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Steven Greenhut
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The State is sinking and Sacramento is asleep
at wheel.

Steve thank you for enlighting the public.
B. Samuel Davis May 18, 2012 at 12:52 PM
Where does this end? Even if the tax increases are enacted, it is still a one shot - the new taxes will no doubt drive more businesses away even as poorer immigrants continue to enter the state. There are no jobs for these people thanks to Democratic policies in California.

So where does it end?

As I've argued elsewhere, California (and elsewhere) Democrats view the loss of business not as a detriment but as a benefit - they fully understand that poor financial conditions drive Republicans out of the state, consolidating power in the Democrats who remain. So as power grow, further policies are enacted which drive out more Republicans, who are replaced with poor immigrants.

Democrats know full well that two thirds of immigrants vote for Democrats in the entirely (and tragically) mistaken belief that Democratic policies help poor people.

The foregoing mistake IS tragic - Democratic policies are expressly designed to maintain the poverty status quo while at the same time enriching those who make money working the phony quasi-governmental poverty industry, as well as government employees themselves. The result? Economically it will look like a third world country - few rich, lots and lots of poor, and very well heeled government workers, party apparatchiks and intelligentsia, employed at the universities.

It is also a ponzi scheme, with the end result looking something like Detroit for the cities. And it is supported by a Democratic media that has an open door policy with those institutions supported under corrupt Democrats - the educational system, including higher education as one of many examples.

The liberal billionaires who support this system are in it for corrupt purposes as well, although their motives are far more murky. However, Soros, for example. has made it clear that his motivation is financial. One wonders at how and why an 82 years old man so consumed by greed.

But I really digress.

The Democrats are full of sound and fury in California but their actions signify nothing but business as usual. I've mentioned many times the Democratic caused destruction of the black community - done while maintaining close to 100% of the vote -as the crowning achievement of Democratic policies. In that destruction we see the Democratic pattern for the future, a pattern being implemented statewide in California.

One of these days there will no place to hide from the Democratic locusts who are consuming California and other places. For now, control of the majority of major media allows these people near total control over the nations agenda. Education - real education as to the motives, methods and madness of these people is our only hope in stopping the madness. God help us if we fail.
Over the past couple of years, I've seriously considered moving back to California after being gone most of my life. Some areas are wonderful, and very attractive for many reasons. Three things, two interreiated heavily, have determined I will not make such a move. First, the stupid regulatory climate makes it impossible for a small business to prosper, and I operate a small business for my main source of income. It can move anywhere.... but California's rules and regulations make moving there overly risky. The other issues, extremely high crime rates, and the denial of my rights as a human being as detailed and guaranteed in the Second Ammendment, have settled the matter solidly. I will NOT voluntariy, and without a fight, surrender my means of personal protection against violent or confiscatory behaviour. Until California makes a clear about face on these issues, I will not consider a move there. The rabid anti-gun climate and laws there are precisly what leads to the high crime rates. The personal risk is simply too great.
This whole thing has been a shocker to me. I would never have thought Governor Moonbeam corrupt. I guess Californization has gotten to everyone now.
The article states: "Nobody seems to understand that relying on fewer and fewer rich people to fund a greater share of the state budget is a doomed proposition."

Need evidence? Here's a chart showing income tax receipts from 2007 (before the crash) and 2009 (after the crash). The chart compares the decrease from revenues overall and from the lucrative taxpayers that make $1 million or more in taxable incomes.

CHART: Changes from 2007 to 2009: Comparing California Income Taxpayers vs. $1 Million+ Taxpayers

Due to the downturn, income for ALL Californians dropped by $143 BILLION dollars, down 16.4%. Consequently, income tax revenue from ALL Californians also dropped, by 10.8B or by 21.8%.

However, most of that drop happened among those lucky taxpayers that make $1 million or more in taxable income, mostly from capital gains on real estate or stocks. What happened to real estate and stocks in 2008/2009? Incomes for this group dropped by nearly $100B or 50.5%. Their effective tax rate actually increased slightly. But, because incomes dropped, so did taxes. Revenues from this group dropped by $9.5B, also 50.5%.

Governor Brown's tax hike relies even MORE heavily on this group. It's a foolish and ill-conceived "plan".
CHART: California Income Tax Brackets and Governor Brown's Tax Hike Proposal Compared to the HIGHEST Marginal Tax Rate in the Other 49 States

CHART: California State Sales Tax Rates and Governor Brown's Tax Hike Proposal Compared to the State Sales Tax Rate in the Other 49 States

Funny how only one state is tops in both in both categories. Despite having high taxes, California seems incapable of living within its means.

Who is bankrolling Governor Brown's tax hike initiative?

CHART: The Big Government and Union Special Interests Bankrolling Governor Brown's Tax Hike

Strange how these same names also appear on the list of California's biggest political spenders.

CHART: The 15 Biggest Spenders in California Politics
It would seem that ONLY a devastating financial crash in California will cause a difference in how the legislative and administrative branches function. California has been like watching a gigantic train wreck take place in slow motion. What I think happens is that the vast majority of the state experiences a BELL, Ca moment. Many crooks out there still waiting for their chance to loot the state.
I don't understand why with such overwhelming majorities in the house and senate, and a droning population, he doesn't propose an 80 prcnt tax increase? If A is supposed to work, why not B?
Donald Gotshalk May 17, 2012 at 8:47 PM
I live on the other side of the country but you can smell whats coming like you had your head in the sewer. I am going to have to rescue those pensions.