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Claire Berlinski
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"He wondered out loud why that crowd disliked Americans so much."

Religous Ideology!

Indoctrination from an impressinable age!
Sanguinary: "characterized by slaughter" from online etymology dictionary.

Odd that Athenians are committing suicide over the possibility that they might not get to freeload off of the rest of Europe. Maybe that expectation of others' largesse is a mindset that will remove itself from the meme pool.
I sympathize with the journalists. There is one country in the Middle East where they could write pretty much whatever they wanted about the government without a moment's apprehension of being tossed in jail or punished in any way.

My guess is that it's the one country in the region to which their opprobrium is reliably turned.
CB: I asked: Does it make you melancholy? Yes, he said. Think of it: they were just as intelligent as we are.

Well, yes, as individuals, but as a society....
The Mother Goddess always requires human sacrifice

"The Cold War was ugly." And the Leftists lost...still fighting the great battle, hating the same people. Scew 'em, can't take a joke, can they?
Don't try to suggest in Ízmir that people like Edoğan is liked. He is pretty widely reviled in Turkey's most liberal (in its real meaning) and secular city.

Don't tell my father-in-law that everyone has healthcare; the laughter might cause a heart attack, and he can't afford to see a GP let alone visit a hospital.
Years ago, I had experience with Greeks and Turks, both groups living in Munich. Very unpleasant people, both groups, and highly anti-American. I know I should care what happens to their countries, but I don't.
America is the worst nation in the world, except for all the others that have been tried from time to time.
The Cold War was indeed ugly. But why the dislike for Americans? The Bear lives just across the Black Sea; without American power the Turks would have been one more snack. The Greeks almost were.
Ah, the sin of envy. Never confessed, always embraced. Et satan conduit le bal.
Ah, the Church of St. Georges ruins? Et satan conduit le bal!
Claire Berlinski is an international poetess who lives in Constantinople.
Sanguinary coups: that's a bit vague Claire. Sanguinary means cheerful, doesn't it Actually the coups were not particularly bloody, if that is what is implied and rules for evidence for detainees and the nature of indictments seem rather in advance of those applied today. But why quarral with the folklore?