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Guy Sorman
Where Nationalism Still Matters « Back to Story

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Taiwan basically agrees with china over the spratlys, and has not sided against china with asean. They both claim all of the spratlys and the accompanying waters as their own waters, which contradicst washingtons claim that it is international water.
" In Spratly as in Senkaku, Chinese imperialism tests the resistance of its neighbors, some of which—Japan, Vietnam, the Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia, and to some extent even India—are considering an alliance against China"

This is a simplification of the situation. Taiwans position is more complicated

Both taiwan and china claim the entire island chain as their own territory, and refuse to reocgnize anyone elses claims. They have the exact same claims and use the same maps.

vietnam, philippines, brunei, malaysia, all claim only small bits of the claims, they don't really overlap, and get together in ASEAN against China. However, taiwan is not with them, since taiwain would effectively be ceding all of its claims to the other countries.

China has claimed the entire spratly chain since the imperial era, when vietnam, phillipnes, and malaysia were colonie of britain, america, and france. When the Nationalist kuomintang government ruled china, they drew the map up for that claim, and the nationalists fled to taiwan in the civil war and continued claiming the entire island chain, the communists only copied their claim and continue to press it.

To this day, vietnam and taiwan have an extremley contentious relationship over the taiping islands, with taiwan holding live fire drills and vietnam protesting, they even claim close to clashing militarily several times. Taiwan is willing to press aggresively agaisnt vietnam, since it doesnt have foreign military on its soil.
Nalliah Thayabharan August 31, 2012 at 7:45 PM
Nationalism is the cancer of human race. It doesn't make nationalism right any more than slavery or genocide or oppression based on gender, all of which have been rationalized by their practitioners. We have learned to swim as fish and fly as birds but we have not yet learned to walk as brothers and sisters. The real welfare of human race is to share love, peace, and prosper.
I very seriously question your objectivity and fact-checking in regard to the Dokdo dispute. You make it seem as though the South Korean/Japanese claims are equally strong and that no one actually posesses the islets, when the reality is that the islets are admistered physically and solely by South Korea. There are Korean nationals living there at all times, and the Japanese need South Korea's permission to visit Dokdo. You wrote that a group of Japanese recently visited the islets, but clearly you were confusing Dokdo with the Daoyu Islands. A group of nationalist Japanese did try to visit Dokdo, but THEY WERE DENIED PERMISSION AND SENT PACKING.
I'd like to see a critique on Israeli Nationalism next.
A peaceful Europe was not created by the "brilliant vision" of Jean Monnet, but rather through the brilliant vision of Winston Churchill, who dared to not surrender to mainland Europe's other "brilliant visions" that gave us the totalitarianism of Fascism, National Socialism and Soviet Communism, along with tens of millions of murdered and plundered lives. Generals Patton, Eisenhower, Montgomery and millions of brave men and women from Europe, the US, Canada, Australia, and beyond for seven decades have kept Europeans from eating their own alive. East Asia has not had such a comparable "Pax natoensis."

Most of Asia remains trapped in bloody Communism's paws, with only South Korea, Australia, and NZ being the only fully functional democracies. In Japan, a country that has had nearly uninterrupted one party rule since WWII, a new generation of dangerous idiots arises.

Japan will never be a "normal country" until it is honest with its history. I am not only referring to admitting to its well documented war crimes (Illegal occupation of its neighbors, Diversion of the Korean rice crop /deliberate starvation, Comfort Women, Rape of Nanjing, Unit 731, etc.). The "original sin" that plagues Japan, the Japanese, Japanese history, Japanese politics, etc. is the Meiji education system that puts Japan and its king as the center of the universe. No nation can do well with its neighbors or with its own psychological health having sick notions. The crux of this miseducation is based on pure racist lies of the Japanese being a "unique" and superior race to which all outsider imposed rules and standards should not be applied.

Normal historical analysis, the scientific method, human rights, international peace treaties, etc. do not apply to Japan. Individual Japanese might not accept such assertions, but powerful members of JP's political class, along with its "scholars" at Tokyo University and elsewhere follow the evil path of lies, ignorance and coercion.

How could this be for a modern and technological nation? Well, Meiji Japan, based on Bismark's Germany, also wanted to create a great empire. Japan "historians," philosophers, and politicos even have argued that Japan is NOT Asian ("we border Russia"), while its 19th and 20th Century predations were allegedly "for Asia" and "for Asians."

The Japanese are the only major country that cannot name their ancestors, who either came from elsewhere (Korea, northern Philippines or Taiwan) or were Stone-Age local Ainu. This notion of "Ancient Japan" lumps these diverse Tungusic, Austronesian and Paleosiberian groups that have real names, real histories, real archealogy, and real origin points into fake Yayoi and Jomon groups that are said to be Japanese but of "uncertain origin." The goal is to make the ordinary discovery of Japanese origins and history into a mishmashed maze with no exit, a thankless and dangerous task for any historian. The goal is to keep the Japanese ignorant, but in the ignorance of the "uniqueness" of the Japanese, the national psyche suffers while its neighbors can never be safe to bury their 20th Century memories of Japan's warcrimes. More:
The "incident " between Chinese and Japanese boats took place on September 7th, 2010. New agressions now happen nearly every day.It is not the product of my imagination.
Guy Sorman
"Chinese vessels constantly patrol near Senkaku, harassing and sometimes sinking Japanese fishing boats"

After reading this line, it's clear the author is just imaginating when writing this article.
Only one country on earth has leverage with China and that's the country that happily gobbles up $400B of their exports every year. Unless that card is on the table, we have no leverage.