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Stefan Kanfer
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The list was prepared from the perspective of social historians, not of literary critics. Which explains why Uncle Tom's Cabin would be on there. It WAS socially influential, right? I don't agree with Mr. Kanfer's snarky remark that they were especially "politically correct". I might have feared that but I just don't see it. A handful of books by Black authors about American Black experience hardly makes them "omnipresent". Those books have become required reading at many high schools and colleges over the past 40 years so they really ARE shaping modern society more than are less-read classics such as Wolfe's Look Homeward Angel, Prescott's Conquest of Mexico or Veblen's Theory of the Leisure Class. A few books are "stand-ins" for a genre (like Zane Gray's Western) or a series (the Federal Works Project's series, employing writers during the Depression to describe each of the 48 States). Summarizing: I think it's not such a bad list, but no such list can possibly, possibly please everyone. In fact I can't even come up with a definitive list of the books that have most influenced ME...
James - Longdrycreek Ranch July 04, 2012 at 10:49 AM
I am surprised that "Democracy in America" and the McGuffey Readers did not make the list. Obviously, the "historians" and "literature specialists" were thinking multicultural and progressive in their selection.
The older I become the less I trust those who claim to know. I discover they know little because the education that shaped them is defective and untrustworthy. They are like a map that is littered with mistakes. If taken at face value, one will miss the road and end up in the wrong destination.
I don't think the intention was to list the best books, but rather a list of books that fed average people's imaginations and influenced their thought over the past hundred or more years. No list will please everyone -- it's just not possible -- but I thought the writer did a very decent job in picking out iconic books. I don't think I could have done better, or anyone else either.
Maybe the number isn't arbitrary. Maybe they picked the books they thought belonged in the list and stopped, not having a particular number in mind beforehand.
I am glad they put a Hemmingway book on the list. Hugh Thomas, the great historian, said that Hemingway's FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS was the greatest book EVER written on the Spanish Civil War and one of the wisest when it came to the great ideological clashes of the 20th century. I admire much of Hemingway's work -which is uneven, especially in later years-but For Whom the Bell Tolls is certaily his masterpiece. I think it ranks higher than OLD MAN AND THE SEA or THE SUN ALSO RISES or A FAREWELL TO ARMS. I do agree the list is very PC. Garrity did much better in his book 1001 Things everyone should know about US history.
No autobiography US Grant, Benjamin Franklin or the newly released Mark Twain sensation. We do get Malcolm X with the PC agenda along with Our Bodies Ourselves and Feminine Mystique and a snub to Alice Walker, Oprah and Color Purple. But the big big omission, by far the most controversial, jaw dropping really, nothing, nothing by Barack Obama! Maybe next year.