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Nicole Gelinas
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After a good coverage of the 2012 Olympics by NBC, I was totally shocked that I ould not view the paralympics in America, I fruitlessly searched channel after channel, then resorted to online, nothing. When I went to the BBC coverage, i was blocked from watching as I was out of the country. I finally watched Jonnie Peacock win the mens 100 m on youtube, after some kid had uploaded.........................This is unbelieveable.

Having the whole world rallied and fired up after an amazing olympic games, Great Britain followed with an even more inspiring paralympics, yet NBC and America appeared to ditch their team and country and every differently-abled person. I was very surprised and concerned. You have missed a golden opportunity to represent your country. Bad job NBC
Hey Nicole, I loved your article! Thank you! Cheers, Marion
"Paralympians can be grateful that London possesses a free, inquisitive, and competitive press that isn’t ashamed to give people what they want: news of the world all around them". Are you saying that the US press is ashamed? And as far as 'giving the people what they want" LOL. The last time I looked in my mirror I saw someone of that category and I certainly am not scrambling to find the paralympics anywhere.
As a Brit I am astonished and saddened at the lack of interest in the Paralympics in the USA. Here in the UK, millions are riveted to their TV sets night after night to see some wonderful triumphs of determination and skill, and Paralympic gold medallists are national heroes whose faces are appearing on our stamps and in whose home towns and villages a post box is painted gold with pride. What is so different about our two nations that Americans have no interest? Do athletes have to have all four limbs and look Hollywood-beautiful? Astonished and saddened? I must say I'm sickened too. It says so much about the States as a country and the Americans as a people.
The ParaLympics is the real reality, not the so-called reality programs shown on network TV....American programming continues to decline.
The US is punching well below weight in these Paralympics. It's currently 6th in the medal table, behind Australia and Ukraine.

Disabled US athletes (or potential athletes) are clearly missing out here.
Germany is also giving front-page coverage to the Paralympics. Their gold medal winners are getting high-profile coverage in TV news as well, just like their "normal" athletes did several weeks ago.

In today's local paper, we even got a full-page story about how the Paralympics works - how there are different categories of disability and how the different sports use different criteria.
We are too busy watching the morally disabled as we close yet another 18 month election season.
Following a career in advertising, marketing and radio I sought a vocation where I could contribute and participate at a 'real' human level. I entered the world of the disabled and discovered people with no pretensions...authentic people who aside from their disadvantages enjoy life at a level I had rarely experienced.
For almost 10 years I worked with special needs children in the schools and was rewarded with some of life's most treasured blessings and memories.
They truly are life's beautiful people.
America is the poorer for not having had the opportunity to experience one of the world's most inspiring events.
Shame on NBC and CTV in Canada for not carrying at least some Paralymic TV programming. This is the real reality TV, not the vacuous tripe on network TV every evening.