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Dalibor Rohac and Hemal Shah
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This tying of municipal development to the Olympics reminds me of the Chunnel, but with one crucial difference. The Chunnel was a fully private venture where London got out of the way, except for a 50 year reverter clause to put it under public ownership. This is exactly how the Olympics should be run. Maybe private industry has better ideas on how to handle the logistics, and 50 years after the fact, they might be worthy of public ownership.

My favorite idea is to put the Olympics back in Greece, permanently. Private companies will gladly pay to maintain the now extant facilities. Hotels and resorts will permanently open on the assurance that business will boom at least every four years. Privatizations contemplated will net more money. Debt crisis solved!
Re Bill Elson: That's true of Stratford Regional. We were referring to Stratford International which was connected to the DLR in 2011.
It's called mass hysteria and it occurs with planned sports arenas. Owners feign interest in moving professional teams to another city to elicit public funding for construction a newer stadium. Regrettably, municipal leaders and the general public loose all common sense.
Not many people could of predicted that when London won the bid to host the games in 2005 that 2 years later the global recession would hit. I have a feeling London will be saddled with debt, much as Montreal was in 1976 and it took the city 30 years to pay off its Olympic debt!
All the boasting of creating an 'Olympic legacy' remains hollow when many young people are struggling to find employment and when they do it is of the cleaning/security nature. The part of of London where the Olympics are being held, is still mainly run down and its residents live with many social problems. I was in an area called East Ham near the Olympic stadium last week and it is the pits, with boarded up shops, lots of obesity and high levels of people not working. Most of the work carried out is of structural regeneration, not social as local people have not directly benefited, how can they when many of their problems run deep. Many Londoners like me feel apathetic towards the Olympic due to the feeling that London is too crowded and we feel it should of been held in one of our regional cities. Last like Bill Ellson has said Stratford DLR was built in 1987, what has happened in Stratford of late is the extension of the East London Line.
"...the area will benefit from the extension of the Docklands Light Railway line to Stratford"

The Docklands Light Railway to Stratford opened in 1987. Calling yourself a researcher does not make you one.