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Michael J. Totten
Our Vulnerable Embassies « Back to Story

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As the days go by, it’s becoming more and more obvious our government is lying to us about the Libyan incident. Now, the administration admits there was no spontaneous demonstration immediately prior to the “attack” on our Benghazi consulate; the small, non-violent demonstration occurred hours earlier and was apparently unrelated to the Hollywood style production later used to mask the armed assault on the diplomatic compound. Let’s be clear about actions however, President Obama did not lie directly to the American people, he has capable employees quite willing to lie to us on his behalf.

The question is why are we being lied to? If this was a terrorist incident, not spontaneous but carefully planned and executed then what should our response be? More predator drones, more boots on the ground, more American military commitments in the Middle East? Perhaps it’s better to pretend we weren’t deliberately attacked and avoid having to respond with force. Everyone knows, or is beginning to suspect, precisely what is happening in that part of the world but as the official Global Superpower must we strike back or should we pretend it was only a response to a bigoted movie? Difficult decision to make, difficult time to make such a decision and an unwelcome distraction during a close presidential race. Perhaps Americans should stay closer to home until after the election, we’ll be safer individually since protecting Americans abroad isn’t our governments’ immediate priority.
What steps do we take?
Hard to understand that this administration will understand what the highest-price response might be. Ouch!
Most Christians believe this is the end of the age and God is removing His protective hedge from this country. This country that was formed and fought for specifically for the freedom to worship as our hearts and souls led us and more specifically it was
blessed for and by "I Am" The Creator and God of all. We have been Blessed and protected and guided by the God of our forefathers and still are but we have been warned. The Twin Tower's and Pentagon attacks and now our Embassies. Mr. Totten is shocked by the ease. How else could all this happen other than that our Country has lost it's hedge of protection. The true Super Power is not a Nation It Is our Creator who says Turn your back on Me, and I will turn my back to you>
"Anne Patterson should be removed from post immediately. If the above is true she is a traitor to her country."

A wonderful, deeply thoughtful "analysis" -- let's match the over-reaction of our enemies with our own over-simplifications and over-reaction!

After all, it'll feel so good and decisive in the immediate term that the long-term consequences can be damned, eh?
In the coming weeks, this Benghazi debacle will put needed focus on Secretary Hillary Clinton, who should simply resign. Your typical "Reagan Democrats" (I know a few) seem to think if you stuck a cigar in her mouth, she'd be Winston Churchill. The pronouncement, supposedly from our Cairo embassy, chiding the 'abuse of the privilege of free speech', appealling to the commonality of religion in condemning 'a few' spoilers, and the wan condemnation of violence at the end of this riff, suggest a mantra concocted and approved at the highest source, and repeated like an echo from embassy to embassy in cookie cutter fashion. Imagine, we should be breaking bread with our sworn ideological enemies, because this is but a hapless misunderstanding in the Global Village!

And who approved and planned that our Libyan ambassador meet with a surrogate group of al-Quaida, which lured him to his death? We had heard of this particular group and the tribe they represent, during the Arab Spring, and how xenophobic and anti-western they are. Any attempt to somehow knit them into the global order to make a more secure Libya is absurd: As pointless as sending a Libyan ambassador to Wantagh NY to reform DC. And do embassies make up their own house security policy, like different militias of the Confederacy? Blame Clinton for this too.

This is not merely part of the blame America first tour, but a throwback to Surrender America under Carter. Hillary needs to join April Glaspie, Anne Paterson, and other Foggy Bottom failures and simply resign from office. Time to haul her in front of a congressional commitee. Let her pull a Holder stonewall, she is politically finished.

I'm not sure what you're on about, BHO has shown himself more than willing to kill Arabs and Muslims, regardless of not having a military background
Lots of big bomb craters would look right at home (and well deserved) in the "Arab Street" IF we had a POTUS who had a pair!
Previous quotation from Wikipedia.
This is what happened as a result of the "harmless" Iranian hostage crisis in the hapless Carter presidency: Read it and think.

"By embracing the hostage-taking under the slogan "America can't do a thing," Khomeini rallied support and deflected criticism from his controversial Islamic theocratic constitution,[46] which was due for a referendum vote in less than one month.[47]

Following the successful referendum, both Leftists and theocrats continued to use the issue of alleged pro-Americanism to suppress their opponents, the relatively moderate political forces, which included the Iranian Freedom Movement, National Front, Grand Ayatollah Shari'atmadari,[48] and later President Abolhassan Banisadr.

In particular, carefully selected diplomatic dispatches and reports discovered at the embassy and released by the hostage-takers led to the disempowerment and resignations of moderate figures[49] such as Premier Mehdi Bazargan.

The political danger in Iran of any move seen as accommodating America, along with the failed rescue attempt, delayed a negotiated release. After the hostages were released, Leftists and theocrats turned on each other, with the stronger theocratic group annihilating the left."

Isn't it fascinating how the Left always sides with the theocratic fascists of Islam? the misogynist, homophobic tyrants? Any explanation for that, people?

And isn't it fascinating that the Left allies with the Muslim fascisti to get rid of the MODERATE Muslims?
Simply unbelievable we could allow our embassies to be penetrated and ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE
We must insure that partisan circling of the wagons does not prevent us from getting serious and frank answers regarding our apparent inability or unwillingness to defend the American soil on which our embassies stand.
Time has already run out of giving any more warnings. Embassies should be withdrawn immediately and billions of dollars of lunatic cash promises withdrawn.
In times past around the time of our grand parents embassies and consulates were also attacked. This is not particularly new although it is a disturbing trend in the wrong direction. The US and Europeans need to understand that the dictators kept an iron grip on their peoples for good reason. Now that beat has been unleashed the west will have to contend with more irrational upheavals often directed by religious hate mongers who are anything but irrational, they have agendas. One really has to admire a country like Turkey that kept the peace in that region for four hundred years!
"Breaking into embassies is an inherently violent act—technically an act of war. Assassinating our ambassadors and their staff is a brazen act of war that could trigger an invasion if carried out by a government."

So be the fool you sound like and go to war. Just make sure you are the Army Captain leading the charge. Make sure everyone knows you believe in what you advocate.

We peons have no quarrel with any country, and we are not keen on invading a country and squatting there like we own the place.

Brute force makes no friends.

Obama is throwing us under the bus!

These events are absolutely inexcusable! And, the American Press is still worshiping their 'anointed one'!

This is plain old terrorism and has nothing to do with the movie, that's just an excuse. Dump Obama in this election or, it will get worse!
the question is why was there no security at the consulate? no one is asking this question. why? this is question that will probe to the core of what the obama administration wants to hide. you must ask the question!
thoughtful article
Although the Marines should certainly be armed, it is a no-brainer that actual shooting must be an absolutely last resort. Can you imagine the reaction of a howling mob of several hundred when they get word that one of them has been "martyred"? Mr.Totten seems to assume that the crowd would run at this point, but exactly the opposite would surely happen. Our diplomatic outposts must stock up items for non-lethal defense – like tear gas and perhaps rubber bullets. --AK
Our American Embassies must be protected. Thank you for your informative article.
In the name of diplomatic relations we will be slowly and subtley defeated by a irrational leader who is is afraid to take a position of authority
And this was the anniversary of Sept. 11. Not one American died in the Iranian occupation of our embassy in Tehran.
Pity the innocents of America who rejected a man with military experience and voted for an appeaser. Does nobody there know the Jesuit maxim: 'Give me a child until he is 7 and I will give you the man'? Where was Obama until he was 7? Who educated him? Why did he bend from the waist in submission to the king of Saudi? Did anyone in America listen to the subservience in his speech in Cairo? NO President of the USA (apart from Arabist Carter) has ever bent the head, neck, indeed whole body to a dictatorship. For Muslims that subservience means weakness. No wonder they attacked without fear of recompense.

Anne Patterson should be removed from post immediately. If the above is true she is a traitor to her country.
The Sanity Inspector September 14, 2012 at 4:54 PM
Reagan bombed Libya for less, arguably. I guess that can't happen today, because Libya's fledgling government is now our client.

The world would be a much nicer place if Arabs were better at democracy.