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Benjamin A. Plotinsky
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The MTA is the worst type of governmental agency. It is appointed, has a monopoly and is answerable to no one. A hotbed of corruption and cronyism reknowned for its waste and largesse. As a Rockaway resident I had tolls imposed to pass within my own zip code; I have seen service disruptions, closures, and fare increases. And $13 to cross the 45 year old Verrazano Bridge? Fuhgeddaboudit!
I've counted at least 10x where bus drivers have flat out shut the door in my face (while still in the station) and made me wait 20 minutes in the dark of night for the next bus. And I've encountered rude token clerks who refuse to combine Metrocard balances (I'd rather deal with a machine anyday if there was an option to do it on those machines.).

These are the people who deserve to retire at 55 with a large pension?
I find it sad or hilarious (or both?) that we have the worst subway system of any world class city and the MTA has the audacity to trumpet these improvements.

The Paris Metro and London Tube have had countdown timers for a decade or more and only recently have we begun to have them in select stations. And the MTA has to hail this accomplishment with these posters all over their subway cars. Not to mention the countless late subways and changed schedules.

Most ironic is that one of the new ads is called "fast track. " It involves shutting down trains on weekends for service. Causing massive diversions on weekends is "fast? " That's as big a misnomer as the "Democratic Republic of North Korea. "
I was born and raised in NYC (Queens actually) and left when I was 18; there was a war being waged in the SE Asia and I felt an obligation to serve my country. After 25 years of service in the U.S. Navy I had no desire to go back to NYC and now live happily in the West (not California!!). I understand why New Yorkers accept anything that is thrown at them; they're sheeple, love to be led about by the nose and haughtily believe the country ends at the Hudson River.
BelindieBartscrivner August 18, 2012 at 4:56 PM
Do you remember the Subway Poetry series?
The Cortland St. station also features a large billboard inviting riders to "Meet the Station Manager", who in a large, unsmiling photograph icily casts her glare at all who pass by. The Ministry of Truth would approve.
Here in Scandinavia propaganda from state, municipalities and public monopolies flies in your face whereever you go.

The lousier their performance and service gets, the more money they spend praising themselves.

Good article.

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