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Heather Mac Donald
Pot Possession and the Police « Back to Story

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B. Samuel Davis June 20, 2012 at 4:34 PM
25 grams is just under an ounce, which is 28 grams.

If I remember my college days in the 70's, an ounce was the standard unit when buying marijuana - I seem to recall an ounce of Columbian costing $40. that's about twice as much as the early 70's when $20 was the standard price.

I further understand that, like everything else prices (and potency) have risen since the 70's.
The real issue is why are the 1% elites in NYC allowed to live by different rules than the rest of the country?
Michael Hamilton June 14, 2012 at 4:30 PM
"Dealers usually sell baggies containing amounts larger than 25 grams."

This makes you sound stupid.

I assume that you're not, but it really looks like you're getting into issues that you are completely unfamiliar with. 25 grams of cannabis cost several hundred dollars.

"The time officers save by not having to go to court for an arrest could increase patrol presence on the street and free them up for additional enforcement activity."

So does this. Is this sentence the first time you've heard the term public choice?
Black liberal former mayor David Dinkins himself implied both that crime control must focus on black people, and that Nazi police tactics are needed. When the administration of succeeding mayor Rudolf Giuliani made its initial huge reduction in crime, Dinkins was asked to comment on his prior assertion that there was little police could do about crime until the root causes -- racism, poverty and economic inequality -- were dealt with. He answered that, when he made that statement, he was not considering the possibility of using "Nazi police tactics."

No group in America suffers more from racism, poverty and economic inequality than blacks, so if the root causes of crime concentrate their effects upon black people, then it is among black people that the fight against crime must concentrate.

Nor can we wait until the root causes of crime have been dealt with. Since a high crime rate promotes poverty by driving away commerce, and a high rate perpetrated by black people creates racism even among those who were not previously racist, crime itself re-creates its own root causes. We cannot eliminate the root causes of crime until we first eliminate crime itself.

Nor can we just tolerate crime among those most victimized by its root causes -- not if racial discrimination in real estate is to be forbidden.

Since, according to Mayor Dinkins, police cannot do much about crime absent the use of "Nazi tactics" -- either we must look beyond the police and encourage ordinary private citizens to arm themselves and fight crime, or we must authorize police to use "Nazi tactics.

Perhaps a combination of the two would be best.
The US is now filled with 'groups' which are bent on casting any real or imagined historical biases of any level as being an ever present oppression against which they are entitled state-sponsored protection, regardless of the costs to society. This amounts to an infantilized attitude of 'you can't stop me from doing what I want, because that makes you a racist, bigot, misogynist, homophobe, or anti-something. Is it possible that we haven't reached bottom yet?
"Dealers usually sell baggies containing amounts larger than 25 grams."

Are you mad? No they don't. That's a huge amount of marijuana. Additionally, nobody is demonizing the officers, they're criticizing the systematic departmental pressure on rank and file officers to keep arrest numbers up through petty marijuana misdemeanors via stop and frisk.
Delaware Cross:

You hit the nail squarely on the head - the stop and frisk outcry is all about Ray Kelly and the Democrats being back in control. And the Democratic media plays right along since they don't want Kelly either - these people could careless about high crime - it doesn't make one bit of difference to them. In fact, to Democrats the more crime the better since it's an excuse to squeeze more money from the feds.

It's a shame that the voters don't understand this, but let's face it, New York City is the belly of the beast when it comes to Democratic media.
As a socially liberal/economic conservative, I have two points to make: Legalize marijuana and be done with it and all of the ancillary costs of enforcing this antiquated law. Secondly, as a person who works for the Phila. Police Dept, where Stop and Frisk is policy, eliminate it. As in the case of profiling for possible terrorists at airport check-in, without going after the likely suspects, those with guns and drugs, statistically most likely to be blacks and Hispanics. it is pointless. Plus, to stop and frisk without probable cause creates both safety problems for officers and financial problems for cities (lawsuits), with little gain from the policy.
NYTimes, NYCLU and others promote propaganda for their own purposes. No city has as good a police department as New York City. The statistics prove that. Propagandists never report them.
True enough as far as it goes. But there are stories, some direct from friends of mine, detailing extreme police abuse. One I know personally had his car stolen by the police, he was thrown in jail on trumped up felony charges, it took months to get his car back, and it had been destroyed deliverately by the police contract "storage" yard. Why? Because a stupie belligerent cop thought he knew more than the car's manufacturer where the VIN should be located, declared the owner/driver had moved it himself, and arrested him on a felony charge. In other incidents, the parking cops towed a car which had been legally parked, until a street crew came along and erected a no parking sign that morning. The tow truck followed the crew installing the new signs, towing the cars now parked "illegally". Then, there are the several well known felony busts of out of state visitors, unaware of NYC's insane firearms laws, doing what would have been perfectly normal and lawful at home, and thought it was there, too.... llives ruined on a "felony" firearms charge. Further, a number of people travelling with cased firearms lawfully checked and TSA inspected, covered by the Firearms Owners Protection Act (federal law), arrested in airports when rechecking their luggage.

Sorry, byt NYC is one place I will continue to avoid whenever possible, as their cops are belligerent, have strange imaginations, and are far too eager to make heavy busts of innocent people doing no harm to anyone but the oversized egos of the arresting cops. I've got better things to do with my time and money than prove my innocense against the corrupt legal system in your town.
The attack on the NYPD -- both stop and frisk and the pot laws -- is really aimed at preventing Police Commissioner Ray Kelly from succeeding Bloomberg as mayor. The Dems want that choice plum and its thousands of patronage jobs back on their side of the table.
Thank you Ms. Mac Donald for articulating (again) what every cop who actually makes these decisions knows, the numerical disparities have little to do with race and are mostly a result of deployment of resources. The deployment is based on reported crime. More cops in a minority neighborhood=more minorities being arrested. If the crime reports in minority areas were lower, there would be less cops there.

Thank you again.
Cuomo isn't he the pud crime boss owho ran HUD and introduced section 8 housing to formerly safe neighborhoods? Wasn't his pops the moron who used to quote Thomas Aquinas? Tisn't Andy the guy who threatened violence agin his ex wife? Such a brahmin boy?
B. Samuel Davis June 07, 2012 at 5:41 PM
The minority communities should thank former Mayor Giuliani every single day for the thousands of lives he's saved by his changes in the police department and other actions. Heather - you know this - under Dinkins the City was a MESS - I was there - I work in Jersey just across the (Lincoln) tunnel, my mother lives on West 57th, my sister at a video company in Times Square -

I remember David Dinkins New York. It was a dying city - the Democratic Party came perilously close to killing New York. No one who was there can possibly deny this without looking stupid - in fact, Giuliani is how this lifelong Democrat, in a family (like many others) where being a Democrat is as natural as having two arms and two legs, finally woke up and realized just what the Democrats really are.

Anyone who was there knows this - Guiliani came in and transformed New York, everything changed after he became mayor - everything. Giuliani did things that for decades people said could NEVER be done, and we all assumed couldn't be done. After all Koch was supposed to be a great mayor and if he couldn't do it how could anyone - Times Square, the crime rate, everything.

I remember the hookers by the Port Authority and on 42nd St. - we used to hang out in Times Square in high school and talk (only talk!) to the working girls. But, this was in the 70's - by ca. 1989 the City was a truly dangerous place - this was the time of Bernie Geotz, the riots, the squeegee people, the 'Dating Room', Peep Land, we used to call the place the human dump.

At that time no one - NO ONE - could possibly ever think that the City was headed any place but down. And no one - in their wildest dreams - could have thought that crime would be reduced anywhere near what Giuliani was able to do - no one. And forget about everything else - in 1989 New York was anarchy.

Giuliani did the impossible, but since he had an "R" after his name the elites in the New York media never liked him - to them his first name was always 'facist.' And because of that to this day Giuliani never got the credit he clearly deserved, and, moreover what he should have got after being mayor, that is, either to be Governor or President.
These hypocrites in the Democratic media, the same people who excused and even adored Bill Clinton for everything including attempted rape, and abusing a young intern, actually had the nerve to get on about Guiliani's personal life!

You and I both know that Giuliani would have made a GREAT President, probably one of the greatest. He was exactly the right person at the right time - and yet he only squeaked by Dinkins - as awful as Dinkins was, he almost beat Giuliani! If that had happened New York would look a whole lot like Buffalo or even Detroit right now.

Instead Guiliani saved New York, but never got the credit for it - all we hear about is what he did on 9/11. Great as that was, it only revealed the character of the guy who truly, truly SAVED New York.

And yeah, this is off the subject, but in a way it isn't since the same brain dead attitude under which one of the greatest leaders of the 20th Century failed to be President, is at work here. Stop and frisk? Every New Yorker should decide right now whether they want to go back to Dinkins era New York. Heck, even as a kid in the suburbs in the 70's, I had my share of being frisked, even strip searched once - it's something you expect, and it isn't harmful or humiliating, and it's a small price to pay for freedom from crime.

As for 'racism' the people calling it that are the same people who would be screaming at the police if the crime rate was high. Actually, that's not true - these same people seemed to be quite comfortable with lots of crime. And don't even get me started on how Democratic policies are designed to shatter families and increase crime and government dependence, since the poor and dependent vote almost 100% for Democrats.

You just have to have faith that the people will ignore the Democratic demagogues who could care less about the people they profess to be protecting, or in whose interest they prattle about, as well as the brainwashed Democratic media elites.

It may not matter anyway - with Bloomberg's term ending soon the Democratic crooks are going to be back in control, and you can tell they are chomping at the bit. It's only a matter of time before they reverse everything Giuliani was able to accomplish, and we can all go back to calling the City the human dump.

Thanks to Heather MacDonald for once again stating the truth clearly, emphatically, and fearlessly - that stop and frisk of minorities is due to most crimes being committed by minorities. No liberal news outlet dares admit that. Because of stop and frisk, I am much safer in my neighborhood in New York. MacDonald is one of my favorite writers on City Journal. The truth is being evaded in the Times and distorted on NPR. WNYC will never get my contribution. Nor will I subscribe to the Times.
Its time to stop arresting adults who smoke marijuana responsibly. I'm tired of living in fear that I'll be arrested for my choice of marijuana instead of alcohol. It's no different than being persecuted over religion or gender preference. It's terribly unfair that this moralistic crusade is trying to take away my family, house, job, freedom and really the only recreational substance I can enjoy. I'm not a criminal, I'm an American.