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Paul Howard
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so... a real but flawed response to profound health system dysfunction, or endless "free markets" sloganeering - from the progenitors of Medicare D! - without a shred of actual, you know, substance?

on balance, Americans like doing something over talking about doing something. Talk is always cheap. And right now that's all any in opposition to ACA have got.
There is one basic truth that we all should memorize: MORE GOVERNMENT = LESS FREEDOM!
There seems to be a fundamental disagreement on the role of government in our lives - some people want more, others are fearful of government and want less.

To those like Daniel who want more government, what I would suggest is that you convince your state government to do it - most states, maybe all states, do not have enumerated powers like those under the federal constitution and can do what Massachusetts has done.

Done on a state level, those who want government health care, get it, those who don't won't have to pay for those who do. It's the basis of our federal system, and it should work since that's the way the system works.

But, don't come crying to the rest of us if/when your system breaks down or is unaffordable. It would be up to you to show it can be done, and that we should all do what you are doing. And really, isn't that much better than forcing that we think is an unconstitutional law down our throats?

I'll say this in jest but maybe those who want lots of government form their own country.

As for Obamacare, it was rushed into law without being vetted, much like Obama himself. As a matter of political reality you can't have a law that's only supported by one party. It would be same in reverse - Democrats would not do things one bit differently. It truly is an irony to hear so-called open minded, liberty loving Democrats defend the individual mandate under which citizens are forced to participate (except for certain citizens and those who are granted waivers for political purposes by Obama).

Again, this reveals a deep political fracturing of our society as people are aligned into two camps, with vastly different views of the role of government. This does NOT bode well for the future.

Obama has truly brought us together - in two factions, and sooner or later it is going to get ugly.
Alas, I agree with Anonymous. We've reached the point where worse is better. This can't be fixed. Better to collapse and rebuild.
What we need is a full-on public healthcare system. Why do you conservatives think it is okay for people to be overcharged by private insurance companies that make health care unaffordable to most of us? Shame on you
I do not support the law because it will create too many victims of government ineptitude and destroy people's lives as it destroys government credibility.

There's a better way.

Government credibility can be destroyed by more citizens reading this article, "A Somber Anniversary."

Spread this article on the web, on Twitter and Facebook. Stand on the street corner, hand copies to anyone who will take one.

Change people's minds, not set people up to be hunted by government enforcers hunting for doctors and patients acting surreptitiously.
I support the law because it will help start a hugh blackmarket for healthcare and destroy peoples' confidence in government and its actions