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Heather Mac Donald
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NO, some are so ignorant and this will give them a reason to loot and kill like in LA 1965 & LA in 1992. I lived not far from there during both riots. YEAH, lets destroy our city, kill whitie and say it's for Trayvon. There have already been attacks on white people where the blacks say "This is for Trayvon". Gee, makes sense to me. These people weren't anywhere near FL and had nothing to do with the killing. 6 teens in Ohio beat up a frail 82 year old man saying "KILL THE WHITE MAN". "THIS IS FOR TRAYVON". IDIOTS.
"Actually, the LAPD (which, by 1992, was in fact enthusiastically engaged in community policing) did see the violence coming, but the department so feared provoking the “community” with visible riot preparations that it barely readied itself for the possible mayhem. And when the violence broke out at the intersection of Florence and Normandie Avenues, police supervisors initially held their cops back from intervening, lest a forceful response be caught on videotape and circulated worldwide as yet more proof of a brutal LAPD"

Exactly what has happened in Cincinnati. Following numerous violent reactions to proactive policing, police now simply pick up the bodies after the murders, which continue unabated at the rate of about one a week. Invariably black on black. No more confrontations.
I seriously doubt that Zimmerman will be convicted. The evidence produced thus far simply does not support a conviction but, perhaps more importantly, it only takes one holdout to hang a jury.

I'm betting it's not possible to find a jury in Florida that doesn't have at least one member who is sympathetic to Zimmerman's plight.

Will an acquittal or a hung jury lead to blacks rioting? Of course. Rioting has become a rite of passage for young blacks. Any excuse will suffice.
"And if violence is still prevalent in those neighborhoods, despite the tireless efforts of the police to protect residents, perhaps Rice should ask the parents of the gangbangers producing that violence why they aren’t controlling their kids."

What parents? Almost two thirds of black babies are being born to single mothers, many of whom are drug or alcohol addicted, and who are the second or third generation of their family on welfare. The culture of the inner city, steeped in pathology and black racism, is never going to change until blacks themselves stop making excuses.
B. Samuel Davis May 02, 2012 at 3:41 PM
You sometimes wonder if those who believe in the myth of modern racist America, where blacks are the perpetual victims of an unjust society, live in some cocoon of delusion, within which lives others who share the same delusion. The ability of these people to continue to see society in this fashion is stunning.

If in fact it is delusion. I think not - it is far more insidious (see below).

As for the racial tinderbox, it is everywhere. In Paterson, New Jersey, a few weeks ago a young black man died after riding a motorbike into a parked car. Somehow, a comment was made that a County Police vehicle left the scene of the accident. This later became support for the demonstrably false assertion that a police vehicle had caused the accident.

The rage directed in the black inner city community against the white community and the organs of state are totally and purposely manipulated so as to be misdirected. Blacks typically are in charge of cities with large African American populations, so the man, so to speak, is us, or them.

But on a more basic level, the rage is purposely misdirected since it should be directed at a depraved organization that more than anything else is responsible for a century and half of black misery - the Democratic Party, the most insidious and corrupt organization on the planet.

The Democratic Party is either responsible for or carried on, all of it - starting with slavery in the South, the KKK, Jim Crow, lynchings etc. And then, during the civil rights era, after blacks made the fateful decision to put all their eggs in the Democratic basket, the organization promptly took actions (it knew the results of those actions beforehand) that ended up destroying the black family, which led to an enormous, unheard of increase in crime as well as dismal education achievements. And with no end in sight.

What else? Democrats in the media promoted drug use which harmed blacks most of all, even as Democratic media and educational figures legitimized single parent families. Democratic Senator Ted Kennedy authored an immigration bill that directly led to the loss of millions of jobs for blacks, after all, who used to do the "jobs that Americans wouldn't do" - those jobs in a tight labor market could have paid much better wages and been a stepping stone to greater things now that civil rights legislation had been enacted. But, for Democrats, not voting for greater immigration would have meant sacrificing votes, since two thirds of new immigrants vote Democratic in the mistaken belief that Democrats are pro-poor.

So Democrats would not sacrifice votes even for a group that gives them close to 100% loyalty. After all who else would blacks vote for other than Democrats?

These are just a few examples of how Democrats, by every possible means, the Democratic Party has done whatever can be done to make life miserable for blacks. Democratic leaders get wealthy in the poverty industry all the while doing nothing for the community - a scam of national proportions, and part of Obama's background. And black Democratic leaders are notoriously corrupt - Marion Barry and Sharp James as two examples. Democrats have taken to heart the lessons of the ghetto - deliver nothing but misery and still get 100% of the vote. Where else is complete and utter failure rewarded with success at the ballot box?

And it is only by creating the image of a phony racist America that Democrats maintain control among blacks. This is done through use of the Democratic media, which as noted by Ms. MacDonald is as corrupt as the organization which rules over African Americans.

The African American history with the Democratic Party as described above is nothing less than a national holocaust. Everything - EVERYTHING - the Democrats have done has caused ruin and misery for African Americans. Oddly enough, underlying the hysterical responses when this is pointed out to Democrats, is a primal fear, fear that when the community realizes just how badly they have been used, abused, raped, pillaged, robbed and yes - murdered, for generations by the Democratic Party, the retribution will great indeed.

And that day can't come soon enough - there needs to be a "truth commission" for these race hustlers, and at last, a price to be paid for decades and decades of misery.
Great job Heather. Thank you so much for telling it like it is.
"outbreaks of civil anarchy"

What a stunningly ignorant use of the word anarchy. The State lover clearly confuses it with violence, most of which is instigated by the state.
My sense from the nonstop riot retrospectives here in L.A. is that the media are salivating for a repeat; money is no small consideration, since another riot would mean spectacular video and endless opportunities to hand-wring and wax eloquent.
In answer to the question posed in the first sentence of the article, "Could it happen again?", yes, it will happen again.

There will be riots, whatever the verdict in the Zimmermann case. Get a bet down, if you want a guaranteed payout.
melvin polatnick April 30, 2012 at 2:04 PM
Pasting an NRA sticker on your car will prevent you from becoming a victim of road rage. An NRA emblem on your jacket will prevent robbery or a hate crime.
Excellent analysis of a country that has lost its courage and surrendered to the forces of racial hegemony. Whites are intimidated by blacks, and blacks know it. Hence, the threat of riots whenever an "excuse" is available. Police departments have been neutralized by racial politics, making it impossible for them to protect the law-abiding citizens. I doubt it's reversible unless the Supreme Court reverses some of the laws that gave criminals more protection that their victims.
Seems like Zimmerman was railroaded. Sad state of justice in US.
I hope there are no riots in Florida no matter what ends up happening to George Zimmerman at trial. But if there are, Florida has almost 1 million CCW permit holders that will be available to Stand Their Ground if riots do pop up in the aftermath. I also expect a huge surge in CCW permits to be pursued and issued here as we get closer to trial.
"Police must put down violence immediately and without apology."
But does the MAN have the stones to be putting down Black people unapologetically? Not that I'm aware of. The apology will be forthcoming. Here is Zimmerman's head on a platter, Sorry Black people, we Whites will go a soul searching like the president said we should.
I see two differences between 1992 and today. One is the Internet. When the mainstream media lies, word now gets out and sometimes lying reporters even get fired for the attempt. Even before the verdict, evidence that questions Zimmerman's guilt will not be as easily kept from the public eye as was the evidence vindicating the LAPD officers in the Rodney King incident.

The other difference, in most locales, is ten to twenty-five of a "shall issue" permit laws for concealed handguns (often combined with the Stand Your Ground law), and twenty years of heavy sales of handguns and defense-oriented long-guns. Mobs that try to pull motorists from their cars to maim and cripple them will see their ranks quickly thinned. Chain stores may uphold their policy of allowing themselves to be burned and looted, but one can expect owners of Mom & Pop stores to defend them.

In fact, I believe one of the strongest motivations for the mid-90s' gun control push was the sight of some Korean merchants defending their livelihoods using handy, medium-caliber carbines -- and the fear that if this idea spread, race riots would cease to be a useful tool for promoting social change.

They lost that battle, so I expect that the heaviest rioting, if it occurs, is likely to be in places such as Chicago, New Jersey, Baltimore, Boston and urban California. City fathers will then have the unpleasant choice of either putting those riots down promptly, or hearing increasing numbers of voters call for shall-issue permit laws of their own. (I believe it was in part due to this concern over the last ten or fifteen years that convinced leftists in L.A. and NYC to let the police keep order.)
Heather... I love you. Any death threats since publishing this? Many or most Americans agree with you. However, we have had a serious media blackout since sometime in the 90's. Although most reporters and opinionists and pundits shy away from it, we really need to compare the modern American press to Nazi Germany or Stalinist Russia an afterwards. Voters see only what and extremely left-bisased press will show them. King and the recent Martin case show identical editing and NBC really got a pass despite firing someone for making an "honest mistake".

Really? NBC edited out the questioning by police of whether Martin "looks white, black, or hispanic" which essentially takes away the racism of Zimmerman's "he looks black". No way, of course, it was a mistake. It's just like Stalin having people airbrush out of pictures those he killed or disliked.

Fortunately, most liberal newspapers are going broke faster than industry as a whole.
And we might also experience another race riot, should Obama lost to Romney in November.
I wish to correct and apologize for something that I posted earlier in the day on this thread: I referred to the President of the United States, Barack Obama, as a 'race baiter'. That was an inopportune and wrong term to use. As they say in the military, one salutes the uniform, not the man.
President Obama is not a race baiter. He is a race hustler. And I say that with the greatest respect for the man and his office.
Fugit is exactly correct - Gates requested funding to respond to post-verdict incidents and the City Council turned him (us) down.

I was at roll call when the verdicts were read at about 3:15 PM. The leftist politicians couldn't believe that the sequestered jury didn't accept their version of reality (e.g. that white cops attacked King because of racial hatred).

Instead, the jury acquitted the officers after learning that Bradley's civilian police commission had created the policies that resulted in King's beating.

If Nuremberg was the standard, Mayor Bradley and the Police Commission should have been criminally charged with the accused officers. But as Bradley's attorney, Warren Christopher was assigned to "investigate," directing blame away from the Bradley to the officers. If one can imagine Arthur Anderson investigating the Enron scandal, you will understand why Bradley's lawyer was unfit to investigate anything. The angain, this is usually how "blue ribbon" committees investigate.

The rest of the story is pretty much the same regurgitated drivel promoted by the LA Times and corrupt university professors. Lou Cannon did a pretty good job, but many of his conclusions conflicted with the evidence he produced. After thirty years, I no longer worry about non-cops trying to tell the story for those of us who were there. Heather's a rare exception.
You are so right on here darling. Truth telling= racist in todays sad state of affairs. Blacks wish to be taken seriously in our society, and yet in the king case and now the martin case, an unfortunate number of them act like savages and it's all blamed on whitey. Then they wonder why the racism they cry about all the time exists. They are the pot calling the kettle black. They are more racist than the people they accuse are, and they will never ever stop using the crutch of slavery to explain away their failures. This cycle will never stop while scumbags like al sharpton and jesse jackson are out there race baiting and enriching themselves on the backs of the black people they supposedly represent. Sad situation all the way around. You can take it to the bank that when george zimmerman is aquitted, if a judge does'nt throw it out before it ever goes to court, that sharpton and his ilk will be out in front of the animals that will kill, destroy, and maim with impunity. Here's hoping that when it happens, the cops do what is neccessary to put a stop to it immeadiately, even if it means having to bust a few heads and rubber bulliting a few people who will richly deserve it.
No white person with a total lack of any accomplishments and a history of palling around with Criminals, Terrorist, Racist,s and had a American hating, Black hating Preacher as his mentor for the last 20 years, would been elected President.

In fact, he or she would probably have been ran out of the country!

But due to 40 years of Affirmative Action we are used to Hiring, Promoting and Rewarding people based on their skin color and not on their abilities, accomplishments or character, so Obama was elected! To this Nation,s and its Citizens and esp. its black citizens great harm!
Blacks have been kicked under the Bus by Obama and the Democrats in favor of the Invading Horde of Illegal Aliens. They are uneducated, educated hating, prolific breeding, gang joining, and welfare loving.

In other words they have the prefect preferred Democrat profile for a Democrat voter and with Amnesty and Chain Immigration soon to be the majority.

They have taking the jobs in construction, service, landscaping and others that used to be important jobs for Blacks, and Legal Hispanics while driving down the wages and avoiding the protection and benefits won over the years!

Now the employer used their illegal status to pay slave wages and pass the actual cost on to the tax payer,s for their Medical, Schooling, Food stamps and Welfare etc!
Now we have a thug and hood as President!
This excellent article by Ms. MacDonald raises the question of what will become of the tens of millions of inner-city blacks who are functionally illiterate, largely unemployed or underemployed, and partially or wholly dependent on government for life's necessities. As they are sensitive to, and responsive to, suggestions that their lot is the result of racial discrimination, they represent a highly volatile segment of the population that can explode at any time. An unsettling predicament, to say the least.
I lived in Los Angeles at the time of the Rodney King riots. I attended USC and lived in South Central LA. What is under reported is how opportunistic the riot was. Large box stores were broken into and all kinds of things were taken. Electronics and clothing were main targets. I talked to people who had gone to some of these and grabbed what they could and encouraged me to do the same. The argument was that the police would not respond, so it was a free for all and these places were easy to get into and out of and many had already gotten new electronics and showed them to me. I lived near King Blvd on 27th street, across from the Coliseum. I refused to join in thinking it to be immoral. The Sunday that followed these heists found local Christian ministers advocating for the return of these ill begotten gains and many people, certainly not all, had second thoughts and returned items stolen a couple days before to parking lots at these same box stores that had be raided. That was a small rainbow around the dark clouds.

Living in South Central revealed to me cultural differences I was previously unaware of. My wife was pregnant during this time frame and decided to have a midwife deliver at our rented home. One day several black men playing dominoes, drinking beer, and smoking pot on the shared porch (we lived in a split mansion with our land lady living in the other half)asked me who this women dressed like a nurse was and why she came to our home. I explained that she was a midwife, what she did, why we decided to not have a baby in a hospital setting and so on.

The next day my neighbor, Ken, told me that I had insulted his buddies by my vocabulary and they were so angry about it that there was talk that I should be shot. Ken told me not to worry. As long as I was paying rent to his mom hurting me would hurt her, and if his homeboys hurt his mama, they would face Ken's wrath, as well as his weapon. So he said he was providing protection for me but told me never to talk to his homeboys again. He said I was stepping on land mines that I did not even see and that I had no idea what it was like to grow up in the 'hood and what it did to people. He explained that any sign of kindness by me was seen as weakness by them. He explained, in other words, that they were opportunists and if I should weakness they would exploit it.

I am not a social scientist or psychiatrist so I can not explain this behavior. I can simply report what my experience was in South Central Los Angeles and show that there is a mind set there, for whatever reasons, that makes the place very dangerous for people to live and share in a normal way. Believe me when I was speaking to those guys I was simply answering their questions in a friendly, non menacing way. I had not clue that my extension of friendly conversation was taken as an insult by them, an offense so bad that some of them wanted to kill me for doing it.

Who is to blame for such narrow minded, violent oriented thugs? To some extent they themselves are to blame. As Mac Donald points out in her piece, it is wrong to say all these people are victims of social injustice. I can tell you from this and many other events and conversations I held with the young black people living in South Central LA that I have never experienced more racism that I did amongst them. Inner city blacks are the most racist people I have ever personally known. Not nearly all of them. There were many that I developed great respect and love for that were the sweetest men and women you would ever come across. So it is all mixed in. But it is still true that many inner city African Americans are extremely racist and do not like white people. The history of mistreatment by a dominate white society explains it, but that does not exonerate it. Eric Holder pointed out that we as a society lacked the courage to discuss race openly and honestly. Well, I have just done it. Will he listen?
Fox News did an interview over the weekend with Rodney King. I'm glad to say that Mr King has cleaned up his act. He got his high school GED, swore off drugs and liquor, finished his B.A. at UCLA is three years, went on to Albert Einstein Medical school in New York City, and he's now the Chief of Pediatric Surgery at the Mayo Clinic.
Well, not quite. Actually Mr King has been in and out of trouble with the police and in and out of jail all of these years; the millions he got in settlement are long gone into his arm and up his nose, not to mention what the vermin and leeches from the ACLU got their hooks into. I saw Mr King last mentioned in the national press about ten years ago when a small article in the papers (did not see it carried in the NYT)reported that L.A. police had been called to a disturbance at a local bar in Watts. There they found Mr King stark naked, standing on a table, and dancing to music that only he could hear. Once the police realized who Nature Boy was, they turned around and left the establishment.
Mr King's 15 minutes were up a long time ago. The professional race-baiters like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Barack Obama and Louis Farrakhan have bigger fish to fry these days. The black community is not unaware that the Obama economy has not done anything for them in three years. Unemployment among black high school graduates is higher than the just-announced unemployment rate in Spain. Many American blacks may just as likely stay at home in November than go to the polls.
Hence the new emphasis on white on black crime, white racism, the unfairness of white college graduates having greater job opportunities than black high school dropouts, etc. etc.
The Presidency of Barack Hussein Obama is the greatest opportunity for total control by the Far Left since Franklin Roosevelt dropped Henry Wallace from his ticket in 1945 due to information provided to the White House by the FBI concerning Wallace's close ties to known American communists and Soviet agents. If Obama loses, it will set the Far Left back another 50 years; Bill and Hillary are power wh*ores, but they are also patriots first, and Hillary is just waiting for payback for being ignominiously thrown under the bus in 2008 by her former friends.
The President, his Attorney General, and others in the media have shown clear bias in favor of blacks, and against Hispanics. That’s what people should be taking away from this.

Jorge Zimmerman is also entitled to ustice. We don't know yet, but he may have been forced to trial to placate the mob. In other words, the evidence may have been clear enough to the police & prosecutors who first looked at the evidence to exonerate Zimmerman. But after loud, angry, strident mob protests, the special prosecutor forced the matter to trial in order to quell the potential of mob violence like the L.A. riots in 1992.
"Unimaginable that a jury would acquit"??
I want to see all the evidence before making a final decision but as of now I don't see enough to convict. At most there could be a hung jury from what I've seen so far. A big difference this time as far as likely hood of riots is a well armed citizenry in Florida.
Thank you Heather MacDonald for a bit of common sense! I do hope that the American people will soon come to the realization that the US "mainstream media" is so liberal that any semblance of objectivity from them is almost impossible (both on racial and political stories).
When my oldest son's Berkeley high school history class covered the the Rodney King riots in 2003 they were provided the complete video. My son argued against his classmates based on the evidence in the video. As a young person this class discussion was his first exposure to the story, yet he was immediately able to use critical thinking skills and principles of fairness to assess what really was going on.

It is a crime against society the way the media controls context.

thank you Heather for once again putting context before ideology.

and thank you to retired LAPD officers in this comment thread for providing an inside look into the political undercurrents, which continue to undermine justice

My sons were victims of the "whitey will pay" stomping in our neighborhood park in Berkeley.

True. When push comes to shove, State survival and the safety of the majority of the supporters of the state is as it should be the only consideration. Perhaps if we could have fee speech without media, we could abolish the media oligarchs who are the proximate cause of so much conflict and trouble and almost no good whatsoever.
The racial grievance industry has been longing for another excuse to riot and pillage. The 1965 riots, with no obvious excuse, left that part of Los Angeles a wasteland. The same for Detroit in 1967. The ivies, or at least the black communities, never recovered.
Better than "what we should have learned" - how about "who should have learned it"? The Democrats and the political Left - they've been stirring this racial pot. Sharpton, Jackson, Obama and the entire racial grievance machine have been threatening and inciting riots. Lots of people learned their lessons from Oakland... but, not the Left. They need riots, so there will be riots. Now the rest of us have something to learn about Democrats, it seems.
And in an unrelated story--firearm and ammo sales skyrocket. Sow the whirlwind--reap the whirlwind. Before starting on a mission of vengeance--dig 2 graves.
Just prior to the verdict the press learned that Chief of Police Gates had set aside, or proposed setting aside, about $1,000,000 for overtime so that a prominent police presence could be presented when word was received that a verdict was about to be announced. The morning of the riot a hastily put together press conference of Black leaders (including Mark Ridley-Thomas) expressed outrage at the idea and "concern" that the presence of a large number of police on the street would provoke violence. This press conference was covered by the LA Times, and, I'm sure, local TV that morning but never mentioned again in the aftermath. Gates was already on the hit list of Mayor Bradley and nearly every other minority politician in LA, so he backed off. I'm not defending his decision to back off but he, and LAPD, were destined to be blamed because blaming anyone else would not fit the media's running story line.
To Arthur:

You will find a comprehensive explanation at
It struck me as odd that the Trayvon case took about 3-4 weeks to gain national attention- 2/26 until week of 3/21. Usually media response and that of the race-baiters occur within days. Could it be they were getting "things in place" to make this the national case it has become or spent that amount of time to find a case that fit their template?
Lee - most law-abiding citizens and Bush were sickened because they didn't understand what they were looking at. Heather's points - made in her other books - are consistent with what I've experience on the LA streets. If you want to know that back story, read my previous comment.
Sorry Heather. Your account is a bit revisionist. Even law-abiding citizens and the President of the US at the time werw "sickened" by the Rodney King incident. No apologist for the media or race-baiters nor a fan of anarchy but the next riots wil be more violent and prolonged because the Occupy Movement has been allowed to fester with little "community policing." The real issue with the Trayvon Martin murder is less about race than whether or not you can kill a person without legal repercussions regardless of the circumstances.
Heather MacDonald has written another excellent article, but I object to one sentence: “Blacks kill whites and Hispanics at two-and-a-half times the rate at which whites and Hispanics kill blacks, though blacks are only one-sixth of the combined white and Hispanic population.” The word “only” should precede “two-and-a-half,” not “one-sixth.” Using her numbers: if blacks are one-sixth of the combined white and Hispanic population, then blacks are one-seventh of the total population of blacks, whites, and Hispanics. Now, if blacks choose their murder victims at random from among whites, Hispanics, and other blacks, then 6/7 of the victims would be white or Hispanic. If whites and Hispanics similarly choose their victims, then 1/7 would be black. Therefore – again, if murder is color-blind - blacks would murder whites and Hispanics at six times (6/7 divided by 1/7) the rate that whites and Hispanics murder blacks, not the mere two-and-a-half times Ms. MacDonald noted.

Why then do blacks murder so many blacks and, relatively, so few whites and Hispanics? The motives for murder are often gang rivalries and drug deals gone bad. (We seem never to hear about drug deals gone good.) For whatever reasons, both the rivalries and the drug deals occur disproportionately among blacks; hence, blacks murder 6000 blacks a year. Then there is the elephant in the living room: de facto segregation by neighborhood limits access to victims. Murder is racially segregated, because we are economically, and therefore racially, segregated.

For that I say, Thank God, as did curmudg in quite another context. I pity the people who live in crime-ridden areas and have to wonder whether curmudg would be content with measures that curbed, defused, deflected, and, especially, contained a riot in his neighborhood. Too, just how many Korean grocers and innocent bystanders must die to spare the lives of the rioters?
These riots were not the result of anti-Korean bias. They are the result of black street violence that is endemic to black communities.
This violence gets vented on any ethnic group that happens to live nearby. Especially, if the other ethnic group is making social progress.
Then, after they drive all the small shopkeepers out of the area, they have the nerve to claim that racial prejeudice is responsible for the lack of retail services. They never ask why black shopkeepers don't open their own stores.
I served on the LAPD from 1980-2000. I worked Foothill Division from 1984-1990. I knew the officers involved and their attorneys. I attended the trial and responded to the riots.
Much has been written ad nauseam about the mythology of "the event" but few have addressed the politics of what led to it.

Throughout the 1970s~1982, officers were trained to use chokeholds against violent suspects – chokeholds that millions of Americans watch every month on UFC. But unlike those athletic contestants, the men LA cops choked out 30 yearfs ago sometimes suffered from advanced cardio vascular disease and obesity. Many were under the influence of general anesthetics like phencyclidine, cocaine, amphetamines and alcohol, which renders “pain compliance” (i.e. wrist locks, kicks, punches and batons) entirely useless.

The use of what the LAPD euphamistically called the "upper body control holds" was simple: When confronted by a potentially violent suspect, police used 1) verbalization, 2) firm grip, 3) pain compliance, 4) choke holds, 5) batons, and 6) deadly force - usually in that order.

As a result, thousands of violent suspects were taken into custody without injury between 1975 and 1982.

After the suspect was rendered unconscious, officers were directed to tie the feet and handcuffed wrists together and lay the suspect on his chest for transport. Pathologists later discovered that unconscious suspects placed in this position who were overweight, intoxicated and suffered from cardiovascular disease risked suffocation by what they called “positional asphyxiation.”

In 1982, however, this was not known or recognized. What was known was that between 1975~1982, a dozen violent suspects who suffered from intoxication, obesity and cardio vascular disease died in that position after being "choked out."

Liberal black politicians like Mayor Bradley exploited the deaths by accusing LA cops of killing black men. As a result, Bradley and his handpicked civilian police commission ordered police officers to discontinue the control hold and, instead, beat suspects into submission with batons and kicks.

By definition, the use of “pain-compliance” devices like batons against suspects who cannot feel pain is unreasonable force. But this didn't matter to politicians who hoped to discredit and destroy the LAPD.

From 1983-1991, thousands of criminal suspects like Rodney King were unnecessarily beaten into submission by officers like me, who were frustrated by policies that required us to use unreasonable force against dangerous suspects who didn't feel pain, or use the choke hold and face criminal charges.

As a result, injuries and lawsuits skyrocketed as LAPD officers unnecessarily and unreasonably beat anesthetized suspects like Rodney King with batons. And when it was finally recorded on video in 1991, Mayor Bradley and his handpicked policymakers were the first to express outrage against the officers and the LAPD. As usual, the media twisted and exploited the scandal to their advantage.

Two weeks after the Rodney King arrest, the Daily News published my opinion piece about the incident. Shortly thereafter, I was criminally charged with assault (1992) and convicted, sentenced and fired (1993). I got my job back in 1994 after two appellate courts found the judge and prosecutors guilty of misconduct and LAPD for wrongful termination. The prosecutor and judge – associates of the law firm that represented Bradley – were both elevated to the Superior Court.

Americans have forgotten that the Rodney King defendants were found acquitted in 1992 NOT because they did not beat King, but because the defense proved that they had followed the police commission’s policy of beating suspects into submission.

Because these facts were never made clear by LA's biased media and historians, LA's misled voters stripped civil service protections from all LAPD officers holding the rank of captain and above.

As a result, the LAPD is as corrupt and incompetent today as it was during the 1920s and 1930s when crime bosses controlled the mayor and the LAPD. LA's civilian Personnel Department subsequently hired felons like Rafael Perez, David Gains and David Mack under a pretext of “affirmative action,” and forced training officers to pass them regardless of their performance or behavior (see Rampart Scandal).

To stay employed, ALL captains and above - like former chief Bernard Parks - exploited the racial politics to their own political advantage.

Today (unlike the 1950s-1980s) the LAPD no longer investigates political corruption. Cops no longer file charges against corrupt politicians without the consent of their corrupt associates.

Cops and detectives who investigate the Mayor or his political buddies risk what I endured after local prosecutors filed charges against me in 1992.

Today, I operate two successful investigation agencies. I’ve protected my assets and expose corruption and incompetence wherever my carefully-vetted investigative team finds it.

As long as politicians and the media continue to support the mythology of Rodney King, Tawana Brawley and Trayvon Martin, nothing will change – and like the past 20 years, things will only get worse.

Clark Baker, LAPD (ret)
While some of your statements are blatantly incorrect, thank you for taking a more comprehensive approach to the riots. The 20th anniversary coverage has been despicably biased and apologist. Almost no articles mention that all the destruction and violence was aimed at Koreans, and the only mentions of Koreans vilifies them for taking care of themselves since the police and government always ignored them (and the politicians still ignore them).

What is incorrect about your article is that there is institutional racism in the legal system. There was and is a problem with the LAPD and police in general (read the Stanford study from the 1970s and look at the actions by soldiers of any nationality abusing their power).

The point is that despite these adversities, there is never an excuse to kill, loot and burn your own neighborhood and target one ethnicity because they have worked hard for their meager success. Also, whenever white or black America writes about race, they always conveniently forget about all of the races and ethnicities who are anything but white or black. Racism is nuanced and diverse. Everyone experiences racism in different ways, and everyone is racist in different ways.

People need to educate themselves, research and analyze for themselves what the media is leaving out and refuse to let politicians and the media inflame situations and the way we treat each other as humans. Yes there is racism at all levels. But that shouldn't control how we interact with each other as individuals. Only when we each take responsibility for ourselves and demand the same from everyone else, will we be able to say that history will not repeat itself. Everyone must be responsible - you, me, potential looters, politicians, police, gang members, business owners - everyone. People have been putting their own fame and glory over the collective good for too long. We cannot continue to allow people to do this. No one is perfect - let's understand this and keep people to task at the same time. It's not black and white.
Riveting truth, unassailably presented. Nobody does it better
Amen. Thank you Heather. Jim Ludwig (NYPD ret.)
From Mark Twain's Huckleberry Finn: "The pitifulest thing out is a mob; ... they don't fight with courage that's born in them, but with courage that's borrowed from their mass."
Excellent work, Heather. As usual, the main stream truth butchers tell the fable that serves THEIR wants. I've read enough reporting on the Martin case to realise Zimmerman is being sold down the river. This case looks a lot like the Duke "rape" case... bogus, fabricated, deliberately hyped for ulterior motives. False prosecution should be punished with the same maximum sentence the accused would get if found guilty.

Funny thing (not really), this is the first I've ever heard of the early part of the King beating, the sequence of events leading up to the few seconds we've all seen ad nauseum. WHY are not such media lies and slanders punished as the crimes they are? WHEN will these liars be held accountable? I'd think Zimmerman should have a solid case for slander against the media scoundrels that wilfully altered those tapes, then broadcast them as "authentic". Of course, NO ONE has seriously mentioned prosecuting those organisations and individuals advertising a price on Zimmerman's head.... black, all of them. Oh, and WHY are not the hispanics "threatening" riots for how their own is being railroaded?
How long will the news media define lawlessness as a remedy to the violation of a person's civil rights. Law abiding citizens who are harmed by these lawbreakers want to be protected. Victims have no protection as criminals play the "race card" if they are caught.
The Brits tried to do this to Americans in the Revolutionary War. We went guerilla on them and outlasted them. They lost. Millions of American gun owners, some called the 3%, may have to do this again until our so-called leaders in Washington figure out that they screwed up. I hope not, but there it is.
To "put down" a riot is easier said than done. There is a museum in Hanover, Germany, with newspapers from the last days of Hitler's rule, and the first day of American military occupation.

Eisenhower's letter to the German civilians is blunt and chilling: we are the conquering victors. Any resistance will be mercilessly crushed. Obey and live. (I paraphrase, the original, in German, is yet more starkly put.)

Napoleon had his method of dealing with riots: load the cannon up with grapeshot and fire away; the streets will clear quick enough. The Champs Elysee was once two streets plus the buildings in between. But narrow alleys afforded the artillery of the day insufficiently wide fields of fire, in Napoleon's view, so he had the street widened.

This sort of thing is politically and morally impossible today, and thank God. But that's what it would take to immediately "put down" a riot. Measures designed to curb, defuse, deflect, and contain a riot spare lives but they do not summarily shut the riot down.