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Troy Senik
Don’t Judge a Food by Its Label « Back to Story

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Food companies will likely be defensive and label their product as containing GM whether they are sure or not. If 70-80% of food does contain GM in sources that is what I would do to be safe from lawsuits.
So the 'organic' guys will be the ones put out of business by the lawyers.
And the public will just ignore the GM label like they do the prob 65 warnings and the thick safety books packed with the most ordinary of products.
People are so ignorant about GM foods that we should not label GM foods. Denying people information to make choices is the only way for them to make good choices in this case. Otherwise they might make bad choices that we disapprove of.
No mention of Monsanto, nor the herbicide (an excellent one, BTW) RoundUp; nor of the numerous ex Monsanto people and lobbyists that have been taken on by President Obama as WH staff or in other positions of influence. The article would have more depth, width and credibility had it included references to the above.
Although I am not generally in agreement with green politics, I have to second Kathleen. I work in a State Government department that also covers food and food premise inspection. Chemically treated chicken feathers feed back to the chickens,as up to 20% of the feed pellet content it is not a natural system.
I believe in consumer choice, put in on the label and let the people choose. We live on 3.5 acres and are basically organic, the taste and look of the food is just so different. Boil a home reared chicken for stock and compare it to supermarket chicken stock. Highly processed, trans fat with added sugar, topping a highly chemical sprayed GM crop, can't think why so few people aren't slim any more?
This is not actually a new article. It's an advertisement for Monsanto. In an age when farmers are feeding arsenic to chickens, I am amazed that people oppose Prop 37. For those who do, I invite you to eat a conventional tortilla chip. The GMO corn that was used to produce the chip has the Bt toxin insecticide in every cell. It cannot be washed off. The corn itself is a toxin. The corn chip is then fried in GMO soy oil. The soy was doused in the herbicide Roundup and the oil was extracted using the neurotoxin hexane. Would you feed this to your family? I have studied the GMO issue very carefully. In fact, I eat 100% organic now to avoid insecticides, herbicides, GMOs, and hexane-extracted oils. In addition to GMO labeling, I sincerely hope that it will soon be mandated that food manufacturers must list everything toxic that is sprayed on crops or fed to animals. If you feed chickens arsenic, that is an ingredient. It should be listed. If you douse your soy with Roundup, that's an ingredient. List it. People value their health and they want to know what is in their food. Prop 37 should pass.