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Christian Schneider
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That is a bunch of bs! Before Walker, I didn't have to worry about satisfying almost 2,000 dollars every six months for my medical care. I am diabled in a bad way and my mind wants to go and make more money, but my body won't let me. I live on $791.00 per mo. I get foodshare of $63 per mo. My income only went up by 27 dollars this year and I pay over $100.00 for my RX's. I am going into deep debt because I cant seem to catch a breath here. Don't judge if you aren't in the system. I am and feel so stuck. I want to make my own money, however I had to come to the realization I never will and that is a reality I don't wish on anybody!
Americans have entered a period during which greed is being redefined by the ascendant Democrats as any political policy that diminishes the regular increase of monies to any level of government employee. Americans who will not approve the expenditures wanted by public unions, taxpayers who resist the confiscation of their incomes and properties, citizens who ask why the enormous amounts already spent on public projects and private political cronies have failed to produce anything of worth are treated as the new skinflints, the new enemies of the people, the new examples of unbridled greed.

Money thrown into the bottomless pit that is the public shools, money spent on the unbelievably pricy so-called green energy sources, the infinite expenses of health care insurance and retirements for millions of public employees, have resulted in greater failure in American education, useless college degrees, corrupt, incompetent, and abusive public servants, and bankrupt political boondoggles like the Chevy Volt and Solyndra--not to mention, a national indebtedness that promises to destroy us. The new America of the Democratic Party and Mr. Obama is almost here.
One could argue that the more moderate approach adopted by Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo is better. He introduced a new pension tier for public employees, negotiated with the state's two largest unions and got pay freezes for no layoffs, thus saving the state hundreds of millions while earning public support and no real rancor from Labor. I don't see how diviseness, recall elections and aggression helped anyone.
If Wisconsin voters are stupid enough to recall a fiscally responsible governor in favor of a cadre of profligate unions, then they will deserve the pain that awaits them and their children further down the road.
The fight in Wisconsin has nothing to do with collective bargaining. It is all about the loss of $72 Million annually in union dues that, until Scott Walker, were collected by the state at taxpayer expense. Now the unions have to get off of their "collective" lazy butts and get their own dues. Further, union membership is no longer mandatory for public workers. The pubic is starting to wake-up to the corrupt connections between the Unions, Organized Crime and the Democrat Party.
B. Samuel Davis May 02, 2012 at 11:12 AM
Jim, Seamus - you address the article in pieces, and don't address at all the difference between the way Illinois addressed their fiscal problems and Wisconsin, which is what the article was all about. About telling us how and why what Illinois did was better than Wisconsin?

And how do you defend the fact that public unions donate all their money to one party? Isn't there something corrupt about government employee unions using money that essentially comes from the taxpayers to help elect those who make the decisions on wages and benefits? in this situation just who speaks for the taxpayers, who are getting royally rooked by the both Democrats and unions?

When this argument is presented the usual response from Democrats or unoins supporters (as if there is a difference!) is to change the subject, and to point to some irrelevancy by comparison. But, the point is, the Democrat Party's top donors are public employee unions - look it up - and, it is no surprise that once in office Democrats throw money at public employees, to the detriment of, well everybody, including, as noted by the article - government employees.

Show me a blue state that is doing well under these circumstances - you won't find one, since in those states where Democrats have been successful (as a result of heavy financing by public employee unions) taxpayers are bled white. And both people and business respond by leaving - in New York, New Jersey and California for example.

But, back to Wisconsin. The article is mostly about the comparison to Illinois and Wisconsin - if Illinois correctly addressed it fiscal problem and Wisconsin did not then tell us. Tell how the corrupt relationship between public employee unions and the most corrupt organization on the planet - the Democratic party - helped the citizens of Illinois and hurt the citizens of Wisconsin.

You won't be able to do it, since the corrupt and corrupting relationship between public employee unions and the Democratic Party is indefensible.

And, finally, don't expect the truths in this article to get very much publicity. Among the many many corrupt aspects of the Democrats, is their revolving door relationship with most major media. Democratic media, whose power has been whittled away in recent years, still manages to control the national agenda.

Seamus: The relationship between public-sector unions and government is the very essence of corruption. Let's see, unions and politicians "negotiate" union contracts with unions using dues to underwrite the campaigns of those same politicians who agree to those deals. The people on the hook for the money are those NOT in the room, THE TAXPAYERS!!! You are a union hack and know not of what you speak.
How lovely. A litany of lies and half truths promulgated by a mouthpiece for a notorious right wing organization. State workers have always contributed to both their health care costs and retirement. Walker gave hundreds of millions in payoffs to rich contributors in the form of 'tax incentives and refunds", gave "bonuses" to political appointees, and just gave $756 million dollars in state funding to road builders (his main political contributors) after rejecting $800 million in federal financing for rail construction. This is the most corrupt administration in Wisconsin history. Not that readers of city journal would care.
Let's not get confused with the goal of unions. It is all "me first" encapsulated in the seniority rules by which they willingly and joyfully jettison their dues paying brother or sister whenever needed to keep their pay higher. Shared sacrifice for a fellow member and his or her family? Get over it!!!
That "raise" in state revenues is due mostly to the fact that the federal government picked up a significant chunk of the tab in Medicaid expenditures...Wisconsin had to pick up its normal contribution to the program under Walker, which was supposed to be 1.8 billion...Walker only funded 1.2 billion instead.

How many poor children needing a new wheelchair were behind that? Not the ones who won't get a chair....