factual errors… So with that in mind, the following is my:

Ode to Obama

As for me, I am still looking for the other 10 states that Obama said we had ('57 plus the two his campaign won't allow him go to' and 'one more left to go')... while he was wishing he could speak "Austrian" as his "superpower," and he was looking for the "breathalyzer or inhalator" for the asthmatic kid but was having problems finding it. But no one “acted stupidly” or got all “wee-weed up,” because nearby "paralegals are available if anyone feels weak" (boy is that one ripe for interpretation issues!!) to provide medical assistance 'if anyone faints.' Be reassured, though, "no lawyer is needed." Perhaps some of the 'enemy bitter bigoted bible and gun clingers' could come to his aid too, just like Obama's father did when 'liberating Auschwitz' in WWII (although his father was only 3 to 6 years old at the time – and at least it wasn't one of those nasty “Polish Death Camps”). Wasn't it nice of the Russian army to allow the child to be there behind Russian lines for that momentous event? An auspicious day for sure, "because, you know, it invokes this notion of Emperor Hirohito coming down and signing a surrender to MacArthur" on our battleship Missouri.

On the other hand, Obama may not be willing to meet Israel's Netanyahu because all that talk about Iran's nuclear weapons is just "noise" that he won't let sidetrack him - despite them being “one of our closest allies in the region.” Or perhaps it's as he told Sarkozy "you're fed up with him, but I have to deal with him even more often than you." Besides, 'his schedule is too full,' from being busy navigating those little "bumps in the road" of our murdered Ambassador and staff because of those pesky little 'video protests' that just happened to never really occur (ironically just happening to fall on the 9/11 anniversary) in Benghazi. Or perhaps those "corpse-men" had him more shaken up than he was willing to show. And now he's got all those unnecessary daily presidential briefings to start finally actually attending now that it seems to be so important to the general public... Maybe next year he'll give our murdered diplomats a "shout out" as he has others before: "On this Memorial Day, as our nation honors its unbroken line of fallen heroes, and I see many of them in the audience here today." Perhaps he'll present them personally with a 'non-posthumous medal of honor' too. Hopefully none of his Las Vegas campaign volunteers will actually be murdered, but it's a little scary since he informed them the day after the murders that they were under fire just like our troops and diplomats - who all "know they can do better," even though 'victory isn't our goal in Afghanistan.'

But at least Obama was willing to talk to Canada's "president." Perhaps about the "Miami Heats" or the "Nittaly Lions," or even “Cominsky Field," where hopefully if he gets to throw the opening pitch, he'll manage to at least get it to the plate this time, even if not over. Or maybe they were discussing those "Three proud words: Made In The USA” because of course "I believe the nation that invented the automobile cannot walk away from it" (although Germany might disagree). Oh, well, we're 'proud of America for the first time in our adult lives' because we have our first "Asian" president, who has demonstrated that he knows how to properly prostrate himself to foreign leaders.

And who wouldn't be fired up, since we've seen his claim from under those proud faux Greek columns come true: "...I am absolutely certain that generations from now we will be able to look back and tell our children that this was the moment when we began to provide care for the sick and good jobs for the jobless. This was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal...“ Perhaps we'll be "blessed and highly favored" enough to be able to use the "intercontinental railroad" to go see him. If not, we can always watch him on Letterman, or the "Pimp with a Limp," or The View, or with JayZ, or Beyonce, (although not with Netanyahu), or even get a "talk like a pirate day" photo spread with him. And he'll fire us up as he has crowds before, what the moving: "What they'll say is, 'Well it costs too much money,' but you know what? It would cost, about..., would cost about the same... as what we would spend. It... Over the course of 10 years, it would cost what it would costs us. All right. Okay. We're going to do it. It would cost us about the same as it would cost for about... hold on one second. I can't hear myself. [there wasn't much audience noise, however] But I'm glad you're fired up, though. I'm glad."

Yes, I’m sure, Obama doesn't need that teleprompter - he manages some of these WITH the teleprompter.

(and I hope folks do realize that he has said or done all of these things (all of which are incorrect) although I played with the story line and timing a little. But then, that's a little "literary trick" I learned from Obama's 'composite narratives and people' in his "autobiographical" but not quite factual book, "Dreams from My Father", in which the author biography told us for 16 years that the book was written by a man "born in Kenya," right up until a month after he began his run for the presidency whereupon he was immediately reborn in the USA. )

(Ok, my bad, I did sneak in one Michelle quote.)
I, as do you, continue to wait for the results of Obama's physical and mental evauation.
Romney did very well. Perfect in fact.
Great article!!
so on the money. Obama is running on two failed campaigns: "Prosperity is just around the corner" (Herbert Hoover) and "Who do you Trust?" (George Bush the senior)
Indeed. And I think more importantly in the wake of this election will be two things:

First, This is not your grandfathers Democrat party. It is a full blown socialist organization with Marxist underpinnings. Sorry, the whig is off.
No pun intended. Remember the Whigs? Neither do I.

Second, Most of US journalism is nothing of the sort. At best, they are the DNC house band. Like the music? Not much.

Both are going to be dealt with by America shortly. Ain't gonna be purty.
Wow! Fantastic summation of the man as he truly is. Andrew Klavan's piece is brilliant, and I am NOT his mother.
Obama is not a European-style social democrat; he is a typical American red diaper baby, an old-fashioned marxist-leninist. Big difference. He is transforming America into a centrally planned economy, a mix of Venezuela and China, not Sweden - if only.

Communists have always been active on the fringes of the Democratic Party. That has never been a secret. I have met them in '96 volunteering on the Clinton/Gore campaign in New York. Obama entered mainstream politics via the post-Soviet "The New Party" - wink wink.

The cluelessness of conservatives made the rise of Obama possible. To conservatives all "liberals" are pretty much the same; they see no difference between Clinton and Obama or between a marxist-leninist and a social-democrat.

If you frame the choice as conservatism versus Sweden, a majority of Americans will probably pick Sweden - free healthcare and tall blondes.
Extremely thorough and well written article.
The veil has been pulled back and the country finally saw that the great and powerful Oz was nothing more than an empty suit.
Romney/Ryan 2012
Very well said, best description of what has occurred with this media and this president.
stuart williamson October 06, 2012 at 8:39 PM
to T'May and everyone else:

Follow Andrew Klavan regularly on PJ Media - and get a lot of other good writers too.
Best. Analysis. Ever.
Thank you Andrew Klavan for laying out so very clearly what many of us have been screaming for more than three years. The Emperor has no clothes and Obama is simply an echo chamber puppet for every single leftist ideal from AGW to ZPG.
Thanks for the great article...sums it up perfectly October 06, 2012 at 8:30 PM
This was an excellent piece. Well done!
Wow! This is exactly 100% accurate. Objective journalism is dead.
This article was brilliant. The Emperor has no clothes. It should be required reading by every voter in this country.
And while I'm at it the people in power will not even admit who they are. They try to gain power by having you believe they are something else.

For instance the current Prime Minister of Australia in her university days was a communist; which she tries to deny: and was a lawyer who was fired by her firm for ethical breaches.

What can you say she has it all in the brave new world of media manipulated politics.

She has the background of a Hilary Clinton, with much less ability while she tries to emulate the character of Margaret Thatcher who her party hates with a passion.

Who are these people & who invents them.
"The result in these quadrennial autumn days has been media coverage of a fantasy election, an election in the news that may bear no relation whatsoever to the election as it is. Polls consistently skewed to favor Democrats in percentages beyond any reasonable construct of reality have left us virtually ignorant of the state of the race...Fantasy is a powerful thing, but reality will out."

Ah, but there is a reality that can cut the other way, and validate all of the fantasies.

It is called voter fraud.
A brilliant and spot on assessment of the character of our President and the shameful media.
A very good article.
Mr. Klavan, Thank you for your opinion piece. You really nailed the media fantasy that is Obama.

For those of us who knew last election, this is no surprise, but for those taken in by the media hype last election, let's hope they see the light this time.
A fascinating & erudite insight into what is happening in what used to be the great democracies. The same thing is happening in Australia where a rabid,dishonest & incompetent socialist government is kept alive by the machinations & inventions of leftist journalists. One can't help thinking that this is not accidental: We need to look at what has been taught in our schools & colleges for the last 40 years. The damage being done to our social & economic structures is incalculable will take generations to recover:if they ever do. At least in America you have the right to free speech guaranteed in your constitution. We have no such guarantee in Australia & the right to speak freely is under serious & continuing threat
An excellent article. .Obama is truely an empty chair.

Tremendous article exposing the shallow empty suit that is Obama and the corruption of the vast mainstream media in our country. This should be mandatory reading in all Political Science 101 courses.
Very well written. The man is basically a fraud, and enough voters have figured this out, that we will get the change we need.

I am looking forward to 8 years of President Romney and a rejuvenation of our country.
Well said. Let's hope most voters are beginning to wake up and vote for their own salvation.
This says its ALL and then some. Klavan has complete understanding of the Media - he really gets it. We live in the Days of Calumny.
Very well put and I wish this could be pickep up by RNC and be converted into a 60 second tv commercial that should air in all 50 states.

Hope the rest of the nation wakes to the reality that is in front of us.

MY dream would be to see a Romney victory so huge that it would drive this clown of a President back to Kenya, or Indonesia or even Hawaii for that matter.

Keep up the good work Mr. Klavan.

I'm reading this in Australia and am absolutely blown away by this article.

Congratulations Andrew Klavan on a masterly piece of writing. If the journalists in your country had one tenth the intellect and honour you have shown, America would not now be seriously considering Barack Hussein Obama for a second term.

It's frightening the power that lies and deceit can have in politics. In Australia we know all about that. Not only do we have a left-wing media prepared to ride shotgun for our government but we have a Prime Minister who is prepared to use the dirtiest and lowest means available to stay in power.

I hope President Obama is shown the door in November and likewise our Prime Minister, Julia Gillard at our elections next year.
Any man who believes he is “We are the one the world has been waiting for” promises “to stop the rise of the Oceans and begin the cooling of the Earth” is to say the least an individual of staggering arrogance or more likely an individual with serious mental problems.

Why anyone continues to support this incompetent, lying, petulant, whining, blaming, sulking, narcissist is hard to understand!

But then look how many adored Hitler and screaming “Hail Hitler, Hail Hitler" Here the brainless cult members Scream “Yes We Can, Yes We can” during his Coronation now they Scream “Pass the jobs bill”, Pass the jobs bill” .

Years go by but left wing socialist promising to take from them that will work and give to them that refuse to work, spewing lies and manipulating the idiots that support them remain the same the world over!
Responses to comments:
John Hughes Yes Woodie Allen expressed it Allen "that “it would be good if he(Obama) could be a dictator for a few years because he could do a lot of good things quickly.”" (Newsmax)

Michael Moore expresses the nihilist Left approach to destroy our system and way of life now. What will you replace it with? What do you like? I don't know. Michael Moore said "We're going to replace capitalism as we know it." "With what kind of “system”?" “Well there’s no system right now that exists. We’re going to create that system." (Michael Moore).

Mick What I heard Frank Luntz (consultant and pollster) say:
Frank Luntz is not optimistic. He does not mistrust polls.
"Obama can empathize but can't solve the problem.
Romney does not empathize but can solve the problem.
Obama has a good bedside manner and demonizes Romney's motives, and Romney is not a great communicator, even though Obama's record is terrible, and Romney's record is great.
We'll see in the next 2 debates."

Running Wild I remember a woman in 2008 saying that now that Obama was president she wouldn't have to pay her rent.

Philip Knaff Don't insult Claudius.

Joe Sixpack and gypsy There is no reason for you to sit in the desert feeling all alone. Listen to talk radio which also streams online to Michael Medved, Dennis Prager,(KRLA streaming radio), independent radio Michael Savage. Go to their websites. Sign up for news letters. Read the blog daily. Read Frontpage Magazine online. Read Breitbart news online.

If Obama wins another term we can expect Obama, in a round about way, to get rid of talk radio under the guise of "fairness", and for the gov't to take control of the internet, so that our sources and our minds can be totally controlled by the petty want-to-be-tyrant.
Beautifully stated and right on the mark. Well said, thank you. I hope more people wake up soon!
We hold what you have written to be self evident.

& we have so few days to get the real candidate elected!
I don't think the msm will ever recover from what they have done to journalism.
This would have to be the best explanation of what is happening that I've ever seen. I just couldn't understand why so many people didn't see through this charlatan.

We have a very similar position here in Australia with our first female prime minister. The media are tying themselves in knots to hide her incompetence, dishonesty and union affiliated background verging on the criminal. She presents herself as a vulnerable woman while using the full apparatus of government to abuse and suppress anyone who dares criticise her. Despite the press being little more than her lackeys, we are at serious risk of government censorship.
Thank you for the honest rendering of the worst President of the modern era and what I see as the most inept and dishonest administration of my lifetime.

You elequently presented Obama, the man and his legacy.
If Obama didn't exist, would Americans have invented him?
Beautiful... well done.
Don't be too quick to claim he can't match Romney in a debate. He beat Hillary Clinton, and she's about as good as they get. You're right that he did not have a past to defend, but he may still be able to cast himself as the "Dream Candidate" that you get to dress.
Absolutely spot on accurate, articulate and perceptive. Thank you - I hope America pays attention this time and does not reelect an empty chair.
No! I reject the idea that America can have an objective news media because objectivity is neither defined nor codified in some code of journalistic ethics. Until this occurs, I'll consider all of the work product of the news media biased.
Under Bush Jr. the Stupid...

Republicans increased federal spending at twice the rate of Bill Clinton; Corruption, Earmarks and Stupidly was Rampant, our borders were left wide open; they approved the biggest increase in entitlement spending since the Great Society and they turned a record budget surpluses into record deficits to launch this brave new era of Open Borders based on the failed Europe experiment of no National boundaries, Globalization and One World Order!

Then Obama and the Democrats came alone and Doubled down on the worse of Bush Jr. Stupidly and Corruption until this Nation is headed to a Third World food stamp paradise!
Does anyone else remember Max Headroom, the first computer-generated human? Obama is the second.
Bravo! Right on the mark! Thank you for affirming my sanity!
What I once believed was the major media outlets' passive complicity in the Obama administration's has now proven to be their active abdication of the role of a free democracy's public counter-weight to government's abuse of power. All actions have consequences, and the mainstream media choices have cost them their credibility. George Stephanopoulos, Soledad O'Brien, Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow, Andrea Mitchell, Piers Morgan, Anderson Cooper, Brian Willaims, along with your equally biased lesser known counterparts -- read this with absolute certainty that must be difficult to accept, considering your inflated egos -- there are legions of Americans who now have no professional respect for you.
excellent and truthful commentary. Kudos to Mt. Klavan October 06, 2012 at 4:06 PM
Removing the four crutches of a demagogue: speech writers, teleprompter, stacked audience, press filter, and you gain true insight into a speaker. With Romney, it was a much improved version over a standard stump speech: cogent, substantiated, warm and extremely sharp. With Obama? It was fifty new ways to use the word "Um".

What a fantastic, to the point, summary of the cause of the last four years of failure.
How refreshing to see one journalist that didn't sell his soul to the devil. Great putting together FACTS and very well written.

-a new Klavan fan
Extremely well written piece.

If the current partisan meltdown among the legacy media continues toward its ultimate Ministry of Truth manifestation, at least the public's searchlight for objectivity, honesty, and integrity will have revealed such gems as Mr. Klavan.

Here is hoping Mr. Klavan and his brethren, et al, will be honored with front row seats at Mitt Romney's upcoming presidential press conferences - while members of the "Mainstream" Fifth Column sit relegated to the back row amongst invited collegian scribes eager for their indoctrination into the world of "real" journolism!

A very well-written critique of Barack as the man who never was. Problem for this country is if you research Romney you will see his phoniness as well.
On target analysis. I just hope our poorly educated, uncurious electorate will see the light. Obama has thrown out so many shiny objects to distract the masses that he still may win. Hope not.
Obama, the first reverse Tabula Rasa President.
Outstanding piece of analysis! Every voter should read this before Election Day. Thank you.
I bow my head before your clarity.
I guess you could call Obama's tenure in public office, "Dreams from our Media."
Mathew, your photogenic gangrenous boil of President just popped all over national TV and you want to talk about Reagan? How's about we wait to entertain your inapposite musings until after we get all this pus wiped up first Tuesday of next month?
Well, as Andrew's wonderful 'On The Culture" and his other PJTV appearances have shown, he is an excellent analyst. Insightful, clear and witty. An excellent piece. No, really. Colonel Neville.
You succinctly covered all the bases with one mighty swing; a home run.

The Obama Fan Club has so carefully crafted a fake caricature of Mitt Romney as a heartless demon, that when they see the real man, the kind, generous, competent, God loving man that he is, they don't recognize him.
Similarly they have crafted a fake characture of Obama as a great orator and president. When the real Obama shows up, a bumbling, left-wing propagandist without a teleprompter or a clue how a free market economy works, they don't recognize him either.
They wonder why in a debate, Obama couldn't use the attacks he made in deceptive ads and on the campaign trail. Things are different when you're alone with your opponent and no one's got your back. Obama found out it's a lot harder to lie to a man's face than it is to engage in character assassination behind his back. Obama looked small and cowardly, avoiding eye contact and afraid to back up his words when confronted with the real Mitt Romney!
Well Andrew, if your wish to dispel fantasies about Presidents, why don't you take a crack at the cult of Dutch? Reagan is the most recent President to have knowingly and directly subverted the law, and the wishes of Congress, with his failed Iran-Contra scheme. Reagan also sat idly by while thousands died of a terrifying new disease, because he believed it's ills were limited to gay people. Also, Reagan is somehow given credit for the fall of the Soviet Union after he left office, a result that, with some scary twists and turns, was baked into the cake from the moment of it's creation, when the President was starring in B-movies with a photogenic monkey. Reagan was indeed a great communicator, but the current view of his accomplishments is absurd, not too mention how he has absolutely nothing in common politically wih those who seem to hold him in highest esteem.
To think from the time the Supreme Court finally decided that Bush won in 2000 until his term was finished this same MSM decided for all of us that he was evil, dumb, Unpatriotic and criminal. That his entire 8 years were a failure. Bush and the Country was able to overcome the first four years of unfettered media Bias. So for almost a decade they prepared us for this man. For their chosen one. Finally someone who could implement their utopian fantasies. So her we are four years later they've had their guy. They have coddled him. An administration with scandal after scandal the likes of which have never been seen before, from Solyndra to Fast and furious, from Bengazi to pay for play elections. Yet these stories go unnoticed unreported or passed of as racist right wing conspiracy theories. So we have 4 years of Media coverage that is the exact opposite of what we had for the entire Bushe8 years. And still what we got on Wednesday for all the world to see was an empty cheer. 12 years of their crap and that's what they've given us. This election is not only a repudiation of Obama and his policies it will be a massive repudiation of the criminal complicit main stream media that has brought us to this point. Let their free fall to irrelevance accelerate.
Does Romney really have a "dog" of a chance?


You can fool some of the people all the time and all the people some of the time. It is impossible to fool all the people all the time.
The Media lives in their own little echo chamber world. At the debate Mitt opened the top of the chamber and let in a breath of reality. The Left cannot handle reality.
For example, look at unemployment. The department of Labor has dozens of measurements of unemployment. The media chooses to use the one most favorable to their arguments. The most accurate in U6, which shows unemployment to be 11.7%.
Citizens use a different standard. They compare the size of their paycheck to what remains of their last paycheck. If those numbers are zero, POTUS is in trouble. That is right and proper.
The unvarnished truth.
Perfectly said! The curtain has been pulled back and he great and powerful Oz has been exposed as the fraud he is.
Another voice crying in the wilderness- will it ever be heard?
During the 2008 campaign, Joe Klein wrote a cover story on Obama for Time Magazine in which he described Obama as "the political equivalent of a rainbow--a sudden preternatural event inspiring awe and ecstasy." Chris Matthews, the man whose leg tingles for Obama, said on MSNBC that "If you're actually in the room when Obama gives one of his speeches and you don't cry, you're not an American."

"Now, respectfully, when you start talking about a liberal agenda and the, quote, 'liberal bias' in the media, I quite frankly, and I say this respectfully but candidly to you, I don't know what you're talking about." Dan Rather, Nov. 28, 1995.
Granny Jan and Jihad Kitty October 06, 2012 at 1:48 PM
It feels amusing to be called the paranoid right but I believe he is the Manchurian Candidate. I thoroughly believe in Jack Cashill's contention that Bill Ayers ghosted his book and that the Ayres family along with others, the Saudis maybe, funded his education.

Who has been closer to the truth about Obama: us wingnuts or the mainstream conservative media?
My apologies. I cut and pasted my write up at the wrong place. My article was actually in response to Mr Gergens article titled (We have a horse race at hand). However, most of what I wrote regarding media is still relevant to this article.

Kudos to Mr Klavan for such a thought provoking article. The whole election dynamics will change if all the key players in the media read this article before they go to bed today and look at the mirror tomorrow morning and say to themselves- let me do my job honestly.
Well done. The substitution of ideology for reality used to have faster "emperor has no clothes moments". Unfortunately we'll have to wait until after the election for Benghazi and other questions like it to gain traction. I wish more people could see the truth of this. Thanks for saying what needs to be said.
Just as make-believe, though, was the new persona that Mr. Romney slipped into that evening.
Klavan nails it. This is one of the most accurate descriptions of Obama that I have read in four years.
First rate piece! Thank you.
Theodore P. Savas October 06, 2012 at 1:32 PM
Precisely correct, Mr. Klavan. (Clint Eastwood was sure prescient, was he not?)

Several friends of mine watched the debate with me, and they were Obama supporters in 2008 and unsure what to do this year--they had swallowed the mainstream media meme of an out-of-touch cold incompetent Romney. During and after the debate they admitted they had been duped, and the unfiltered Romney was impressive, clear, precise, and competent--and Obama the opposite. They know know Romney is a comfortable vote. God willing, this small experience in my world translates millions of times across the country.
@Vic Morrow cites Joel Gilbert's "Dreams From My Real Father", wherein the case is made that the putative "Barack Obama" was fathered by Frank Marshall Davis, journalist, CPUSA member, pro-Stalinist propagandist, soft-core shutter-bug, and something of a community/union organizer, whose writings bear many of the themes manifest in his adult son. Read the reviews of the documentary on Amazon for a quick primer on the subject. The question I have is what does the fact that Barack brought his fictive nativity narrative into the most scrutinized, usually, political arena in the world, the US presidency, tell us about the inner man? How does one con 300 million people, with no real hope of not being exposed, however diligent the MSM works to further the deceit, without the slightest pang of conscience? To paraphrase Blacksaint below, not only does it bespeak a staggering arrogance but also serious mental problems.
Don’t fret! It’s not 1856, America deeply divided over an inherently moral issue, Slavery, and led by three of our most inept presidents ever, Fillmore, Pierce and Buchanan, from 1850-60.

We go through one of these periods of adapting to our growing towards the US Southwest. This too shall pass.

Perennials like Nativists and extreme environmentalists create havoc within our two-party system, especially when both parties cling by inertia to obsolete tenets.

For the Democrats, it’s always 1974, as David Gelernter famously said. The GOP thinks it wins with 57% of the white Anglo vote, like in 1980.

The two seemingly intractable present political issues, immigration and energy extraction, derive directly from our different regional perspectives. The Northeast and its coastal political allies elsewhere, telling flyover country plebes just how to run their lives, says the Right. Bitter “clingers” to guns and religion, too ignorant to know what’s in their best interest, says the Left.

Fortunately, it’s more like 1896, when the expanding labor supply met America’s needs, and the Alaska gold discovery made William Jennings Bryan “Cross of Gold” politics instantly obsolete. We are much better off demographically than our economic rivals, Japan, Europe and China.

Both the newly accessible energy resources, and the rural Latino immigrants elites much dread, are located in the nation’s interior backbone, where the late 20th Century information technology boom left many economically behind.

Energy extraction will require lots of new drivers, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, mechanics, and shop keepers. There will be many new opportunities for both the older American stock as well as the new immigrants if we don’t let xenophobes and Luddites control the nation’s agenda.

If we settle our disputes again, as practical Americans, the rising tide will lift all boats. Fortunately again, our myriad of interacting American governments: towns, cities, counties, states and federal, adapts better to changing economic realities than the sclerotic top-down governments created elsewhere during the last stages of Toffler’s Second Wave.

The Third Wave favors decentralization, away from the crowded city centers that grew like ink stains up to the mid-20th Century, along the Eastern Seaboard, the Great Lakes and the narrow strip from Los Angeles to Seattle.
Awesome article. I wish everyone who thinks they know Obama could read it with an open mind. My only slightly corrective comment would be that I personally believe that Obama really IS "a radical disguised as a moderate, a Muslim disguised as a Christian, a foreigner disguised as an American."
The liberal media including is so biased that they can not appreciate the fact that what the country needs right now is a competent person like Mr Romney who knows and understands economics. What Mr Obama knows is just politics, he does not understand economics. Our country is in deep trouble and we need an expert who will get us out of this economic mess that we are in. We need to look for substance in this election not the media spin masters who are out to highjacking and steal this election for Mr Obama. I do not understand how you can say that Mr Obama will come roaring back in the second debate, when you know and the whole country knows what a disaster he has been and still you guys have the audacity to favor him. Look at what he has done:

Passed ACA without one Republican vote- is that leadership
Issued executive order regarding illegal immigration to get Hispanic vote
Issued executive order to save his buddy Mr Holder
Spent 150 million dollars on destroying Romney's character when millions of Americans can not afford to put food on the table- isn't he a vulture politician then 
Divided this country along class, race and gender
Raised hue and cry about the non-existent and imaginary war on women that they are non getting contraceptives. Isn't a common sense that if they have better jobs (which Mr Obama has denied them through his pathetic economic policies) they can afford buy those contraceptives.
Medicare near bankruptcy and debt going through the roof
Going on apology tour to Mideast when no apology was needed. This country is a great country and people from all over the world (including people from middle east) come here to realize their dreams. May be politicians like Bush and Obama from this country need to apologize not the country.
Look at Mr Obamas crisis management skills that he displayed during recent mid east crisis. He showed total disregard of the principles that this country stands for. An ambassador is killed and all he can do is to issue a formal statement and leave for Las Vegas for fundraising.
Mr Obamas failures are endless and his successes are rare. One can go on and on and on, on his failures.

All you liberal medias guys are looking for is one mistake from Romney during the debate and the election is over and that is the reason media has already set its eyes on second debate than to discuss the first debate. Imagine if Romney had performed this bad in the debate the election would have been over. The media is not holding both of them to same standard. They are doing a great disservice to this country which was founded on the principles of fairness and equal opportunity. The responsibility of the media is to hold the democratic system together through the system of checks and balances. In this regard the main stream media has failed miserably. It is no wonder that almost half of the eligible voters do not even vote and I do not blame them. They have (including myself) become cynical and are disgusted at the way the elections in general, especially this election has been covered. 
However, in the middle of the media fiasco, there is a silver lining, that Jim Lehrer, the moderator of the first debate represents. Look at the way he conducted the debate proceedings. We need people like him in the media.
You have the best article I have read sense
Obama took office, Thank You
From your lips to Gods ears....
Reply to Blacksaint posting, "Years go by but left wing socialist promising to take from them that will work and give to them that refuse to work, spewing lies and manipulating the idiots that support them remain the same the world over!" I always think of the President as Barabas Obama, after the archetypal collectivist, populist, seditionist, revolutionary, rootless looter for whose release the mob howled, lead on by the elites of the day.
From the outset, Obama reminded me of a befuddled Claudius raised to the purple on the shields of a left wing academic/media Pretorian Guard. Likewise, his desire to fundamentally transform America reminds me of the hate engendered efforts of Julian The Apostate to return the Romans to paganism. Ultimately, he resembles a narcissistic Nero fiddling to his own reflection in his gilded chamber while the Empire burns.

This was no Caesar crossing the Rubicon, but the ultimate victory of the socialist/communist/progressive Big Lie. The legions of progressivism, convinced of the redemptive virtue of their enthusiasms and causes are but the progeny of Willi Munzberg style propaganda. Neither the propagator nor the recipient knows the sources or purposes of the positions they so desperately promote. Worse yet, they can not recognize even the existence of a differing world view while vehemently claiming that they are not been miseducated, indoctrinated and ultimately manipulated. They will be the first on the trains to the reeducation camps.
What a. Travesty, this article is. That a magazine, entitled "city" would print such imbalanced pro-Romney garbage says something for the hypocrisy of this magazine. To note, I've lived in urban centers most of my life and have never seen this garbage available on city streets
Andrew Klavan is a brilliant observer of the contemporary scene and his insights here are in keeping. However I believe him wrong about ONE THING: Obama IS a Manchurian Candidate. He hasn't "disowned" Wright or Ayers as much as he's traded them in for Chavez, Putin, and the Muslim Brotherhood. Joel Gilbert's documentary, "Dreams from My Real Father" and Dinesh D'Souza's "2016: Obama's America" do the work of exposing Obama's hidden Marxist ideology the Lamestream media refuses to do.
Tremendous article!
Let's not forget that the Nation was depressed yet primed after two dismal unnecessary wars and an almost complete financial meltdown. BHO was in the right place at the right time. The fact that almost any name chosen from the phonebook could have performed better says much about the lack of integrity and duty from the MSM. They are an even greater failure than the President. They must be exposed, in this case as an arm of the executive, for the sake of the country.
What people are finally beginning to realize is that the chair that Clint Eastwood spoke to at the RNC convention last month was in fact NOT empty. Mr Obama was sitting in it the whole time. It's just that an empty man inside of an empty suit doesn't show up on television. It's a peculiarity of how television works.
Looks like we've got Michael Moore's "ficticious president" after all.
Delicious, nutritious, makes me feel ambitious
Any man who believes he is “We are the one the world has been waiting for” promises “to stop the rise of the Oceans and begin the cooling of the Earth” is to say the least an individual of staggering arrogance or more likely an individual with serious mental problems.

Why anyone continues to support this incompetent, lying, petulant, whining, blaming, sulking, narcissist is hard to understand!

But then look how many adored Hitler and screaming “Hail Hitler, Hail Hitler" Here the brainless cult members Scream “Yes We Can, Yes We can” during his Coronation now they Scream “Pass the jobs bill”, Pass the jobs bill” .

Years go by but left wing socialist promising to take from them that will work and give to them that refuse to work, spewing lies and manipulating the idiots that support them remain the same the world over!
Andrew Klavan is a novelist -- a writer of fiction.
Aren't you the media?
Excellent! More than half the country has indeed figured out that the 'Legacy Media' can no longer be believed and so we seek our information through alternative means, primarily the net.

As for Obama's stumbling and bumbling I expect his second debate to be even worse than the first. In an attempt to correct he'll become overly aggressive and even condescending. I expect Romney to be ready for this and to simply do what he did last time...speak the truth. Romney has aquired the gift of sifting past the facts and assembling the truth. Perhaps his best answer that I have heard little comment on was when he answered about specifics in his plan...'you don't go to the negotiating table with your final position'...along with...'you lay out your principles and work from there'.

The simple fact of these debates is Romney being a candidate with substance will easily point out...'the king has no clothes'.
This article by Andrew Klavan is worth reading twice and sharing. The author hits the bull’s-eye with several important points about who Barack Obama really is and is not and the implicit and ethically challenged left-media. He says it exactly like it is - so don't be surprised in November - more voting Americans get this than the left-media and many dishonest pollsters would have you believe.
I thought Obama was an empty suit in 2008. In 2012, I now know for sure he is an empty suit.

Will the US populace make the same mistake twice?

That being said, I saw nothing in McCains resume in 2008 that led me to believe he could handle the economic hard times that were clearly coming. Romney has the business smarts to restructure the bankrupt US government, will he have the political smarts?
One of the most accurate summaries of Obama I have read. Great job Mr. Klavan!
Devastating critique
Bravo Andrew! You are the best.
Last paragraph correction... "but reality will out." It appears that should read: "but reality will win out"?
Mr. Klavan, unlike my liberal friends, I've refrained from making political posts on Facebook and other social media sites for the sake of maintaining peace, but I may have to lift that moratorium this time. You have summarized EVERYTHING I have felt about this president and about his treatment by our disgraceful national media. Thank you!
The best explanation of how our "PAPER TIGER"
President came to be--How the lies of the Media propped him up--and Why he CANNOT win a debate That I have EVER READ!! EVERY VOTER Needs to READ THIS ARTICLE---Just Sayin'---
What an excellent article. Spot on! This needs to be published in some of those left wing papers...Wake up people!
I suppose talking to an empty chair is just another metaphor for fantasy, and Clint's from tinsel town too, he should know.
Your depiction of BO and the MSM was well articulated and spot on! Powerfully True!
This Article should be mandatory reading for everyone in American because if we allow this to continue we will lose the greatest force for good in the world. This Nation! October 06, 2012 at 11:35 AM
Loved this.
Obama saves his energy for Hoops, Golf, Vacations etc and other important things like promoting Obama so he can keeping enjoying them all on the tax payer,s dollar. It is time for the Liberals to admit and face the truth Obama is the most disinterest, aloof, incompetent and laziest President in American History!
This is the best summary of media duplicity that I have ever read...G
Thank you for sharing this detailed, insightful critique of the media's systematic protection of a treasured myth.
Well written. Of all Jefferson's accomplishments, he did not want the fact that he had been the POTUS to appear on his tombstone;it was too inconsequential. Obama has never accomplished anything else and honestly could not successfully run a small business.

Simply put, America cannot afford four more years of Krusty the Clown and Side Show Bob running the Country.
No white person with a total lack of any accomplishments and a history of palling around with Criminals, Terrorist, Racist,s and had a American hating, Black hating Preacher as his mentor for the last 20 years, would been elected President.

In fact, he or she would probably have been ran out of the country!

But due to 40 years of Affirmative Action we are used to Hiring, Promoting and Rewarding people based on their skin color and not on their abilities, accomplishments or character, so Obama was elected! To this Nation,s and its Citizens and esp. its black citizens great harm!
Wow! Great article. When will the MSM wake up from their sycophantic daze?
That article pretty much sums it up-- great writing

Go Mitt

The three things you mentioned are actually all the same thing, just different ways of saying it.

Let us both agree that politics can be a dirty business, full of self-serving people, on both sides, who only want to get elected, and will say anything to do so.

With that said, hypocrisy aside, The U6 number is a real number, and it does matter. It truly does show a clearer picture of unemployment.

It is one thing for a politician to put his best facts forward, and not display the ones that hurt him. It is an altogether different thing for a voter to close his/her eyes and pretend something isn't there because it makes their candidate look bad. I think that is worse.

The question, in my opinion, should be this: If the U6 numbers are truly this bad, should we re-elect someone who hasn't made it better?
Very good Andrew. You covered it all pretty well. However, please don't underestimate obama's radical side. He is indeed a product of a war that has been waged on the U.S. for close to 100 years. It's a never-ending war of international "workers" (a.k.a. international communism) and a coalition of America's enemies from the former (and soon to be again?) Soviet Union, Castro's Cuba, etc. They are in our schools, our churches, our government, and our heads.

Understand – this is coming from someone who has never been an alarmist. I've seen the influence for many years, but have become acutely aware since I became involved just a couple of years ago. It's startling. Don't underestimate the breadth and depth of it.
Good article. I agree with the author's assessment. Obama was created by the media to reflect their unrealistic perception of reality.

Obama cannot defend his record. He should tone down his touting of the new unemployment number.

I suspect voters are soon going to be educated about how itwas achieved. They will soon realize that for it to go down with only 114,000 jobs, means three times as many people exhausted their unemployment benefits, and were not counted in the official number.

When voters realize they are being misled with unemployment number hochus-pochus, they will know Obama is palying us all for fools.
No more Affirmative Action presidents. Ever!

No more racist Attorney Generals. Ever!

No more Welfare Queen first ladies. Ever!

Jim Whittaker
Hemet, CA
Mr. Klavan, in my estimation, you deserve a Pulitzer. You articulated what my thoughts have been since even before Obama won 2008 elections. My hat's off to you. Too bad liberal media would never publish such an article that denegrates their 'god & saviour".
History may liken Debate #1 to the unwelcome sound of an alarm clock awakening the great unwashed from the media's dream you describe. The very limited post-debate, public polling beginning to roll in (nationally and in key battleground states)suggests as much. For so many millions of us, the debate was our first real opportunity to see and hear the 2 candidates mano-a-mano UNFILTERED by others, who would have us believe what they write or say rather than our own "lying eyes" (and ears).
One wonders where the root of the national press' unself-conscious corruption comes from in our social history. I think it started with the abandonment of responsibility for truth and honesty which was born as a celebatory culture in the 1960's. Those were the people after all who became our contemporary press and the Democrat Party of today. They are the "Generation of Vipers" among us.
The total and complete corruption of the media is the real story behind this election. It will be interesting to see how the non-Democratic portion of the public reacts when the media savages President Romney
Barach Obama campaigned vigorously for the office of the Presidency.
What was stunning was his complete lack of engagement with and understanding of the consequent responsibilities which this office
The press sent a boy out to do a man's job.

This was well thought out and nicely stated. It expresses what so many have been feeling as we have watched the media warp reality. After awhile it wears an individual down, and the electorate as well. Thank you for affirming the truth we all have seen to some extent. It was very helpful.
"To be sure, Obama has disowned the depth of his past associations with such fire-breathing America-haters as William Ayers (“A guy who lives in my neighborhood”) and Jeremiah Wright (“He was never my spiritual mentor”) with startling insouciance." ...with sociopathic consciencelessness?
Let's see - does the media dig into:
*the leaks from the White House that put our military and intelligence in danger?
*to clamor for the information on Fast & Furious that Holder ran?
*the economy which has been in the tank since he took office?
*the gas prices that have skyrocketed under this administration?
*the actual lies that Obama and administration have told us about the murders of Americans in Libya?
*the waiting for a month to examine what is left over from the Libyan facility?
But the debate they could not sweep under or delete because that was not edited. So to use Gore - it was the altitude that can be blamed. Arrrrgh
You are exactly right, Andrew. Barack Obama was always a phenomenon, a celebrity, a media-driven sensation. He was a blank canvas onto which voters could project whatever image they wanted as well as an outlet for some white voters to asauge their guilt over America's racist past.

The reality is that he was and is the single most unqualified and unprepared major-party candidate for the office of the presidency in its history.

He was exposed for all to see on Wednesday night by Mitt Romney, someone who truly is qualified for the presidency. Let's hope that it causes enough of Obama's former supporters to awaken from their stupor. This country is in serious trouble and it needs serious, competent leadership, not a celebrity.
Dreams have much more reality than Obama has ever had, because dreams are not lies.
@dbw. I listened to the first part of the debate on the radio and my drive home. I thought that Gov. Romney was doing a great job and I could not wait to get home and see how he was coming across visually. What a stark contrast with the President.

I think I would disagree with your take on the campaign. Where I live, President Obama has been hammering Gov. Romney in ad after ad after ad, in attack after attack.
They have now just started to use the Romney vs Romney approach.

On the media thing, I think you are right. Wouldn't it be wonderful if the media could only show the debates, and not have either side offer their spin on it afterwards? Show it, and let us decide. We don't need you to tell us what we just saw and heard. We can figure it out.
Does Peter Seller's movie, "Being There" ring a bell?
the next debate will be even better for rommney when real people not cherry picked liberals i hope get to interact oblabla will have nothing to say cause of his useless policies
Interesting point of view that there are two imaginary Obamas. The empty chair at the Republican convention was a metaphor for an imaginary Obama that only Republicans can see. The other imaginary Obama in your account has been long gone as disillusionment set in--until the conventions. The Democratic convention largely bypassed the media and connected well with people in their own living rooms. Thus the dynamic of this election for the past five weeks. People did not need the media to tell them what they were seeing, feeling, and hearing. So perhaps neither the MSM or the cottage industry that has spent the last few years slicing and dicing the President are as important as they think they are. I have a little different view on the debate. I was listening to the debate on radio, and on content rather than visuals, Romney did have a good night. It certainly wasn't a home run. I would also point out that so far the Obama campaign has done very little direct attacking. Instead, they have followed a "let Mitt beat Mitt" strategy. Many of the ads have simply let Mitt indict himself with his own words.
THis is excellent...Thank you for making this case
This article should serve as the introduction to the definitive history of the Obama era if we are fortunate enough to survive it with a sufficient number of our citizens awakened to the dangers that the one-sided and agenda-driven media has spawned. I don't fault Obama as much as I deplore a media who blinded by their own utopian ideas is unwilling and evidently incapable of assessing the truth and the reality of our situation to the great peril of our nation and our freedoms. My fervent prayers have been for our country, for Romney and Ryan to prevail along with our founding principles, and that a truth-driven, alternative media overtakes our current establishment media. May George Stephanopolous be the first to hit the road!
The best description of this national disaster that I have ever read. I am an academic and I knew that his sealed records hid something very, very important. There is nothing in his background -- education, work experience, contribution to our country -- that would fit him for an executive position of any kind. No company would hire this man for a responsible decision making job. But we voted him to be our leader.

Before I blame the media, I blame every single American citizen, including myself. I did not vote for him, but I did not work to expose him for the exceedingly poor candidate I knew him to be.
why are there not more conservative news shows
MIchael... wells said, a quality of right wingers is to NEVER admit your mistakes, this what these bastards teach their kids... this is why the world is in trouble. Obama was terrible on wed no doubt. I will bet one year's worth of mortgage to any one that in the town hall format, when Romney has to answer questions from REAL people (THE ONES BOTH IS WIFE AND HIM LOATHE) he will be exposed as a referendum on today's GOP. Even Fox News poll after that debate will show Obama won it.
One of the most accurate perceptions of the Obama phenomenon I have ever read.
The "media" Mr.. Klavan cites is not the entire media. He has left out the media that spins the way he probably thinks...or could it really be that anything that challenges some aspect of his world view he perceives as wrong or nefarious manipulation rather than possibly true? This inability of extreme conservatives to blame others rather than accept evidence based fact is exhausting and dangerous. At least the democrats and supposed "liberal" media admitted that Obama didn't debate well. I can only wish that the Republican party and conservative media would be more honest and admit the same when their candidate of choice was/has been in the same situation....rather than deny and/or blame everyone else when something doesn't go their way...."manipulated polls" or" cooked numbers"....please grow up and take responsibility (something conservatives are always telling everyone else).
Here's a question that liberals never can answer with any amount of credibility: What were Obama's qualifications to be president? Executive experience? Zilch. Legislative achievements? Crickets. Foreign policy credentials? Next question. Business experience? Just kidding.
He was elected because he was a "clean and articulate" Black man who could captivate crowds with his dynamic reading of a prepared script. I knew we were in deep trouble in 2008 when I saw crowds at Obama rallies acting like Beatles groupies. It was the cult of personality. It was a lot of sizzle with no bacon. People bought into it. Also, many voters wanted to be a "part of history" by helping elect the first Black (actually mixed-race) president. They knew he was for "hope and change," but they knew little else.
The first debate revealed Obama for who he really is: a man who speaks and thinks in political talking points, but who can't be bothered with details. He is as wide as the ocean, but as deep as a puddle.
it was like watching an mma fighter beat on a girl scout
Double wow! So good I re-read it.
speaking of HYPOCRISY... I noticed that since 2009, you right wingers like KLAVERN mention three stats

1)a U6 number
2) the actual unemployment number
3)number who drop out of the work force who do not seek employment any longer

Under every GOP administration none of you shameless hypocrites EVER mention those 3 stats, WHY?

Worst of all, those who are unemployed now will almost overnight be referred to as dead beats and welfare queens if Romney is elected when it comes to the unemployment rate. These people will be labeled as people who just do not want to work. This is what Reagan, and both Bush's did during there administration. But when a Democrat is in office, you all suddenly care about the unemployed.. CHECK MATE!
Dear Mr Klavan,
In 2007 when Senator Obama bust onto the scene and all through the ''08 election I just could not figure out who this man was. He was an enigma to me. After reading The Roots of Obama's Rage, and seeing the movie 2016, it gave me at least a plausible explanation of who this man is.

Your article "A Fantasy Election, An Imaginary Man" is so on target you are to be highly commended. The whole nation should read this before heading to the polls.

The other thing that is so utterly confusing to me is that in any other election, with everything that has come out about this president, the conditions in our economy, the presidents policies and so much more, the incumbent would be down by 20 points in the polls. It is baffling.

I have to believe American's are much smarter than this. If Obama is elected, not shame on him, shame on the American people for being so blind and detached from reality.

Ken Hazelton
Tacoma, WA
Succinct, accurate, and telling.
Wow. Excellent commentary! Leave it to a local media outlet, as opposed to the national mainstream media, to hit the nail on the head.

Great writing. Great analysis. That was a true pleasure to read.
For like-minded commentary, have a look at my blog at
Great analysis, very well written and highly appreciated. I only hope to be able to write as well as you!

I hope that you're correct about the public waking up from "the media's dream" by the election. It's been amazing how long some have remained asleep. Ryan may do his own "wake-up call" in his upcoming debate and Obama might show his true Chicago politician colors during the next Romney debate.

There's a saying: never love a stock. Well, how about: never love a politician? (even Romney)
to add to the race component... the GOP response is that Black unemployment in 14% plus and Obama's policies are hurting Blacks, etc.. If you want to attract minority voters (and that is if, which I know you all do not) do not hang around people,like Trump and Limbaugh!! Hello, if the messengers are flawed and racist, the message will not matter! Blacks and Latinos have to feel that the GOP is not beholden to displaced John Birchers, racists, etc.. before they will listen to policy. When will you all understand this??
Their dream. Our nightmare.
Saint Obama reveals another miracle to be re-elected!
The report, of course, reveals the results of two surveys, one of households, one of establishments. The professional economists and the press usually emphasize the establishment survey because it is viewed as less volatile. The establishment survey was terrible. The 114,000 number of jobs created on net in September is well below the average for this year (146,000) and the average for last year (153,000). This is wholly consistent with the story that the economy is decelerating sharply as we head into the fall.

Back when President Bush presided over a jobless recovery, the household survey tended to show better news. At the time, every media organization carefully emphasized the establishment numbers, and warned that the household numbers are suspect. That, of course, is what happens when a Republican is in office. For President Obama, you can expect a household survey lovefest. The AP story that went up at 8:33, of course, emphasized the household survey, even adding, “The decline could help Obama, who is coming off a disappointing debate against Mitt Romney.” Get ready for more of the same.
Why do liberal media consider Americans as a bunch of stupid?!!
Perfectly said.
Joan October 06, 2012 at 8:29 AM
Yes, Obama disavowed his connection to Rev. Wright in 2008. But you really ought to listen to how he praises him in 2007.

question for you sweetheart... Rev wright is offensive, no doubt. the one good quality you righties of course omit about Rev Wright is that he served 2 COMBAT tours of duty in Nam in the US Marine Corps, which is of course 2 more tours of duty than every right wing chicken hawk in this nation COMBINED!! He has earned the right to express his views, regardless of how ugly some of them are.

Here is the question... explain to me how appearing with Donald Trump a RACIST who espouses the racist birther issue is comforting too you and comforting to people of color/ This is where the right wing gets exposed and why there is such a gap in voting among Blacks and Latinos. Until you idiots recognize this you will continue to lose numbers and elections.
Mick, I'd say the 7.8% unemployment rate flies in the face of reality. There's no way you drop from 8.2% to 7.8% with 1.3% growth and no change in the (horrible) U6.

And 7.8% is hardly something to cheer. If Bush had 7.8% unemployment, the lib media would have hammered relentlessly on such a disastrous figure.

However, I predict we'll see a fictitious 7.5% in next month's report, four days before the election.

(With apologies to Samuel Beckett)

Vladimir: We are happy.
Estragon: We are happy. (Silence.)
What do we do now, now that we are happy?

Deliverance arrived with a bouquet of words,
hope change truth justice unity—
mesmerizing words, abstract nouns, apposite
for pliant ears, seductive oratory for the expectant.

Estragon and Vladimir wear complexions
of vigor and health, free from the pinch
of alienation, the pitiless grip of self-doubt.
They now possess lives of meaning and worth.

Relishing the rewards of fidelity, they take one
last look around.

The once barren landscape is verdant with lush
sod, thick and firm. Bobolinks trill silvery melodies,
dulcet music for a reborn countryside.

The scraggly tree is full abloom, heavy with fruit
for picking. The dusty old road is now a paved
throughway, happy travelers pass by, certain
in their destinations.

Tuxedo clad, Vladimir and Estragon take their
places in the back seat of a black limousine.
Pozzo, attired in a blue serge suit, sits in front.
He wears dark glasses, holds a new white cane
and a box lunch. Lucky, the driver, is natty
in a smart new uniform, a proper chauffeur’s
cap covers his close-cropped white hair.

A contented lot, they are off to the city—
a place of harmony, where love and respect
abound, burdens are lifted, people are prosperous,
and the machinery of life runs smoothly.

Roadside, a boy stands next to a pair of old

He grins and waves as they motor past.
This was an excellent article.

Lets hope that the corruption is limited to to the fourth estate. Lets hope that the election is not stolen by voter fraud or other bad intent.
This article should be printed in every newspaper in America on the front page!!!

The other point this stooge omits is the fact that the vast majority of voters know the Romney's (his shallow and smug wife included and bigoted son Tagg who thinks Trump and Nugent are cool) do not give a rats ass about the average Joe on the streets. Obama of course has problems and frankly I see him as a just another politician as well.

However at the end of the day, the vast majority of voters know in their hearts and soul the Romney's could care less about them and that is why Obama will come close to matching his electoral vote total from 2008.
As always, fine work Mr Klavan. Its telling that neither Obama nor his policies were examined by the media. The mere fact of support for an ever bigger federal government, however it operates, is sufficient. Second guesses can be discomforting, I doubt his creators are up to it.
Jean, it seldom does any good to point out facts to a determined racialist. Their minds are usually fact-proof. When you ask them to substantiate their accusations of racism with facts, they simply make another accusation of racism. Yet, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and offer some facts. Barack Obama did not "rise out of the chains and shackles of slavery". His black ancestors never lived under American slavery because they were Kenyans, remember? Also, he was born a century after emancipation. Also, his education at private schools and elite universities is a sign of privileges few Americans of any race get. No white person with his undistinguised political record could get elected President. I don't doubt that if Obama loses his re-election bid you will attribute that to racism without bothering to ask how he got elected in the first place. But, if your mind isn't fact-proof, you might ask George H. Bush and Jimmy Carter whether failure in office can get even a white President voted out.
@Barry Cooper "That they have his name on them is sufficient to feed his narcissism."

An excellent observation. Despite +60% of Americans not wanting Obamacare, he made it a point during the debate to say he liked the name.
Rarely have I read something so truthfull. And to think it took a novelist to say it, not a so-called mainstream journalist. Wow. Fantastic job. Thank you.
Best description I have ever read. Thank you!
Not only are there 2 more debates, but the 7.8 unemployment rate kinda flies in the face of Klavern's op ed. oops, I meant to say Klaven, as Klavern of course relates to the KKK, sorry. lol

One more thing that must be mentioned with regard to foreign policy.... chickenhawk COWARDS like Klavern, Hannity and Limbaugh, who beat the drums of war in 2002 while 5,000 brave GI's died for a war criminal VP, need to know that the vast majority of Americans will not tolerate a my way or the high way foreign policy! Unless you cowards are willing to send your own kids to war, you all need to STFU!!!
Mr. Klavan, very insightful. However, I wonder if something more profound is taking place. As you note, " a journalistic community that no longer in any way fulfills its designated function, that no longer even attempts the fair presentation of facts and current events..." perhaps reveals something more disturbing about our country: the waning of the democratic spirit. I am reminded of a book I read sometime ago about the exhaustion of the "Republican Spirit" in ancient Rome. Ceasar came along and made himself dictator. But scholarship has shown that the republican spirit had long since been extinguished before he arrived at the scene.
Well done, Andrew, this is among the most cogent and accurate articles I have ever read. Bravo!
A very powerful article under pinned with perception and honesty. A memorial portrayal of a man and an age.
Right on. I can't believe there are so many people saying exactly what I have been telling my children for over 6 years. After 6 years of disagreement they and some of my friends are patting me on the back lately. "you were right all along"
Well written article. Thank you.
He was a tabula rasa. But there is no such thing. When will we ever learn?
Katherine Jarrard October 06, 2012 at 9:10 AM
I thought this was a really well summarized article on the Obama mystique, that Jeff might enjoy.
Heard you have an audit coming--good luck with that.
Previously, the idea that people rise till they reach their level of incompetence was called the "Peter Principle". Henceforth, it's the "Obama Principle".
Great article! All members of Obama's fawning media should be forced to read it. I am sure it would cause them to snap out of their trance.
You've hit the nail on the head with this one, sir! Thank you.
Yes, Obama disavowed his connection to Rev. Wright in 2008. But you really ought to listen to how he praises him in 2007.
Obama is our modern day Chauncey Gardiner.
This was a great read. Thank you Mr. Klavan. Sometimes I can go entire days wondering if the red hues I see actually exists when seemingly, no one else can see them. It's comforting to know others see it too. October 06, 2012 at 7:37 AM
The real steady-state corruption is revealed in the way Obama scandals like Fast and Furious, Benghazi-gate, and the repeated breaking of federal campaign laws have been wildly underplayed, while George W. Bush’s non-scandals, like the naming of Valerie Plame and the firings of several U.S. attorneys at the start of his second term, were blown out of all proportion.Ahhh! Makes me feel validated!
Andrew does it again....speaking truth plain English.
Excellent!! Excellent!!! Now send it to the NYT!!
Great articulation of Clint Eastwood's point. I think you have also certainly put to rest the fact that the Emperor and his MSM court jesters certainly have no clothes. How wonderfully devastating to them both. How sad a period in American history that so many were fooled for so long with such devastating results to our country.
When attempting a rational discussion with my liberal friends and associates about something as basic and numerical as the flood of public debt occurring, they retreat to fantasyland as fast as they can, try to divert attention or become angry. When restating the same basic question which they avoided once, they refuse to even consider a rational debate and become more angry. As with the old text, The Madness of Crowds, this is truly a delusion which has swept our era as yet another Piltdown man, this one occupying the Oval Office. Social welfare politics is failing all across the world for unsustainable debt tells this, and yet the true believers now must flee reality to hold to their faith. Reality will out, but only after collapses, if Greece's tale is the canary in this coal mine.
It is not a surprise that people are voting for Obama a Far Leftist. They have been propagandized their whole life in K- 12 plus college with that outlook as the norm. Churches and synagogues have been taken over by Leftist ideology. Broken families and single mothers have been idealized. The Left has kept religion out of the schools on the basis of "separation of church and government", and then moved into the vacuum with their own ideology, while teaching history with a slant that all the woes of the world are due to the faults of dead white men, and religions have started the wars in history. Then the Left sold people that having more than 2 children was irresponsible, and anti- environmental.
Talking about turning the world into "1984", has anyone noticed that the utility companies are replacing warm street lamps with cold ones, so that a street scene goes from looking like warm and friendly small town USA with friendly oak and maple trees, to looking like a nightmare setting for a murder mystery with threatening black trees and bushes and deep shadows? Scary. It is a real disincentive to take a walk in the evening. The only thing missing is something else that has changed under Obama's administration: not only is Big Government monitoring everything you say on the internet and on Facebook,, but drones from Iraq have been given permission to hover over us recording our movements. As we know, they can be armed and carrying high tech equipment for listening in and seeing into buildings with infra red images. Smart meters have been put into our houses without our permission so that government can turn off our heat, air conditioning, fans, lights, or appliances, as they wish. Various appliances can spy on us, all in the name of bigger government needing control and needing power over us. Remember when Obama said "we are the ones we've been waiting for"? Well government doesn't know that they are the enemy that the founders of the country mistrusted and knew would abuse power if they could get it, and that is why the constitution protected the people from the gov't and created checks and balances, the same constitution that the Left is willing to dump for more "utopian constitutions", like Justice Ruth Ginsburg telling Egypt that they should model their constitution after South Africa's not that of the US. How come you can't sue a justice for bad advice? (sarc). Since the Left thinks they are smarter than anyone else, of course the constitution to them is just a piece of paper, written by dead white men, to be dispensed with, when convenient, compared to their own exalted intelligence in their own mind. That is why the motto of so many dictators is "one election, one time."

stuart williamson October 06, 2012 at 3:10 AM
Obama is a synthetic,robotic creation of the Chicago AAA Team, the Alinsky/Ayers/Axelrod cabal, the biggest sting in world history.
They have gambled from the outset that their puppet creation will not become so convinced of his omnipotence that he will refuse to respond to their "handling", over-reach in arrogance, and self-destruct before they have "transformed" the U.S. intheir dream of a Soviet-style Socialist Republic. He is scaring the hell out of them, which is why Axelrod is increasingly taking the spotlight and revealing who is really is calling the shots. Obama was obviously sulking in the debate, probably because he'd been chewed out and told he needed to change from his campaign posture. I think that their biggest nightmare -blowing his chances - is coming to pass.
Good. Now that you've written this, I don't have to. Journalists are now like trial lawyers. Someone has yet to write a book called "The Marketing of a President".
It really is 1984'ish.
It really is like the movie "Being There".
We still have to go through more debates.
"Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away." (Phillip K. Dick a sci-fi writer, deceased).
Obama supporters are still covering their eyes and covering their ears.
I talked to one Obama supporter yesterday and she said "we have to vote for Obama because voting for Obama is voting for the poor." Tonight I saw a man sleeping in front of the arched lit doorway of a church, and I thought "four more years of Obama and Obama's economy and we'll have more men like this one." "Yes, voting for Obama is voting for the poor, for more and more poor."
Bar none, this was the best deconstruction of the fraud of Obama, and the fraud of his media enablers, I have ever read/seen. I have already sent the piece on to all my 'usual suspect' correspondents. I didn't ask them to pass it on. I didn't have to. I know they will.

I wish my oldest grandson, now ten, was just a few years older. I would sit him down, force him to watch the debate and then to read Mr. Klavan's essay, discuss things with him, and then compel him to deduce, reach conclusions, and then defend whatever ideas he had. I look forward to such exchanges with my Connor.

That is how my great, late father taught me and my siblings. And there is no better way. Open debate, challenged by a person at least as smart as you. Robust interchange. Parry. Back and forth. Not too dissimilar from a game of chess.

Obama would never have survived around my family's dinner table. He would have been chewed up, spit out, and thrown out with the garbage. And that just from my sister Phyllis, one of only eight children.

Let us pray that the American people have the common sense attributed to them for over 200 years to reject the essential fraud and manifest failure of Obama, and to elect the person who by every measure has known nothing in his life but well-earned success.

If not that, then at the very least on the morning of November 7 I will need a case of duck tape to keep my head from exploding.

Let us pray. Seriously. Let us pray. Let us turn away from Fox News, turn off the telly all together, forget about the laundry and all the other mundane chores, and move back to our bedrooms, kneel down at our beds, put our heads down, clear our consciences, and then just beg divine intervention that the clear and competent candidate will be elected, that the clear and present danger will be rejected.

This corruption of the press and media is a clear and present danger to the survival of No.1 America
Best summation of the Obama disaster I have anywhere. Excellent and astute analysis
I'm old enough to remember Nixon's campaign manager and Atty General John Mitchell, who rarely spoke in meetings, would just puff his pipe looking thoughtful, and got a reputation as incredibly intelligent and Machiavellian. Than, as the wheels started to come off in 1973-74, people realized that maybe he was quiet because he didn't have anything to offer, and it was a hollow pose.

I suggest that what naive people saw as Obama's "coolness" in 2008-11 is really detachment and laziness and lack of empathy.
I think the reason President Obama constantly appears so tired is due to the Herculean effort required to keep up with the image of the man crafted by the press and his handlers. I believe the true Obama is the man we see in the unscripted remarks on those moments he steps away from the teleprompter, or in the various archived tapes that are now surfacing. Can you imagine the amount of energy it takes to constantly try to be someone else, not to mention the drain of power from the mental strain of having to keep up with an elaborate and pervasive network of falsehoods? For the first time in my life, I feel sympathy for our President. He has cocooned himself into a living hell.
@ Jean: Throw out your claim of racism. As a multitude who know me will attest: "Bull!". YOU Jean brought race into it. I have no doubt Obama is an intelligent man as is any Con Man. But eventually a Con Man's true nature becomes apparent.
Nailed it. As always.
Before Obama commenced his 2008 campaign I had written letters to various of the major papers Klavan mentions, reminding them of Ralph Ellison's great creation in his major work, INVISIBLE MAN, a shape-shifter named Rinehart. I taught that masterpiece for decades, written by a brilliant Black and friend. I also wrote several times then and over the years, trying to remind folks of an 1852 article, a campaign squib by Nathaniel Hawthorne — easily Googled and downloaded and read in 5 minutes. It is a portrait composed 160 years ago, and it is Obama to the "T."
Klavan's piece is much longer and of course an OpEd. FEATHERTOP: A MORALIZED LEGEND, by Nathaniel Hawthorne is a gem of prophetic dimensions...alas for us today!
Andrew Klavan's remarks present an excellent depiction of a vain man and his vacuous presidency.

Wednesday's debate poignantly contrasted a challenger of solidity and substance against an incumbent walking on the stilts of his creators.

May facts trump fantasy on Election day -- for the sake of America!

You seem to forget that Jezus started as a dream, Boedha started as a dream, Ghandi started as a dream, Martin Luther King and Einstein started dreaming. 'I have a dream!' Could't that be be the start of something wonderful?
I looked at Obama and wondered 'Why does he seem to be so out of place? Why does it look as if he doesn't want to be there?' Then I remembered Jezus standing for Herod. Did he want to stand there? Probably not. And Luther standing for the emperor saying 'This is what I'am, I stand here, I can't do it otherwise'? You want to crush Obama like Herod wanted to crush Jezus, the emperor wanted to crush Luther and the hoi polloi killed King. Don't you see that as a matterr of fact you live by a dream, or still better, a nightmare?
It's your Ayn Rand dream of greedy heroism, which should be dead and buried after Greenspans confession. Why don't you start dreaming again and and anew like your great ancestors of the Federalist Papers? Why are you so afraid of doing something good to the world, that isn't a benefit for yourself? Why are you so afraid of making an offer to the other? Why are you so afraid of starting dreaming again? Maybe Barack Obama ís a bad dream for you. But at least it ís a dream. Please start dreaming.
You, and the rest of racist people in this country, will never get over the fact that an intelligent, Black man became president of the United States. The very country that kept us in Slavery until President Lincoln decided that it was no longer economically feasible to do so. This country was built on the backs of black men and women and you can't stand the idea that a Black man has risen out of the chains and shackles of slavery to become the most powerful man in the world. Well, get over it. He's here to stay.
OUTSTANDING EDITORIAL! I strongly recommend this to all.
Hardly an "unprecedented dismantling," no matter which party you support. I remember well the drubbing of Ronald Reagan by Fritz Mondale, which was followed up by a great debate performance by Reagan.

Your point is well made without over reaching.
Cleverly written piece with some marginal truths but the Media alone didn’t elect Obama, as a quick check of the 2008 voting numbers would confirm. Obama certainly didn’t need the Media to win past elections any more than the Dallas Cowboys need beautiful young women in tiny skirts to fill their stadium during home games – sure, tiny skirts help a little but give the people what they want and they’ll happily go along. And Obama is very, very real to former bondholders of the old GM, to folks searching vainly for jobs, to the relatives of dead Mexicans killed with U. S. government supplied weapons.

Stand Obama next to Romney during a debate and, before a word is spoken, Obama’s supporters believe he won or at least that’s what the Detroit Free Press, the Washington Post, Salon and the New York Times claim and a claim which none of their readers dispute. Was he apparently off his debate game because of (a) altitude sickness, (b) lack of a teleprompter or (c) Air Force One lost his luggage? And, does it really matter? Media bias favoring Democrats is hardly new news and we the people elected him once before.

Can Obama be counted among T. S. Eliot’s “Hollow Men” - “Leaning together. Head piece filled with straw. Alas!” Or, are a majority of the voting public the real “Hollow Men”?
I thought it telling when Obama asked Lehrer to change the topic in the debate. It seemed like the subtext was "We DISCUSSED this", although of course I have no reason to believe they actually did. Obama is simply in the understandable habit of assuming that if it isn't Fox, he's going to be taken care of.

He doesn't know what he doesn't know. He really is congenitally quite incapable of plumbing the actual depths of his ignorance, or of caring about the effects of his policies. That they have his name on them is sufficient to feed his narcissism.

It is really a very sad commentary on the apathy and lack of understanding of history that people think electing a man like this is a trivial matter. His policies, if deployed fully, will destroy permanently large segments of our economy, cause widespread impoverishment, decreased national security, and a general degradation of a currently great nation.
An articulate disassembly of a man that nobody knows. That he is still in contention at this late date is astonishing but yet predictable because of corrupt media adoration.
^^THIS--ALL of it..
Jill Cohen Walker October 05, 2012 at 5:44 PM
An excellent article. In a way, Obama is akin to Hillary's health care plan . . . the emperor's new clothes, as it was called at the time. I agree that an empty suit or chair works as well. That said, Dr. John Coleman has a video out there that explains how our candidates are "chosen," and why they are chosen. It's worth a long listen because the powers that reside in the shadows are operating at full strength. If they don't keep Obama up in the polls, they will have a very hard time stealing the election. May God have mercy on this nation.