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Jeremy Rozansky
San Bernardino’s Route to Bankruptcy « Back to Story

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I am surprised that the author did not address the demographic change that has taken place in San Bernadino over the past 20 years. That cannot have been inconsequential.
If all these big name liberal celebrities would donate money to the state, and to the cities that are facing bankruptcy, rather than giving millions to Obama to help him buy the presidency again, this would be a step in the right direction.
The entire state and the country would thank you.
Is there any need to repeat what has already been written about the corrupt relationship between public sector unions and the Democratic Party?

San Bernadino and other cities that have or shortly will declare bankruptcy are part of a continuum, with Detroitification and bankruptcy the end result of the unholy relationship between public sector unions and the Democratic Party. It is a testament to the power of the unions and the Democrats over the media that what is happening doesn't get any real attention. All of this is out in the open, the corrupting influence of this relationship is there for all to see, but in the absence of an outcry by anyone, even Republicans, the Democrats and the unions are able to squeeze taxpayers with abandon.

The only way to deal with this is situation is by fleeing, which for Democrats is perfectly ok, since it allows them to consolidate power. And that's what's happening - those who can, leave, and those who can't live under Democratic repression and dependent on government, their families shattered, their communities criminalized, the will to be educated gone. It is amazing that this stark contrast isn't front page news.

We are truly becoming two Americas.
An outrage!
I did not know that voters in San Bernardino are so numb about the fiscal problem their City Council has been facing for years without requesting to reform the pension system. It also arouses me another question why investors lend them money seeing no strong base of tax revenue?