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Stefan Kanfer
The Nonagenarian Whiz Kid « Back to Story

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Ray was my friend and mentor. I was at his bedside till the end, but I never heard his John Huston impression. He liked mine, and I used to "become" Huston occasionally, so that he could do a little cathartic sparring with the director who'd once antagonized him (Ray's barbs were pointed but never cruel; he always looked for ways to transform bad feelings into something constructive). It's been a rough month. This is one of the better remembrances I've seen.
Harvey Stanbrough June 13, 2012 at 11:29 AM
Absolutely excellent memorial. Thanks Stefan.
Heavens! You forgot Dandelion Wine, which could only have been written by a wide-eyed kid from the Heartland.
Bradbury was also a mainstay at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books for many years.
Ellen, he did attend at least one LA con. I saw him at the LA Worldcon in Anaheim back in 2006, where he told the Mr. Electro story.
Gee whiz, yes.

He never traveled, and didn't attend even the science fiction conventions in L.A. that I came out for, so I never met him (ferociously jealous of you!), but I have been haunted by his writing for over half a century. He has always been one of my favorite writers.
In the early 1960's Isaac Asimov wrote an article in which he tried to "define" science fiction in all its aspects. This was just before the 'new wave' movement of the '60's tore apart the straight- jacketing the genre had been in for years.

In the article, Asimov said that Ray Bradbury was in a catagory all his own.

In pace requiescat.
"Dandelion Wine" is one of my favourite books. It is an extraordinary evocation of pre war suburban life and of the world of pre-teen childhoood apparently now sadly closed off to most children today.
RIP Ray, Love your work. Here's a great book about Ray from Amazon! Enjoy!
Thanks, Steve. The Martian Chronicles enchanted me and my very first published works were sci-fi. I loved Ray Bradbury.
Btw I see you've written about Bogie. When my husband was younger, everyone called him Bogie because he looked and sounded so like the original. No, that's not why I married him...but I will buy him your book.
Excellent. A perfect summing up with marvelous insight. Ray was not only talented; he was also a very gracious individual.