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Steven Greenhut
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Can anyone provide a rational for PERB's lawsuit other than they simply do not like the result of a properly conducted election, and will do all they can to frustrate that result? Is not their position simply that when it comes to pensions and benefits for city worker, no form of democratic action can change them? How long does PERB expect this social contract to last?
Nice! The masses, we the taxpayers, are being asked to fund the few, the public employee union members, at the cost of reduced public services so they can retire with packages that are obscene compared to what the private sector pays. San Jose has endured a massive cut in its head count, much of it due to pensions, lifetime medical etc. The gig is up and the word is out, the cozy relationship of unions and elected officials needs to end.
Patrick MacKinnon August 24, 2012 at 11:41 PM
To cut to the chase, even such a liberal as FDR stated that since the main weapon of the union is denial of service, it is at odds with the
governmental obligation to provide uninterrupted services which the private sector cannot.
Thankfully we have not yet reached that most illustrative example:
which would be a strike by the armed forces and which would make the public more fully aware of what is really going on here.
By granting strike rights to public service unions we are in effect allowing these persons to in effect put their boot against the public windpipe.