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Nicole Gelinas
Decadence Destiny « Back to Story

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tma_sierrahills July 28, 2012 at 5:17 PM
Good review of an interesting book, although all of these things to some extent end up displaying the fine art of tiptoeing around the elephant in the room.
Interesting, corruption in New Orleans and the state was and still is going on. Maybe New Orleans should have gotten rid of the French rather than various native Indian cultures.

A New Orleanian.
Methinks Nichole could write about the lifecycle of a mud puddle and it would be charming and witty and just plain well-written. You can sense she won't fade away but by chice. I think I love her.
"He “obtained not only the sole proprietorship of Spain’s North American fur trade, but the extraordinary privilege of overseeing his own contract,” Powell notes. Practices in this vein invited illegal corruption and ratified a sort of legal corruption, which still governs New Orleans."

Not to mention the Too Big Too Fail Banks, the sleazy commodities firms, and the brokerage houses that treat the SEC like their own in-house compliance department. Some things never change. Human nature, I guess.