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Christian Schneider
What Wisconsin Taught Us « Back to Story

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Nunzio Splendorio June 08, 2012 at 4:30 PM
None can disagree that bloated public sector pensions, with their loaded overtime and "last, best, 3 years" as a basis for making calculations of benefits was an lousy deal for the budget. That pension largesse was what alienated conservatives, as well as private sector unionists, whose pensions are calculated on a more equitable "CAE" Career Average Earnings" formula, which hems much more closer to actual contributions.
At the same time, diviseness and rancor aren't the solution. Inertia and gridlock in the legislature will only prevent additional change from being implemented. A divided electorate is not the sign of leadership. I find NY Governor Cuomo's approach of reform through dialogue more appealing.
That said, phrases like "Forced unionization" are like "labor boss" and "goons". They compromise the message being espoused. They are empty buzzwords, and delegitimize the author's message. People are free to declare "agency shop" or "financial core" membership and have a portion of their dues -the ones used for political purposes- refunded. I can't say the same for my companies's trade association, whose dues feed the coffers of some nasty lobbysists and worse politicians.
I don't hate working people or their right to organize and bargain. I hate waste and mismanaement, as should everyone. I am not convinced that Walker's approach will achieve much in the end.
The Washington Post -- ever a tribune for truth! -- said that Walker merely "survived" the recall, while the sane world -- even some card-burning Democrats --confessed that Walker had indeed won big. Is the Post on this same planet?
If only as in if only the realization claimed in this article was true.

On the contrary, Democrats are actually (and bizarrely) claiming victory, based on the gain of a Senate seat. Nothing slows down the Democrats, they will fight this to the last drop of taxpayer blood. the fact that the corrupt relationship between government unions and the Democratic Party actually hurts government workers in the long run makes not a bit of difference to these people. The Democratic party and government union colossus is as stupid as it is corrupt.

It is to be hoped that the voters will wake up to the fact that a system whereby the Democratic Party gets campaign cash from taxpayer dollars funneled through public unions is...well...bad. It shouldn't take a courageous politician to take this on - it should be the subject of "60 Minute" segments and mainstream investigative news reports, and NPR new stories.

But, alas, the foregoing would happen if the monies were going to Republicans - since the Democratic Party is beneficiary of this scheme the mainstream (i.e. original three networks, major newspapers and news services such as Reuters and Associated Press et als) maintains a conspiracy of silence. You simply cannot expect the likes George Stephenopoulos to go against his former employer. Or the other so called "journalists" in public and private broadcasting who are in the revolving door relationship with the Democratic Party.
That bit about how Walker lost jobs -- and then was discovered to have increased them since public sector reform, cannot go unnoticed. The US Bureau of Labor statistics likely committed outright fraud in its state unemployment numbers, in the name of a small statistical sampling. Wisconsins own state compiled statistics, which were more thorough but probably slower to compile and uninteresting to nationally controlled media, showed a fairly significant gain.

This is all part of the crookedness in DC that bends unemployment and other economic statistics to suit its own institutionalist agenda. Actual unemployment and inflation have been underreported for decades. And Lo! It is now GOP commentators who tell us that actual unemployment is 15 to 20%! What will they tell us about inflation? Anyone who goes grocery shopping knows it exists, but the Bernankists insist the world is suffering from deflation.

Say what you will about Wisconsin, but at least the residents may be recapturing some of their own sense of economic as well as political destiny.
Putting on my big turban I'll cleave the mysterious waters of the future and reveal that the failure of the recall of Governor Walker will disappear like a puff of smoke.

Lefties will simply put it firmly behind them and refuse to discuss it. It's an unfortunate occurrence that will be treated as an episode of societal incontinence meaning that only the rude or contemptible will make mention of it.
Ventura Capitalist June 06, 2012 at 3:16 PM
With Wisconsin, San Jose and San Diego, maybe the adults are finally starting to take back our society from the poo-flinging progressives.