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Charles C. Johnson
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Nicely written. Thank you Charles for sharing this.
In the late 70s, the "vietnamese boatpeople" were placed in Philly, between the Unversity of Pennsylvania campus in the slums of West Philly. These were burned out tenements. The Vietnamese came in 1978-ish and opened fruit stands, worked their asses off and were out of those buildings by the time I graduated in 1981. Industrious folks had worked their way from Saigon to the ghetto and out in 4 years.Didn't speak the language. War ravaged. Broken families. THAT was better than any college degree from an Ivy League school. The local indiginous West Philly population? Fought them in the streets. And the ghetto still exists. Blame the media.
The liberal media must stop perpetuating the myth of black victimhood and report the omnipresent threat of black criminals.

Crime is a huge social problem in the ghetto but the media is afraid to touch the topic. By avoiding the elephant in the room, they enable the problem to continue.
Fine commentary which honest citizens should read and know. The racial bigotry towards Koreans is underappreciated by the public at large and that is a signal failure. The complicity of the liberal media is staggering.
Well done.
The odds are very high that Treyvon will lead to a new summer of riots. There was already a gang mugging in Mobile AL that looks very much like a "neighborhood" anti-white uprising -- that is already buried in the mass media.

What I took away from the 1992 LA riot was how quickly Bush '41 moved to salve the issue with promises of immediate federal aid, courtesy of the head of the Small Business Administration at his side. Of course no one wanted loans that would be on their backs for decades to rebuild what effectively could not exist again. There was not a peep of moral outrage at this disorder, except from the late James Q. Wilson, who blamed the overpopulation of Mexican undocumenteds for the looting (in later writings, Wilson would approach these immigrants ambiguously, pointing out their willingness to stand on street corners in dedication to the search for work). Some interviews of the neighbors noted that immigration brought too many workers competing for too few jobs at stagnant wages. Again, the media buried the issue.

As we have an administration that believes Arizona's own police initiatives should be stifled in the name of good diplomatic relations with Mexico (read the SCOTUS transcript)and a president who is increasingly scored by commentators as a fueler of class and social resentment, I shudder to think what a long hot summer we have in store.
This is staggering. I'd read that the Korean storeowners were targeted by the black rioters, but I had no idea the damage was so horrific.

But I don't believe for a minute that there was some noble "racial anger" in particular, as many claim, that was the motive for the thugs' behavior. They just took it as a greenlight from the "bien-pensants" and Democrats who ruled the city to riot and steal and murder and pillage (with savage glee), as well as working off their envy of the Asians who, because they worked hard and obeyed the law, made successes of their lives, unlike the rioters. They knew they could steal TVs and loot liquor stores and attack and murder people and get away with it, simply by whining that they'd been "discriminated against."

And we no longer have a functioning Fourth Estate. What we have, ladies and gentlemen, is the Leftmedia -- toadies and lickspittles of the Left and protectors of their chosen vehicle, the Democratic [sic] Party. Liars who deliberately incite race riots with lies, as they're again doing in the "white Hispanic" George Zimmerman case, so they can keep feeding on the interracial hostility and maintain their insufferable sense of sanctimony. Cannibals.