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Daniel DiSalvo
The Great Remigration « Back to Story
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I find it quite interesting that some of the least ethnically "diverse" states are also the ones that have elected non-white candidates to high office.

Were Mia Love to be elected to Congress in 2012, she would represent one of, if not these, whitest district in America.

Could it be that we're really post-racial after all?
[T]he liberal North’s failure to integrate African-Americans into the mainstream.
Spare me. The fault lies not with the cities, but with the African-Americans.
Is this a serious article? The 'great' migration killed once prosperous cities. Cities are pieces of acreage filled by people. They are not independent entities.
History teaches us no group of people is destined to live anywhere in particular – migration is the historical norm from movements like the Magyar migration from the Urals to modern day Hungary or ancient Asian tribes crossing the Bering Strait to eventually become a people known as the pre-Colombian Aztecs. What should surprise us isn’t the re-migration of blacks to the South but rather the creation of modern day Indian Reservations we refer to as urban ghettos. And while the San Carlos Reservation of Arizona doesn’t much resemble modern day Detroit in geographic features there are distinct similarities. For example, the Apaches of San Carlos are among the poorest of Native Americans with a median household income of $14,000 and, like Detroit, unemployment among the residents is very high.

No one migrates into San Carlos but out-migration isn’t uncommon, leaving a resident population dwindling to below 10,000 souls. And, like the Apache Gold casino of San Carlos, Detroit has also discovered casino gambling as a way to attract gamblers and their much needed dollars.

Originally, the federal government forced diverse Apache tribes into an inhospitable area lacking water and other means to support life which is a situation not parallel to the original African-American migration into today’s urban ghettos like Detroit, Chicago, Cleveland, South Bend, Toledo, Flint, etc. But, unlike San Carlos, our government finds ingenious ways to dump our tax dollars into these racial enclaves in exchange for votes. Not much national attention – or racial guilt - is directed towards the poverty and unemployment within San Carlos while exactly the opposite is true for reservations like Detroit or Chicago. Yet, it’s hard not to see the cultural and economic similarities.
Lots of loathsome racism in the coments...

Let me tell you white supremacists something...

People of Color have many children

white people do not have children

white women are increasingly having children with Men of Color

soon whites will be a minority in the USA

we had better treat People of Color better so that they will treat us nicely when they take power
The migration from the inner cities of the North to the cities and rural communities of the once-segregated South is not just a movement of retirees and adult families. Many black families, particularly those headed by single mothers, send the children back South to spend summers with aunts or grandparents. The inner cities of the North are extremely violent and dangerous year-round, and in the summer, when the public schools, which function as little more than a baby-sitting service for so much of the urban population, are closed, the streets are a very dangerous place for children to play or just hang out. There is no father in the picture to watch out for the children, take them to the park or to the beach or to the movies while mom is out working or at home fast asleep.

The rural areas of the South are as a rule a lot safer for children just to be children. Plus their mothers continue to collect a wide array of government benefits for the children - food stamps, welfare, WIC, etc.- even though they are not supporting the children for the summer months, so it's a little extra cash for mom.
Having grown up in Cleveland,I watched it go to ruin.Why??? The mass migration north.
Businesses gone,neighborhoods decimated.As a child, I had seen newly arrived immigrants cleaning the sidewalks in front of their homes ,with a broom and a bucket of water.In 15yrs time, it became too dangerous to walk anywhere on that once cared for street ,now littered, neglected and homes abandoned.
I can never go back to my childhood home.It's been bulldozed down to just an empty lot.
When I was in college 40 years ago, I wrote a paper in a Sociology class on the migration of blacks from the South to work in war plants in the North and West in WW 2.
This excellent article sort of completes the circle.