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Charles C. Johnson
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It should be pointed out that what regulators fail to do in nearly all cases is take the consumer's choice into account. even if you squashed this business with excessive regulations, consumers may not choose to go to brick and mortar establishments anyway. In the end, as with all things, choice is the driving factor of life--and protectionism cant stop it.
As far as the long term effect goes it`s possibly the major cause of obesity in the US as well as my country the UK.
You have to travel a long way to get away from them but even minor roads usually have one every few miles.
Coupled with this virtually every reasonably large store has a cafeteria with `well built` customers ensuring that if for some reason there`s no food available tomorrow they will survive.
Under the skin we are not very different from our ancestors living on the veldt many,many years ago.
I've had the Kogi truck food. It's all of it very spicy, and very good. They seem to work to pick places where parking won't be a problem for local businesses, at least the times I've tracked them down. Once, in a local city, they got chased away by the cops while I was there. According to the local pol who was there to direct the Sheriff's deputies to chase the truck away, the owner of the Kogi truck resists having health inspections of his facilities, so the trucks aren't safe. We all know it's b.s., but they do have some local restaurants up there that they were protecting, no doubt...none were close to where he parked, though. Thankfully I got my food.

Also have had the Lobster and crab rolls from the Lobsta truck (awesome) and mediocre BBQ once. We also had crepes once (quite good). It's always fun to watch existing businesses try and use the law to put their competition out of business, so that they have the market to themselves. It's usually in the name of safety!