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Theodore Dalrymple
A Little “Respect” Goes a Long Way « Back to Story

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I wonder how Psychiatrists describe these left-wing A** H****. Will they fall in the category of socio paths or borderline personalities-I wonder!. But then, I believe there are plenty of them in N.America too.
Dear Mr. Dalrymple,
This is not connected with the article - my apologies for this - however I like your writings and having read Spoilt Rotten in paperback I noted that the proof reader must have been drunk or otherwise incapable or else there was no proofreading done.
In order to prevent any recurrence of this I would like to make you the following FREE OF CHARGE offer.

I am a recently retired English teacher. I am a 'real' English teacher ( no child has ever left my class unable to read fluently and well)qualified to Ph.D level. I would be honoured to proof-read and correct errors in your next manuscript at no charge.
Email me at if you would like further details.
Wow! A City Journal column I can agree with! The late Christopher Hitchens was on Galloway's case for many years, it's gratifying to see someone pick up that mantle. It may, however, be too little too late. As in America it will be difficult for the right-wing to gain traction raising the specter of the muslim boogeyman when they have invested so much time destroying the middle class and reinforcing the boundaries of class division. When "Englishness" is dependent on fealty to a corrupt and greedy master class, perhaps the Galloways are carrying the public outrage.
This is the Galloway that won in Bradford but thought he'd won in Blackburn?
In Birmingham Hall Green we had a candidate I'd never heard of nearly winning the seat! If that election was straight then I'm a Dutch banana.
It is for no small reason that decades ago, Archbishop Fulton Sheen stated that the entire world was in satan's hands, but that Catholics were the favored target of satan, due to the fact we have all the Sacraments necessary for salvation. Has the economic disaster in the wings and the wholesale belly-up contortions of liberals to Islam YET been convincing to those outside the Church that St. Nilus and St. Malachi's prophecies are soon to unfold?
QUOTE: the British political class is unprecedentedly corrupt, opportunist, careerist, and uninterested in the national welfare.

unprecedentedly? unprecedentedly???

These have been the defining features of British politicians since the island was settled. Each generation is lucky to produce one exception, who is soon enough crucified, usually by his or her own party.

What Westminster really needs is a good Aetna sized volcano.
I would not be too worried about Galloway's victory in Bradford. It is not predictive of anything. Bradford is a Muslim city by and large, but so what? It is not as if there were many other such constituencies in the UK. Galloway is a demagogue and a clown, and very isolated in the larger political picture.
George Galloway may have campaigned on a theme related to the decline of a city. But his victory is emblematic of that very decline.
Fascinating to see how the Left twists itself to accommodate the Islamist viewpoints that are so opposed to everything that they supposedly stand for.

Expect more of this as the demographic consequences of unlimited immigration and the official anti-intergrationist policy of 'multiculturalism' become ever more pronounced.
The Leftist intelligentsia just cannot let go of Marxist economicism. If (when?) the mad mullahs of Iran ever decide to unleash a nuclear attack against Israel (or New York City, which, from their perspective, would be almost as good), willingly absorbing the punishment of Israeli nuclear retaliation, I fully expect to read in the New York _Times_ or the _Guardian_ a hand-wringing plaint bemoaning the fact that Israel's repudiation of its Labor Party heritage was the root cause of it all.