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Troy Senik
Parks and Obfuscation « Back to Story

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If Republicans had been in charge all we would have heard about from the news media is those thieving Republicans are at it again. A special prosecutor would be appointed and people would go to jail.

Democrats at fault? Swept under the rug, ignored, put a positive spin on it. As for the money that was diverted those who converted it for their own use can keep it, after all they resigned right? naturally, those who resigned will shortly be working at one of the hundreds of non-profits that Democrats have set up as a means to funnel even more money from taxpayers to favored causes and people.

It is mind numbing just how far Democrats have managed to institutionalize corruption. How to even begin to untangle this web of deceit, especially given that much of the media plays right along with it?

Democrats are an untreatable canker.

PS - Troy no spin zone here, but Troy worked for Arnold Schwarzenegger, as a speach writer. It was the Terminator who started this whole close parks to privitize parks scam. Tons of doe was raked in for a whole gaggle of crony insiders. A well planned version of crony capitalism.
Close, but not quite the true story. The non profits collecting all the money hired ex state park officials as consultants and directors. They cut lower civil service staff that cleaned the toilets, picked up trash, and did basic upkeep to make the public more supportive of the idea of the non and for profits taking over parks. Mean time they added more managers and rapidly promoeted many parks managers, and even gave some mangagers favored targeted treatment, like vacation buyouts that where only for the some favored few insiders. This perpetual donation collecting machine was created on purpose, and funds were collected based on a false premise, which is illegal. The victims of parks scam were the tax payers, the low paid civil servants, and the public. Some smaller non profits were not so much on the inside with parks management, but others where joined at the hipe with this cash cow parks money raking in machine.