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Steve Cohen
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As the Chief of Police (Retired)of a med. size department I saw mostly grass eaters, I have seen meat eaters, they did not last to long, one was so bad his own men turned him in and he retired. Very good article, found it while reasearching police corruption and I have to give a talk to a new recuit class starting in a few week.s
what r pba cards 4 every cop hands them out
Bravo! I still want less pressure for quota's, some laws need to be deleted: Ticketing homeless, instead they should be brought somewhere for a shower & fed; park curfew signs are an atrocity to read; alcohol on your own property is NOT in public; JayWalking is too selectively UNenforced - this all leads to abuse!
Steve Cohen takes a difficult and controversial topic and renders it totally understandable. A victory for common sense!
Great advice, Steve! One of the biggest problems in our increasingly complex society is that well-meaning regulators think they can fix problems simply by writing better rules, or by enforcing them more strictly - but this comes from a fundamental misunderstanding of how a society really works. Did you ever give a job interview to a friend's nephew? Ever patronize a relative's shop? If so, then you're just as guilty as a vegan police officer.

I read this article, in fact, and wrote this comment, because I know Steve Cohen, the author of this article, personally, and (gasp!) I LIKE him! So does this make my opinion less valuable to you, the reader? Or perhaps MORE valuable?

Everyone is guilty of being human. Let's not criminalize it!