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John J. Pitney, Jr.
Top-Two Blues « Back to Story

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DAVE PHILLIPS in Reno, NV July 05, 2012 at 3:36 PM
VERY THOUGHTFUL - Am e-mailing for further reading. HIGH RESPECT for its author, who is still successfully "teaching on the edge of civilization" in Claremont! ** THe HOn. ABEL MALDONADO [R.], mentioned in article: It now running vs. Mrs. Lois Capps [D.] for the US Congressional seat in Santa Barbara County -- BOTH have ca. $1M EACH in war chests - to me: An obscene amount of money, while both are still "passing the White Collar begging cup" for more funds! "OMG"! -30- ;-)
Huh. Should we not at least have a Legislature elected under the new system to declare it a failure?
This is a good story, but it is not completely accurate when it says the US Supreme Court upheld the top-two system in March 2008. The US Supreme Court did not decide the ballot access and trademarks issues (see footnote 11). The case is still alive. Also the US Supreme Court did not decide whether the top-two system in Washington is unconstitutional on freedom of association grounds as applied.
Stem cells, bullet trains, Prop 25 for majority vote for "balanced" budgets, and now Prop 14: we should be experiencing a lot of buyer's remorse for many results of direct democracy. It's called mob rule for a reason. And don't let the folks who continue to blame Prop 13 for the deficits say our taxes are too low. But what do I know? I voted against Prop 29 because obviously I support cancer and Big Tobacco!