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B. Samuel Davis May 07, 2012 at 2:53 PM
why not get rid of the union altogether? There is no legal right under the law for governmental workers to unionize - this is something that the voters decide.

Public unions have been an unmitigated disaster - but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that allowing public unions to donate to one political party causes corruption of that party (the Democratic party) gives the unions what they want, with no consideration at all of what the taxpayer can afford. Public workers are so overpaid that taxes have to rise with the result that government can't afford the workers.

Public unions are a disaster, a monster that once created can't be destroyed since unions money keeps the Democrats in office. It's a corrupt bargain that has led directly to the destruction of California, New York, New Jersey - everywhere where public unions are allowed to unionize the result is the same - unaffordable workers cause budgets to expand until people vote on the system with their feet.

And, at its heart the relationship between the Democratic party and government workers is strangling the rest of us. This is only one example of this monstrous relationship.

How about this - government employees can unionize but can't donate money. Look at this chart:

This shows you the corrupt relationship between public unions and Democrats - it's how Democrats take taxpayer money to fund their campaigns.

How can anyone seriously support this system?
Years ago, a prominent teachers union official, I think it was Albert Shanker, declared that the union will represent student interests when students pay dues.
And isn't this shameful union coercion an exact manifestation of this disgraceful belief.