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Daniel J. Flynn
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There's one thing to be said for growing up in those days of the 1960's/70's in a normal house in San Francisco. We five kids saw and heard so many weirdos, and so many drug addicts lurching and screaming and staggering around with their long hair and bare feet and total freeloading lifestyle, that when it came to 'drug education' at our girls' high school, not one of us needed to hear one more word. The cop and the ex-hoe/addict he brought with him: they tried in vain to rile us up with the pretense that "boyfriends" are the villians. We were 16 in 1976 and we knew that every drug addict and every alcoholic makes his or her own choices. We stood up and told the "hot" couple what we thought. What else was Catholic education for, but to make a person use his own head and use his own conscience?

Blaming others is a particular liberal vice. The whole AA philosophy of the 1930's is based on St. Ignatius 12 steps, admitting one's own grievous fault.

And STILL we think they're victims in this silly city by the bay!!!! Gavin Newsom, come on down, show us the cocaine nose and whiskey throat that no-guilt brings!
Another Ryan? God help us. What is this, some kind of Irish Mafia? Are all you people so much in lock-step with Flynn that you have no opinions of your own? I lived in the Bay Area for over thirty years and worked in San Francisco for part of that time. I've also traveled over a good part of the world, and lived in three countries, during which I've been in some nasty places, but I'd never consider San Francisco to be a sewer. And I wouldn't mind betting you've never even read Talbot's book, which is a bloody good read.
Dear Mr. Thompson: From a native Californian and former resident of San Francisco for 17 years, it is a sewer.
I imagine, Mr. Flynn, that they who know San Francisco know a lot more about it than you do.
Another leftist tool, celebrating the destruction of his culture. People like Talbot never raise families, never know how to run a business which needs to make a profit as opposed to begging from donors for money that indirectly or directly comes from the government they profess to hate.

In short, another clueless hypocrite, mourning his lost youth, a walking, talking self-involved parody of a liberal, celebrating the destruction of a society that, but for people like him, could have accomplished so much more. It is indeed fortunate that people like this typically do not reproduce, although they seem to be quite adept at hoodwinking others to follow the same path.

We've reached a point where the only solution may be to literally divide the country - they want to govern, fine, have at it but no more free lunches on our dime. The let's see how what happens when the new immigrants they brought in to win elections reject their philosophy.
Isn't it so interesting that the City of St. Francis, one of the most dedicated saints in Catholic history, after whom this beautiful city was named, became the epicenter of liberal perversion? And isn't it even more interesting how David Talbot immediately tries to blame Reagan and the police rather than the perverted appetites, inclinations, whims, and capricious sinfulness of the perpetrators themselves?

Hate God, love satan, but blame God for everything ill and love satan for nothing that miserable demon ever created.

If you're not a practicing Catholic, you're going to Hell. Pray the Rosary!
David Talbot has not yet grown up and out of the "magic" of the 60's SanFran. It's gone from bad to beyond worse. I read enough in Mr. Flynn's most excellent review; wouldn't dream of reading the book even if it was given to me (I'd probably sell it).
Until I read this article, I did not realize that blaming was a Leftist thing, like Obama constantly blaming Bush and a rotten amateur film maker of a rotten trailer. It makes sense. Since the Left does not reflect on its own behavior and therefore does not change its behaviors nor learn anything, other than giving new labels to old ideas, how better to avoid their own disastrous results than to blame weird ridiculous conspiracies on the right. It is a "we are OK, you're rotten; and if we're not OK, we are still OK, only you, rotten one, hurt us." The Left has so much in common with Islamists and their hatreds.
Liberalism, the Cultah of DEATH. Et satan conduit le bal! Pray the Rosary.
David Talbot should be hauled off to the House of Prime Rib (a grand institution from a far better era in SF) and carved up into the King Henry VIII Cut. On second thought, perhaps not. Talbot is probably pale pink meat, not healthy red stuff.
Not surprising at all. Since well before Salon Talbot's been known widely as a wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling media prostitute. He'll eat this review up though since it is well known that you can't insult a whore.
More baby-boomer nostalgia. After all parties, including the most frenzied, extended benders, there comes the cleaning up. Coming one day soon, even to that beautiful city by the bay.