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Gerald J. Russello
New York’s Hopeful, Precarious Future « Back to Story

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Thanks for the comments.

Paul137, use of "tragedy" was meant to capture your meaning of those who lost friends or loved ones (as I did).

kalendjay, I agree that the growth of government has not exactly ceased under the present administration, but I was trying to note that the next mayor will not be as successful as the current one in an increasingly unfavorable economic climate.
Any article that early-on mentions "the tragedy of September 11" starts out on the wrong foot.

Those who died or lost loved ones in the event experienced tragedy, but the event itself was a crime.

Columnist Mona Charen has referred to the event as "the savage enormity." That's apt. I think "the Islamic crimes of September, 2001" also serves.
Whaddya mean "the next mayor could push New York into a new era of expansive government?" This is exactly what Michael Bloomberg has done for over 10 years, with his blithe "we've got work to do" dismissal of conservatism, unbridled spending on so-called education reform that has done little what a few changes in demographics could, and endless social dirigisme over smoking, eating, and thinking. The next mayor will face the same inevitable truths which are now common knowledge in Sacramento.