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Troy Senik
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This is the first common sense article I have seen coming from anyone in California in a long time since the animal rights radicals have taken over the state. Lying about how things are done is a constant with animal rights. Also a constant is to impose their view of the world onto others by harassing them out of business. They did it to pet shops when the majority of pet owners who bought from pet shops were satisfied. Undoubtedly they will come out of the wood work to castigate this author, but frankly its time the citizens of this state stood up to this cult that has taken over California. Animal rights is not about animal welfare and they lie to push their point of view because their goal is to end all domestic animals. Not just their use but to actually cause them to become extinct by banning all use. So this isn't about goose liver it is however about your rights to own property and to eat meat if you so choose. IT is about end the concept of pet ownership, eating meat, and having medicines that work for both animals and humans. This is a cult and it uses people to line their pockets. HSUS is finally being taken to court for criminal activity. HSUS takes your money and buys your representative to vote against your right to own a pet of your choice. It isn't about taking care of animals as they never do. It is about ending the concept of pet ownership and raising animals for food.
The worhties of the CA political class cannot learn from other people's failures in more ways than foie gras. The Legislature's attitude toward gun control is pathetically regressive. A cap+ trade greenhouse gas suppression program will flower next year, and it has already driven out major cement producers, so that cement will become an import...and more expensive. We will have our own High Speed Rail project, which will benefit very few even if it ever is completed. A stunning culmination of mismanagement, hubris and determined stupidity.
Laurella Desborough August 02, 2012 at 9:25 PM
Bravo! Well stated. Let the consumers purchase the foods they choose...Let the legislators focus on the serious matters facing the state.
What is wrong with politicians? I have never heard of so many ordinances, bills, laws, indexing etc. of birds, dogs, cats, etc. So far they have ruined breeding programs, businesses, and it seems to always have a huge fine, big licenses for the consumer. It does not stop here, they have continued to slam away by using general terms; which causes confusion in the laws that they are responsible. Thank you Jenny for bringing yet another situation that the people need to stand up and let their voices be heard.
If force feeding fowl caused them to vote for democrats, I doubt the Cal legislators would object to it.
The good folks living outside California believe our state is a nice place to visit but there’s something definitely peculiar about us Californians – and they could be right. And it might surprise those same good folks to learn our state legislators feel exactly the same way about their constituents. Many among our elected employees in Sacramento believe the ultimate solution is to fire us citizens and elect a new group of voters. As an electoral group, we fall woefully short of perfection in numerous ways. For example, we don’t enjoy paying higher taxes – go figure what that nonsense is all about. And without higher taxes how can we expect our legislators to Helicopter Mom us in ways they believe we would gladly welcome.

And don’t blame Arnold for this nanny state initiative, he’s currently retired, happily divorced and spends his days riding his bicycle around L. A. We only voted him in to replace Pete Wilson who was an idiot – but a likeable idiot. Luckily for us Californians, Arnold had never set foot inside one of our many Asian grocery stores or we’d be burdened with additional laws regulating our food. I mean has anyone noticed the crowding inside the live fish tanks in the local Asian version of Safeway? Too many fish cruelly forced to swim in too tiny a tank – and what about that smell?

Actually, we got off easy with this foie gras regulation which most of us have never eaten – it could have been far more stringent. What about those immensely popular 3 pound burrito purveyors? We dodged the bullet on regulations setting a maximum burrito size limit of 8 ounces – us fast foodies got off easy here, so what’s the fuss all about?
David W. Nicholas August 02, 2012 at 1:04 AM
"Having failed to take a lesson on the failures of excessive regulation from Chicago, California will likely learn from the Windy City’s example of repealing a law rather than seeing it so widely flouted."

You must be joking. California's political class doesn't learn from their mistakes, because they never make any...
I was born in East L.A. and really loved California. For the last 19 years I have watched the follies from the safety of Colorado. I don't even enjoy the visits back to see family, the locals are so surly or out of touch with reality they are not any fun to be around.
"Since the law prohibits only the sale of foie gras, not its distribution, stories of restaurants like Playground in Santa Ana—where buying a round of beer for the kitchen staff gets a “complimentary” serving of the delicacy delivered to your table—have been widespread."

During Prohibition there was a restaurant on Long Island New York called "Baloney John's". If you ordered a plate of cold cuts the house gave you a pitcher of beer.