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Tim Groseclose

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Anyone who thinks "the media" has a liberal bias is way to gullible...

Groseclose should be run out of town on a rail! if you are learning from this guy your wasting your time!

I would say that Tim is a good shill though.
Maybe the reporter thinks she's more Reality Star than Sports Legend. That's a fair observation. And Jesus has nothing to do with it.
I wonder how many Olympic events Longman ever competed in. What a sad little man. Truly pathetic!
The NYT is simply fishwrap.
Beyond that it's not worth commenting on.
Being a Christian is not easy, that we all Christ's Faithful know it! But we choose this path because we love and honor Christ's Teachings and Values above all!!!
Tim Groseclose says " nearly any top hurdler can win a race". The fact is that in the women's 100 m. hurdles, the gold medal winner at the London games has only been beaten once in the last 12 months at international level, over the many Diamond League meets that have taken place around the world.
Jones didn't get a medal. Enough said.
"Everyone who wants to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted." (II Tim.) She should wear it as a badge of honor.
Extolling virtue implicitly criticizes the lack of virtue. The NYT writer undoubtedly was angered at how Ms. Jones's values reflected badly on his mother.
Pssst! Don't tell anybody, but she did NOT win a medal. Who'd have thought?
As my mom used to say, "That machine has an off button," and they don't send you that newspaper unless you sign up and pay for it, which my wife and I stopped doing a long time ago.
They hate her because she's a virgin and actually has values.
Amazingly enough, this still surprises me. I would have thought the Times' eagerness for a great human-interest story would trump their disgust at her dismaying lifestyle.